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Today I’d like to talk about link love. Well, less ‘talk about it’, because I don’t need to tell you why it’s nice, but just to let you guys know that incase you weren’t aware – I am giving it out a lot even when I don’t post.

See, a few months back I was having trouble with my reader. Certain blogs literally wouldn’t update and that was driving me insane, so, I asked in Single Abstract Noun which readers people were using and Erc ordered me to try out Feedly, which I believe is a Google Chrome extension. It’s supposed to be the magazine style feed reader, though I like the lists. I have it set up to show blog names and article titles, if an article says in the title, for example, ‘Cataclysm’, then I can quite easily skip past it and read something without Cataclysm spoilers and I love it for that.

Anyway, being part of Google, it’s connected to Google Reader, so I was able to import my blog list from Bloglines (my old reader) and it seems to synchronise. Another feature it shares is ‘shared items’, which I started using to just bookmark posts I enjoyed to come back to for either the link love posts I used to do, or to add to my resources page later on. After a while, I realised I could link to this as a feed in my sidebar and I have done ever since.

Below my Twitter box, you should be able to see ‘Interesting Blog Posts’, which I have renamed, it used to be ‘Interesting Stuff’. and the feed link in the little orange icon should work, if not try clicking here. I share posts that I find interesting, useful, and funny, so take a look, they’re worth reading. You might find something new.

I’d also like to ask you while I’m doing a more generic blogging post what you guys think of the theme changes? Apart from, “Dear God, woman, stop changing your damn theme every 10 minutes!” Because trust me, I know, but I’ve gone back to the old theme that I quite liked, couldn’t find anything else I was 100% happy with. I like the header and the sidebar, I’m just not sure about the background. Anything you might change perhaps? Feedback/constructive criticism is appreciated.

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    1. Thanks! I love this theme, it does pretty much everything I want it to do, and it’s nice and tidy. It was the one I was using for a while before I transferred my Hunter.

      On Ajax edit comments, I wasn’t aware it went pay-to-use :o I installed it a few months ago and haven’t really touched it since then. Perhaps it remained free for people who already had it installed and active on their blogs?

        1. Possibly, I gave up on Stats in the end. Somehow got it working again on my other blog but not this one despite having 2 API keys /sigh. Couldn’t see anything else worth using when I checked either.

          If the comment editor breaks, that’s not *so* bad, I haven’t checked but there could be something else out there? If not, oh well :)

  1. I like the new theme, but the background can maybe be changed a little. I almost liked it more before it loaded (and it was just a dark purple) – it seemed to fit better with the header image. Other than the background the theme is really nice. But maybe a less colourful/busy background would be nice :)
    Saga recently posted..Don’t Say That!

    1. I didn’t like the background plain, there was too much space, I just think the current background is a bit too bright at the top, aside from that it’s not *too* busy, just need something a bit darker that’s still interesting enough, buuut I’m stuck for ideas at the moment. Thanks for the feedback.

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