Bats and Tiger Whales

Insert long boring ramble about how it’s pre-Cataclysm and I have nothing particularly interesting to post, and sorry for that, here.

I really adored the Troll invasion of Echo Isles, it was so epic and introduced me to a bit of Troll lore, but I don’t really want to spoilerise it for those of you who haven’t seen it yet. And, did I ever tell you how much I’d love a Bat mount? Gief!

Also, I decided to share a bit of my art with you. Now I know, I’m pretty amazing, so please don’t be too jealous of my high skills, and don’t mock Henry, he was bullied a lot in school (get it? No.. I guess that doesn’t work.. /sigh).

Yeah, I posted some filler, and I don’t care because I got to post Henry! He’s so happy.

6 thoughts on “Bats and Tiger Whales”

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  2. I don’t know if it’s good or bad, but I get hungry looking at henry, maybe its the BBQ stripes mmm…

    and since he got bullied in school – does that mean he can’t share ‘his pond’ with the other fish anymore?
    if so, one more reason to think of him as dinner, methinks.

    Syl recently posted..We remember the hard times

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