The Under-Representation Of Shadow Priests

There are some amazing Shadow Priest bloggers out there, though I couldn’t give my opinion on the Shadow Priest columnist ((being a no spoiler freak, then traipsing and MMO Champion like there’s no tomorrow would not mix well)), I have heard that they are very good. Not to mention the brilliant community behind, who, if you look properly, have answers for pretty much everything, to the point that even Elitist Jerks use them as a reference point, rather than the other way around. And of course, a couple of great web comic artists (both of whom are in my blogroll). Yet, it still seems that Shadow Priests are a little under-represented.

I’d like to say that it’s the curse of being a hybrid, but there are plenty of Retribution Paladins, Moonkins, and Kitty Druids. I suppose Shamans are in the same boat, mind. Here’s the thing though, as things currently stand, Shadow Priests are pretty boring to level until you have the proper tools: Shadowform, Mind Flay, Vampiric Touch. Until then, you’re not really a Shadow Priest, let’s face it. I think the slowness to actually become what you’re trying to level does put a lot of people off. They’ll either go all “Fuck it, this is lame, I’m gonna heal dungeons instead,” to which I just have to say – DON’T DO IT, THINK OF THE COOKIES YOU’RE ABANDONING! Or, they just stop playing their Priest altogether.

This is why the new talent changes are AMAZING. Less bother over where to put your points, better talents to choose from, cooler abilities to make 5 mans much, much more fun, and of course, you get the Shadow Priesty stuff ((Mind Flay, Shadowform, Vampiric Touch)) from a much earlier level – hopefully making Shadow Priest feel more like Shadow Priest, and bringing our awesome class a lot more, well deserved, love. This needs some celebratory dancing methinks! (By the way, the following video is a clip from Eurovision, if you know what that is, yes I did watch it, great for the rofls! But I truly loved this.)

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  1. As someone who has always wanted a high level priest but has always gotten bored of levelling one I can agree heartily with these sentiments. My furthest effort so far has been a level 22 Draeni priest.

    It’s tough going at lower levels, and I seriously cannot wait till I get Shadowform; I think that Shadowpriests would be the most popular class in the game if you got SF at an early level. :)

  2. I haven’t played a Shadow Priest properly since TBC to be honest, I did love it back then – but these days (since I have a warlock) I only play my priest as Holy or possibly Disc. She only really gets to come out to play in Heroics though.

    It’s probably true that there are more disc and holy priest blogs, I can definitely see that I have more of those myself on my blogroll.

    So let’s give some love to the shadow priests :)
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  3. I feel like shadowpriests are one of the best designed classes as they are now. Out of all of the classes, I feel like they scale the best. Why?

    Well, out of all of the skilled players I’ve seen, it shows the most as shadow. A bad shadowpriest will undoubtedly pull nearly last on the meters. An average one will make reasonable numbers, nothing to sneeze at, but they do have to work for average numbers. A hard-working and highly skilled shadowpriest will absolutely demolish the damage meters while also having awesome utility (raid heals + dispersion), not to mention for every non-optimal encounter shadow faces, the tab-dotting + aoe strategy done well can slice through other encounters.

    Playing a rogue I feel like sometimes I shine when I work hard – other times non-rogue players can hardly tell. Ret paladins are this way too. All of those faceroll jokes? It sucks when you are actually a skilled faceroll class, because honestly 90% of the time people can’t tell the difference between you trying hard to do your best and that guy blindly just pressing whatever button (other than just attributing the difference to “gear”), and even if you want to excel at your class there is very little you can do to differentiate yourself. I respect shadowpriests and I like that there are more ways to pick out the truly skilled ones.

    In summation… shadowpriests are awesome :D
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    1. True! Though I was a tad concerned by the guy gemming ‘everything-else-but-spellpower’ still pulling off 8k dps on Marrowgar.. (int, crit, spirit, you name it.)

      A lot of people don’t get far enough to be crap/average/awesomeface – I think the changes will mean a few more might actually level up. That being said, do like not playing a fotm class ;)

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