Easter Afternoon Entranceway

Some time in the wee hours of the morning I decided my dimension’s main house needed a wild nature-grown tunnel walkway at the entrance. I placed a few roots then and got some sleep and when I logged back in decided to get to work turning it into something I could be proud of and I am so happy with how it’s turned out. It’s looking a lot different from those initial screenshots now.

Jaedia of the Grotto
Jaedia of the Grotto
Cosy inside
Cosy inside
From above
From above


I’m absolutely in love with the atmosphere it creates, and it’s especially good because it’s the first thing you see when you zone into Jaedia’s Grotto. I really hope the rest of my dimension turns out as nicely as this part has.

Turning A New Leaf

Guild Wars 2′s feature pack hit on the night of the big conversation in the Rift guild. It was an odd night, full of anticipation, sadness, and confusion. I was afraid of the things happening in my life outside of my games. I was excited for the Guild Wars 2 changes. And sad that I had to choose which guild to go with.. and confused because I didn’t know who was going or staying where and all I want to do is play with friends. People who make my escape into game worlds fun.


After the chat, many logged because they were tired, understandably, so I headed into Tyria to pretty up my Elementalist. The ever loveable Urebril gifted me the Celestial Dye which made me squee with delight and immediately change my colour scheme (it looks a little dirty in the screenie above but I promise that’s the lighting) and I’m so happy with her overall look right now. The amount of skin showing is unintentional, I just really like that skirt skin.


I also discovered a rather vicious looking Charr playing beautiful music on his flute. I really wish I could have taken a video to share with you guys but here’s an example from YouTube of somebody else:

Back into Rift the next day and many left the guild following the decision to split from the White Wolves community. It was a bittersweet evening, really. We’re all sad that it came down to a split, but there are at least no hard feelings amongst the Rift crowd. I decided to stick around for the evening because I was still somewhat undecided knowing that other friends were still undecided also. I hopped around a few dimensions, taking screenshots to steal ideas *maniacal cackle* and a few of us went off to the level 50 Drowned Halls raid and killed some baddies. I stuck around a while afterwards having a good old chat with a friend and pretty much made my decision on which guild to call home.


So yesterday I left The White Wolves to join Dawn Eternal (supposed to be Eternal Dawn but it was taken, apparently). Immediately feeling at home with the people I’ve come to call friends, whilst hopping around yet more dimensions for further idea thievery.

A little later that evening, after I’d ensconced myself in loud metal music and PvP to totally drown out my thoughts, we went off to do a couple of dungeons. Five of us got together and.. well.. none of us were healers (except for our tank but then we didn’t have a tank because the rest of us were Mages and Spate) so…


That’s right, my dearies. Jae healed! And she has pictoral evidence. I’ve been so adamantly against doing anything but dpsing for so many years but I’m so at home with these guys that I was happy to switch over, throw some bars together, and give it a bash knowing that they would be patient with me and I had so much fun. We all did.

Chloromancer is an interesting little build. The main idea is to dps and your abilities heal everybody up but there are buffs and direct heals and such to go around also. It’s all based on nature damage and healing, and I spent the two dungeons we did – one at level 50 for a lower level peep, and one normal mode level 60 when they went to bed – trying to work out what the heck my abilities did and we died a fair bit, but it was a learning curve and we had a lot of fun with that.

I think today I’m going to read and watch a few Chloromancer guides and tweak my build, macros, and bar set-up to really suit my playstyle so that I can do this properly because heck I had fun. I really did. I may also work out what to do in my dimension. I found some excellent melded items in people’s dimensions and I cannot wait to create something that people walk into and just say, “Wow. This is amazing.” Watch this space!

Change The Channel

It has been a little while, hasn’t it peeps? I’ve been having a bit of a quarter-life crisis over in IRL land which has me distracted. I popped home for about a week and a half to stay with my dad. Initially to get my car M.O.T.ed, as he’s a mechanic, but it turned into a need for a break so I did that. We spent some time together. I relaxed, rested up, and saw some old friends. It was lovely. But I’m back at home with my lovely PC once again so time to crack the knuckles and get spouting some rubbish on my blog in the name of good fun!

Newbie Blogger Initiative


So first on the agenda, the NBI is coming up! I keep frickin’ missing this when it comes around so I’m really happy that I’m blogging here this time because it’s a frickin’ awesome idea that I want to be involved in. I’m looking forward to meeting new bloggers and pushing a few others into joining in also (hint, hint, hint).

The Shake Up

My gaming world’s being shaken up a little also. Guild Wars 2 is the same as ever. I have a guild there who are pretty nice, they do stuff, sometimes they chat. It’s not really what I’m looking for in a guild as it still feels a little hollow to me but it’s the best I’ve found so far so that’s good enough. I’m currently chomping at the bit to check out the new patch, particularly the new wardrobe features. I may have spent a bunch of gold yesterday purchasing random gear pieces for my various characters to play with! The account-wide dye system will be fantastic, also. I always wanted that.

In Landmark I lost my claim while at my dad’s so I haven’t been back there in a little while. I will do, I just know how big a time sink it will be and my sleep pattern is buggered as is.


And in Rift.. well.. I still adore the game and the friends I’ve made but there’s a bit of a guild shake up going on and I’m hoping that we can reach an end point with that tonight with the big chat scheduled this evening so things can get back to just being fun again. In the meantime, I have started a Warrior alt with a friend, ran my first level 60 expert, and I’m working towards completing quests in all of the zones I’ve missed and get myself a new title. I spied the 75 companion pets achievement grants you “Mistress of the Menagerie” and well… Perfect for me. I believe I’m only 10 off 75 now and I’m working on a wee guide so I have a reference to follow.

Meanwhile, In IRL Land

I’m still on a low at the moment. I’ve taken one big step in the right direction, a step that will be a struggle financially but for my mental health is a positive one. It took me a long time to really seriously weigh up the pros and cons of the decision but I finally got there and I had a lovely break at my dad’s which allowed me to really rest up and get some perspective. More decisions and steps to take, so I don’t know when I’ll be back to my old cheerful self really, but I’m having to take my time so as not to overwhelm myself too much with the stress of it all. Besides, I haven’t reached a conclusion yet.

We’ll also be moving in little over a week. Not too far, just a new flat down the road which is in a quieter area and feels more homely than our current place. It also has a little patio which I’m looking forward to making use of when it gets warm for the readings and maybe a spot of outdoor laptop gaming.

However, I need to work out my financial situation. And sort things out with my work. This is something I’m currently avoiding avidly but it has to be done. I plan to start by volunteering in a local charity shop to keep me getting out and about and then ponder my options. I could do a bit of ebaying and/or online bookselling. There’s dog walking. I enjoy blogging and helping people as well. I think I’d make a good counsellor I’m just a little too empathetic for my own good. At the moment I don’t know what to do but whatever it is, it needs to be something I can take slowly as stress will just cause me to drop again and we don’t want that when I’ve been taking such positive steps!

Hopefully I’ll get there soon. Too many decisions to make right now.. but in the meantime I’d really like to be a fair bit more active here. So give me supportive nudges and kick my arse if you notice me not blogging. ;)

Don’t Mind Me, Claiming Me Some Bloglovin

Follow my blog with Bloglovin

Just a quick post claiming my blog on Bloglovin. It’s yet another feedreader for blogs that gained popularity after the closure of Google Reader (R.I.P.) and while I claimed my book blog, I never got around to claiming this one. So there we are. CLAIMED.


Do click the link if you happen to use Bloglovin. I’m still firmly in the Feedly camp but I’m all about giving you guys different options!

The First Claim

Last night I found myself aimlessly game hopping. The joys of the apathy part of depression. I played some Rift, then moved on to Tera but after being complimented on my pixel ass moved back to Rift to play my Rogue alt (Denna) as a Ranger type. I did a dungeon on her with some guildies which was nice, and then quested a little, but found myself pondering Guild Wars 2 when Belghast, knight in shining armour that he is, sent over a code for EverQuest Next Landmark closed beta. Cue squeeing and immediate client download. EverQuest Next is the MMO that I am very most looking forward to of all the upcoming releases and with my current interest in dimensioneering in Rift, Landmark is only a logical step for me.

EverQuest Next Landmark


I did ponder popping onto Mumble with Bel and the gang but as by this point it was 2am (I’m up late at the moment, yet another joy) and Dan was watching TV across the room, I opted to just listen in on his stream and mine copper like there was no tomorrow.

For those who haven’t yet experienced or followed the game very much, here is the basic premise.

EverQuest Next Landmark is a branch game of EverQuest Next. It is not a prequel or even technically a part of the main game, it is a game in itself.

To be able to build, you must claim a spot of land by placing a claim flag. There are different types of land you can build on (forested, snowy, desert..) and to get your hands on a flag, you must gather materials, some of which you will need a better pickaxe and chopping axe than the ones you begin with to be able to gather. Bel helped me skip this step so that I wouldn’t miss out on the good claims as these are open world, but regardless I started on going for my upgraded bits and pieces and ended the night with my copper pickaxe which allows me to mine better materials than the stone one I started with.

You can also craft items to make you more likely to find rare materials, run faster. You can buy outfits in the store – Jess and Bel (I presume it was Jess) were having a nice conversation about these, though I’ve stuck with the default for now. And you can craft stations to allow you to smelt and create to your heart’s content.

It’s pretty and a lot of fun. And I haven’t even started the building part yet! I am, of course, in as Jaedia if you want to connect.

Shredding Geekdom

So I’m up a little late right now, just letting my sleep pattern do what it needs to so I can really rest and the Rift servers went down on me so I ended up browsing Tumblr and YouTube and such while chatting on Skype aaand I was browsing for anime openings to listen to and came across this guy who metallises all sorts. And. I.. I’m in love. Too much awesome. So thought I’d share.

A few of my favourites:

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When The Night Is Dark And Full Of Terrors

When life gets tough, video games are there for you. They are not a fix. They do not make your problems go away. But they can be a comfort.

This is not my first heavier post, nor will it be the last, I imagine. But I felt I needed to say a few things and hopefully there’s some nice stuff within.

Recently, I’ve been struggling. I suffer a lot with anxiety and depression and sometimes it all gets too much. Work is difficult for me. I try, I really do, and heck.. the past few months I’ve even succeeded, but every now and then, something tweaks and I come crashing down. Most recently I was told that I wasn’t doing well enough at my job and that caused a complete mental collapse. I felt as though I’d fallen down and every time I tried to get back up, somebody was pushing me back down with their foot. After a while of that, you’d give up, right? Just stay down until the foot goes away. Except I’m not okay with that. I’ve done the giving up thing and it’s quite unpleasant. I have a life to live so I circumvented the foot and sought as much help and support as I possibly could, resulting in a huge shake-up in my life and a doctor’s note declaring me unfit for work. It’s frightening, but I’m rolling out from under that foot. I might be a bit muddy for a while, my legs shaky from disuse, but I’ll get back up. I might even have to sit there one the ground for a little while, but I will get up. And in the meantime I’m gaming.

Gaming Can Be A Healthy Escape

Some people turn to self harm, alcohol, drugs, all sorts when the foot keeps them down. I, personally, ignore those urges as much as I can. Sometimes I comfort eat, sure, but mostly I escape. I read, I watch TV shows, I write, I game. I might even spend a lot of time doing nothing but, however, at the end of each day, I go to bed feeling more like myself than I do around the times when I don’t get to escape.


Cue Rift. The game I’ve always loved and never really had the chance to play because I couldn’t find likeminded people to play with. Not people who were active enough for me, anyway. So I sought a guild. I decided I wasn’t going to just settle like I have done in the past, I wanted a guild that fitted me. And that’s how I stumbled into The White Wolves and found a guild that wasn’t just a bunch of people playing a game together, but a community, and one that I’m proud to be a part of.

They’re warm and welcoming. Silly. Helpful. Fun. People that I can call friends. All the things that I need when I’m gaming. And all the things I need when I escape from the crap going on in my life. All within a game that I love.

So while I’m sat on this muddy floor feeling cold and a little put off, I’ll be getting a little white wolf cuddle to stave a little of that off.

Another Day, Another Adventure

I got into Rift a little later on yesterday and pretty much straight away was dragged off for something fun. Started off trying two-man chronicles with a guildy (chronicles are pretty much scenarios, for the WoW players reading this). We first zoned into a level 50 one accidentally so queued up for Queen’s Gambit (a two-person chronicle) and proceeded to wipe a fair bit. It was fun though, we killed the first two bosses, but the last one was just frustrating. She periodically summons a big purple crystal which explodes for about 15k damage. You can either take it and heal up, or run behind the pillar which looks a bit like this..


Which is less of a pillar and more of a monolith! Took forever to run around and my character only has 15k health. So it ended up being pretty frustrating and we eventually got bored and gave up. I did pop back in a little later to try soloing and almost killed her but I just don’t think my dps is high enough right now. I must be doing something wrong. Shall have to investigate.

I then went on to level my Dreamweaving a little bit and poke around my dimension with some new bits and pieces I’d crafted. Dreamweaving is the new profession for crafting dimensions and items for dimensions and I obviously had to have it. It’s a fantastic addition! You might have noticed a strange looking object next to a large tree in the garden of my dimension in yesterday’s post – that’s the Dream Focus which is the crafting station for a Dreamweaver. I absolutely love that you can add these things to your dimension. I have training dummies in my other dimension which are very handy! I must find a good place in my Grotto for a series of training dummies, just need to work out placement first. Perhaps I could create a kind of gazebo thing, make a little forecourt for target dummies and things? Ideas!


Around 7pm, we started doing a little guild “stuff”. Yup, it was a Stuff night. We started by trying to complete this weekly thingy that’s active at the moment. It can reward you with some nice dungeon currency, as well as a few achievements. We got there a little late to actually make much (if any) progress on the quest and it seems to be a little bugged right now. Then we moved on to do a level 50 dungeon for a quest for somebody followed by moving on to kill an elite in Stillmoor which proceeded to smoosh me into the floor when I trotted innocently into his room.. Owie.

Fitz (see the fella with the pitchfork?), who couldn’t actually attack the elite guy thusly went exploring and looting shinies, announced that there was a puzzle upstairs so we rang bells at bats for a while before giving up and heading into some higher level dungeons wherein we spent a very fun night wiping and learning and vomiting on adds.. yes that’s a mechanic. And I’m fairly sure half of the group was actually asleep by the time we downed that last boss because it was so late but it was a lot of fun. Except for the threats of sheep eating. They tried to eat my Suspicious Sheep, guys. It was almost as bad as the time Dan chased Kaitz’ turkey around with a campfire back in Wrath. *shakes head* Sad times for minipets.

Oh And Err..

Because they seemed to like the first screenshot of Friday night so much, a few screenies for The White Wolves and your viewing pleasure behind the cut.

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Finally, A Home

Argh! Been doing so much in Rift that I don’t know where to start with this post. Okay, how about..

I Finally Found A Guild

Yup. My biggest gripe with Rift to date has been how lonely I’ve felt. So I popped into the official forums to say hello, in passing I mentioned that I was looking for a friendly, active guild, and somebody came along (who incidentally has a blog as well and is lovely) and told me about their lovely guild. I popped into the guild finder, typed in a few words, within 20 minutes had a guild invite and I haven’t looked back since. They’re such a lovely bunch and they’re a good laugh. It seems to be quite a mature guild (age-wise, not mentally.. we were making fart jokes on Friday) which is cool, and there are lots of people who just enjoy the same things in the game. Which is: bumming around enjoying the scenery. We’ve even set up a little artifact circle between a few of us. Starting with the person that has the most artifacts so that they might be able to complete any elusive collections, and we pass them along to those with less (that would be me, mostly), and whatever’s left over is broken down into ribbons for the Dreamweavers. It’s a great idea. We’ve also been poking around each other’s dimensions, doing dungeons and chronicles and old raids, going after mounts on Ember Isle, all sorts. There’s always somebody up for something. It’s so much fun that I’ve finally settled on an MMO. *gasp*


Achievements, Carnivals and Housing.. Oh My!

rift_achievementsummaryThere’s just so much I want to do in this game. You should know by now how much I love my achievements and there are over 20,000 points to be collecting. And where there are achievements, there are mounts and pets and titles and cosmetic gear. In fact, at present there is an event on. The Carnival of the Ascended. I believe it’s the anniversary of Rift’s release, which is pretty nice, and there are mounts, pets, dimension items, titles, and of course, points. I’m just one more achievement away from another mount! One lady in my guild already has it (crazy lady!) and it’s kinda cool. A mechanical spider thing.

I also bought myself a new dimension. I wanted something a little more.. mossy. So I bought Three Springs. It was 300 platinum but soo worth it. I love it. I’m not 100% sure what to do with it yet but I’ve been turning it into a new little home for Jaedia and want to make it cosy and magical in feel. And it’s huge! Any ideas are very welcome. Here are my beginnings, and believe me, it’s much bigger than just these few screenshots.







And what’s a house without a wardrobe? I’ve been poking around a little and finally found a gear set I quite like the look of for my Mage. (Please ignore the unfortunate armour choice of the white wizard behind me..)


Just A Wee ESO & WildStar Sidetrack..


I DON’T KNOW!! I’m so up and down with both of these games.. First I think: omgahbwjhflblfyrflbl! Then: meh.. And then I go back to: Oh that’s cool. Then: But.. eh.. Then: OH PRETTY. And I’m yo-yoing around so much I just don’t know if I should bother. I mean on the one hand, you know, new and shiny. But on the other I’m not feeling it 100% and I’m really happy in Rift right now.. There’s also the little issue of subscription fees. Please don’t get me wrong. I’m not against subscription fees. I just can’t afford to pay a subscription for a game I might play for just a few hours each month. I’ve happily subscribed to Rift because I love the patron bonuses and I’m playing it pretty much every day right now, but ESO I might play for a couple of hours per week. WildStar I’m not sure on at all. I just don’t know if I should bother.. but then I miss out on pre-order bonuses and if I change my mind later (like I did with FFXIV) I might very well regret it. I just don’t know if I should bother just yet..

Anyway, I’m off to Telara. Have a pile of stuff to do. :D

A Rift In Time

Haven’t posted in a while. Too tired to blog regularly and I’ve got the book blog back up and running so here, have a few screenies. :) I’ve been playing Rift over the past few days and loving it.

Oh and I pre-ordered TESO from Amazon in the end – £39.99 with pre-order bonuses plus a physical box. Much better. I disagree that the game will suck, from what I’ve experience, it’s going to be great as long as you ignore the company’s pretentions – and they are there, sorry – and don’t mind mixing MMO with your Skyrim. I’m looking forward to it.

In the meantime, ♥ Rift.

NB: All screenies are 1920 x 1040 if you fancy a shiny wallpaper. ;)




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