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The way I figure it, all tanks are dicks. That’s what my time on the Argent Dawn battlegroup is proving to me at least. Last night, the rest of the guild’s 80s were busy in the 3 Icecrown 5 mans on normal mode so I figured while I did a few quests to get some money and my Argent Crusade rep up a little I’d chain some randoms.

The first one I got was Drak’tharon Keep, I figured great! I have a quest here and King Dred drops a pretty nice trinket upgrade. I asked if we could break a few of the webs in the spider room so I could find the Troll for my quest, which surprisingly they did for me, that was nice, I picked up the next quest, and then the tank ran through the room saying, “skip”. Well, I need the emblems but I can’t solo it, so I ran through, killed some bats, realised I needed that boss for my quest but figured oh well I’ll get it next time, at least I was able to pick it up. Running past King Dred, “skip”, yeah okay now it’s just annoying, so from the whole instance I got 3 emblems. Whoopidoo, what’s the point in doing it as a random if that’s all you get?

The next one was Utgarde Keep, yay a nice quick, easy one. Can’t skip anything either. We zone in and the tank immediately says, “buff”, and after a few seconds, “buff priest”. This pushes my buttons. No hello, no please, and I’m pretty sure the Priest wasn’t called ‘priest’. Either way, we carry on, get to the room with the proto drakes, the tank skips a load pulls the pack at the end, I accidentally pull one more proto drake which is easily Tricksed onto him, and I believe the Priest’s Mind Sear pulled another pack, which of course wiped us. Then the Priest left. This is an attitude I never understood, the guy who causes the wipe always seems to blame anybody but themself, usually the tank or the healer. When you mess up, you recognise you’ve done so 9 times out of 10. Anyway, he was replaced by a Warlock who was fairly decent, but twice pulled things by accident and got us wiped. The tank felt it necessary at this point to say, “ebay lock” which was entirely pointless of course. Oh well, we finished and the Warlock ninjad the blue legs from the last boss (he had Tier 9), I didn’t quite get that either.

Then Utgarde Pinnacle popped up and as expected, the tank skipped all but 2 bosses. He was quite up himself, but nothing out of the ordinary to report, just the usual, “WTB DPS”, and “chop chop I don’t have time for this”.

I believe I then grouped up with a couple of guildies who had either come online or finished their instances. We queued up while I murdered some spiders and bats in Zul’drak, and luckily got Forge of Souls heroic! Great, I’d already done this one earlier as a specific, this gave me an extra chance for the trinket. We zoned in, killed a pack, and our healer left, we fairly quickly got a new healer, carried on, and everything was going just fine until I disconnected. My net went down. I knew my guildies weren’t about to vote kick me, but I didn’t want to hold them up, so I reset it, was offline for maybe 5 or 10 minutes, and came back online to an¬†argument. Now, I’m not particularly fond of elitist bastards, especially when they’re being nasty to people I like. I came back online part way through something I think, but:

I did try to vote kick him but apparently the healer didn’t like this so we had to finish the instance with him and queued for one more, hoping to actually get lucky and have a nice tank. Might I add where he says “you dont know tactic”, we hadn’t even reached the first boss yet and did kill the adds and move out of the shit accordingly, whilst he was running the boss around the room in circles meaning it was pretty difficult for 2 of us to get any dps off on the boss for the first phase. At least after this little exchange he shutup and continued being punched in the face.

This time we got Azjol Nerub and the tank and healer didn’t seem too bad. We killed the first boss, and then the tank started asking me to reset the second boss. First off, I’m not comfortable with this method. I’m not hot on how to do it, and there is a risk of me fucking up and dying. I might have given it a go just to make the tank happy except he started being a bit bossy about it. The second he said, “just do it”, I decided no, I really won’t ‘just do it’. With a “fine”, he pulled the boss, we moved on, and around the part of the instance where you jump down the giant hole (which I always always angle my camera down to avoid water walking or path of frost death from the TotC 25 days), one of my guildies disconnected. Either the tank or healer tried to vote kick him but that didn’t pass. He didn’t come back so I guess his net went down. We had one wipe on Anub’erak because the healer and other dps was hit by pound, to which the tank replied, “you guys fail”. Then ran back in, killed it, and decided at this point that that was more than enough dickheads for one night.

I really hope the entire battlegroup isn’t like this, because gearing my Rogue is going to become quite a chore without guildies soon if this continues. Aside from all of this, I am enjoying it. I’m able to join in with guildies now we’re at the same level and play something new. It’s nice to be able to chill and take a break from grinding reputation and mounts for a bit. Oh, and a note, I don’t honestly think that all tanks are dicks, I think I’m damn unlucky, but I did grab your attention didn’t I?

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  1. It also makes me sad to hear this; with a tank OS I have to share some of the burden for this. I’m not always perfect, but I typically do a good enough job that we don’t wipe.

    Sounds like you got the buck after I did a couple of weeks back. Vengeance BG has some spectacularly undergeared players and grumpy tanks; But I do have an 8 KB Inter-server friends list for a reason!

    If I do run a random, I usually get a good tank to heal. Sometimes I can grab one of my friends to heal me and I tank (this usually ends up being chaotic for her!) instead; you’re right- this often gets the best results. If I do run a random, I usually get a good tank to heal, but if worse comes to worse, since I’m a healer AND a tank I can afford to (or have consensus) to kick players. Usually after giving a stern word first – no good kicking them for ‘no reason’. If they honestly don’t know what they’re doing I’ll tell them after the run and carry them in the meantime- being mean to newbies isn’t helpful at all.

    Anyway- good post, loving the blog so far (layout is nice and refreshing, I might add!). Hope the battlegroup’s Random Player Generator throws you some nice players next time! :(
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    1. Aww thanks, haven’t really played my Rogue much since that night. That battlegroup is renowned for being full of absolute idiots and I ran away screaming :p have a few other alts.. and my main.. to focus on anywayz ^^

  2. You have groups that care about gearscore in hcs? That is seriously odd, my server is heavily into GS for most things but heroics, normally you could get a dps to tank them so whats the issue with having low gs people in there… occulus was soloable the day it was released and most hcs haven’t gotten harder (ok HoR is a little hard to solo :P).

  3. I always try to be the nice tank, because I can’t stand asshats and I refuse to be one myself. I don’t care if I end up in a group with green/blue geared new 80s. All it means is I pull smaller groups, make sure the healer has mana and things will take a little big longer to kill.

    While I like quick runs as much as the next person, it really doesn’t make THAT big of a difference.

    When it comes to skipping bosses I have a couple I skip (but I always ask if the group wants to do them anyway) – but only because there’s so much trash before them. King Dred is silly to skip cause it’s a free emblem with a total of 2 little dinos to kill before you get him. Same with the boss before him, he’s right there so why not do him?

    The ones I like to skip are optional bosses like Eck (unless someone specifically asks for it), or the one in Halls of Stone where you have to kill all those little stone dudes. It’s just such a long walk and I’m lazy in my old age :P If dps asks for it though, I’ll still do it. Because, you know, I’m a nice tank :P

    I’ve got 2 tanks atm ( my main who is also a raid tank, and a paladin for HCs), been thinking of tanking on my DK. She has a blood tank spec, and she’s defense capped with 27k health – but I’m too scared to go with her. People just whine so badly if you don’t have loads of gear :(
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  4. As a tank, reading stuff like this makes me very sad. I often think that LFD has driven the good crop of tanks out, and has only left the arrogant asshats who think they are entitled to feel superior. I only tank randoms now when at least one friend is in the group, and even so I sometimes leave, because overgeared DPS can be just as abusive as some of those tanks.

    A sucky situation, all in all.
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    1. Overgeared anything can be abusive, I just tend to notice it a lot more from the tanks generally speaking, which annoys me because I know some lovely tanks. /sigh.

  5. It has been rare when I’ve come across a tank that doesn’t insult every single dps in the group. I remember when the LFD first started I rolled with some GREAT tanks that liked to take their time going through… then I changed my server and battle group >.< Since then those nice tanks have been rare.

    I find it funny now days that I love LOVE when the tank says, "I apologize for anything that might happen. I'm pretty new to tanking." Why? Because that person is going to concentrate on holding aggro not on complaining that the dps sucks or the heals are slow. Having a tank like that also pushes me to be better for them. I don't want to see that tank fail because I let my guard down so I play harder and concentrate on my shot rotations and trinket cool downs. I make sure I MD and FD at the right times.

    Now… when a tank's first words to me are essentially, "Aw crap. Not a stupid huntard." Well then I don't care what happens to that tank and I only put in minimal effort.

    Here's to hoping my healer gets treated better :)
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  6. I understand the “I’m a tank so my word goes!” bit from playing a tank for a while myself (though I do hope I never developed that attitude). Back when I first came back to WoW after quiting, I wanted to play with some friends I had made while in college, so I chose to make a DK on there server to skip the levels and see if I could just level myself to 80 as fast as I could.

    The thing about tanks getting this attitude I think comes more from the way other players treat them at the start than anything (I mean every class has jerk players but tanks seem to be more so). Even when I first came into the BC maps and posted myself as a tank in LFG (before the days of randoms) I could have 2-4 groups begging me to come tank for them, and this is as a DK that many of them knew nothing about (though I did get reinvited most times if they had ran with me, so I guess that is good), but from this Tanks just get this feeling like they can treat anyone anyway they want and it be fine because they already got 15 other people that want them to come hang with them instead.

  7. I’ve found that a lot of the dicks are on the other servers in our battlegroup, Crushridge especially. There seem to be a lot less on Argent dawn. I’ve just read a post on another blog suggesting an option to queue for random dungeons with people on your own server only. I, for one, would love this.

    My pally has a tank spec, if you are prepared to put up with my noob tanking and we have a mostly guild run I’m happy to come tank for you. :)

    1. I’m cool with people dpsing/healing from the guild if they prefer it, because having people alongside you whatever their role makes the idiots a lot easier to deal with! :D So if you wanna play your mage or heal or whatever, I’m more than happy with that. Of course, if you want to tank, you have my Tricks ;)

  8. Eek, that’s a string of bad luck there. There are so many jerkass players…it’s kind of depressing. I always dread going into randoms as a solo player, regardless of role. If not guildies, are there other same-server people you can start grouping up with? Take a little bit of the danger/risk out of being with all randoms?
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    1. It’s an alt server so I never really got to know anybody outside of my guild (Single Abstract Noun). I do meet some nice/okayish people, but the dicks stand out so much they’re the ones that stick in your mind, sadly.

  9. A post near and dear to my heart… for two reasons:

    1) I used to tank as my main spec, until Wrath Heroics became speed contests. I like a swift run, but I’m not going to rush so antsy DPS can post their recount… I actually wait for the healer to fill their mana (shocking ,I know)… unless they tell me otherwise. Frankly, I became tired of tanking and dual-spec’d Arms to experience the wonderful world of PvP with my Warrior (rawr!)

    2) With my tank firmly on the shelf, I decided to try out the healing game and quite to my surprise, I loved it. I now have a 80 Holy Priest, 77 Resto Druid and another 60 tree on a different server and a 40 Resto Shammy. With this in mind, I decided to level my healers as heals, right from our first talent at lvl 10. This can be painful while soloing, but I decided the best way to learn my new game was to enter the LFD system at 15 and heal my way 80 (no tank in our small F&F guild). This has been such a great experience and I really feel it has improved my game overall.

    All that being said, I have seen some very good tanking along the way and have made a few mental notes for if/when I ever take tanking back up. Sadly, this has been the minority of tanks I have seen in LFD. Also, I actually don’t mind the new tanks (we have to start somewhere) or someone coming back into the game that is making an honest effort and is considerate of the rest of the group (quest items, optional bosses, etc). What I ab-so-lute-ly loathe is the new DK “tank” with his/her Ebon Hold blues (tanking as Unholy) for the insta-queue…. or how about the guy/gal that runs in aggro’s everything to get killed so they can rez at the GY and get the FP? Or how about the “tank” that doesn’t finish off the mobs and keeps running ahead, pulling the mobs out of dps range? Or how about that condescending asshat that pulls out his e-peen when he tops the GS or DPS? (Maybe people are trying to learn, or working on a alt, or have been afraid to try dungeons… ever consider that?) Or how about the tank that doesn’t look at anyone’s mana (especially the healer) and keeps pulling then bitches because; a) not enough dps or b) dead because of no heals… People who forget where they started are the most annoying to me…there is no need to be insulting to someone who is making an effort.

    Unfortunately, your experience (and ones like it) have become all too common in LFD. It saddens me that tanks in general are getting a bad name and the ones that do these kinds of things have a sense of entitlement because of the insta-queue. The list of “tanks” on my ignore list is growing… I’d rather have a longer queue time than group with people like that again.

    Anyway, good post and thanks for sharing!

    [With this small text-box, it’s a PITA to proof-read my rant, so I hope it made some sense] ;-)

    1. As much as I pretty much always dps, I’d much rather be forced to heal then to tank, I’m a lot better at it. My tanking is basically: /FLAIL.

      I actually love new tanks, I don’t care if they struggle to hold aggro and have to ask about tactics, I like it, because I know that they’re going to be nice, polite, and a pleasure to group with. My ignore list is full of idiots, a lot of tanks, a few dps, a couple of healers.

      Also, you don’t have to worry about proof reading comments :D

  10. Awwwww…posts like this make me sad. :( I identify very strongly as a tank and probably 80% of my playtime is spent tanking so it kills me to read about tanks being ass-hats and earning the rest of us a bad name. ESPECIALLY those who hold their relative rarity over the group to keep them hostage.

    I always want to knee-jerk deny that tanks are like that, but since I always tank I’ll never have to play with these people so I don’t know.

    I wonder if this is an increasing occurrence. I don’t PuG a lot these days but just last night I was noticing a bit of a difference in the way people interact with me. They’re defensive and suspicious right off the bat (when not eerily silent), which is how I typically am with them. Not used to having it turned around on me!

    TL;DR: Bad tanks make nice tanks sad. :(
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  11. You do see too much of basically what is ‘uncooperative attitudes’ from all walks of players. It just tends to stand out a bit more when tanks do it because they lead the group through, and people tend to follow their lead. I think cause of the way the dungeon system works now, the instant-queuers develop a different attitude to the ones that have to wait.

    People, pfft.

    Half the time I’m in heroics I feel like I want to go get my tank gear and spec back, but having a OS based entirely round heroics and the occasional old world raid isn’t very practical ><
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    1. Just found you in my spam filter, good job I check before emptying o_o
      And I know! It’s a frigging 5 man and we cleared it just fine apart from the argument! If we weren’t well geared enough to do it, we wouldn’t have had it pop as our random.

  12. Ouch. That is a run of bad luck. It makes those guild runs and the very rare random group who actually behave like decent human beings all the more wonderful by comparison.

    Hope next time you try it goes better!
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    1. Definitely! We have a tank and healer pair in the guild who are both lovely and a pleasure to group with, and Jakkru (lest he hit me for not mentioning him :p).

  13. I would agree that the vast majority of tanks seem to be dicks, but there are always two sides to this. I have 10 80’s, one of each class, my warrior, pally, druid and dk are all main spec tank. But the vast majority of the time I tank I seem to get people with high 5k and 6k scores who think they can pull the entire instance by themself. Seem to always get a dk that wants to do the pulling, annoying. Or I get groups that keep yelling, faster, faster, pull more, blah blah blah.

    Even better is when someone complains I don’t have 50k health on my tank(druid does in bear, warrior has 33k base before buffs, pally 29k before buffs, dk 31k before buffs), its sad when a tank with 30k+ health(no buffs) and ~40k+ after buffs, is not considered a tank…

    I don’t even want to comment on the gearscore wars. Gearscore can be a good measure but is over used.

    I hate skipping bosses, but that is blizzards fault for making it possible and rewarding free badges for no effort just by killing the last boss.

    1. Definitely. If the tank isn’t a dick, you can guarantee the healer, or at least one DPS will be. It’s more that players in general are dicks, but last night was definitely a tank night.

      I’ve also noticed that one my low geared characters I get grouped with well geared tanks/healers, and on my well geared characters I end up grouped with low geared tanks/healers.. I never got that, and on my Hunter it was fine because I could MD, bit of a pain on my Shadow Priest though.

  14. By the famous words of Kyle’s dad “I’m not an R-tard :'( ”
    Hey some of us are nice tanks, but from experience they never are when I’m healing. When I’m tanking they’re awesome though ;)
    -=Edit=- Ugh, thats the ugliest sentence I’ve ever written.
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