Dustwallow Marsh Questing

So I took your advice, I logged in last night and made my way to Theramore. Okay, originally I headed to Booty Bay so that I could boat to Ratchett and run to Dustwallow but it was pointed out to me that I’m an idiot and there’s a boat from the Wetlands, but in the end I got there. I had been there before, I’ve done the Horde and faction neutral quests on every character that passed through those levels, and on my first Draenei Hunter I had done a couple of quests in Theramore before moving on.. possibly to Stranglethorn Vale, I can’t remember. Anyway, I got on with it. I roused the Agitators, stole the propaganda, spread the propaganda, killed some pirates, and a little later on spoke to Jaina, who, for once, didn’t cry, but man that quest ended abruptly! What a frustrating so and so she is.

And why is this guy wearing a blank guild tabard? He’s clearly in a guild.

I guess I’ll go and finish off what I was doing today, I still have yet to go and talk to Nat Pagle, and I haven’t found a quest requiring the use of cannons yet! I can’t leave without shooting people with cannons, there’s something not right in that.

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  1. My cousin has a friend who works for Blizzard and apparently they are planning on adding a bunch of hidden quests there that can only be done once you have some item you need to buy IRL. I don’t know whether there is any truth to this. Has anyone heard anything?
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  2. That’s not really a tabard; it’s just an apron so he doesn’t get fish guts all over him!

    If I recall right, the Tethyr questline (that uses the cannons) starts with the gnome at the lighthouse. But it’s been a while. :)
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  3. I really liked the newish Dustwallow Marsh quests. I think they added them in 2.3, which was one of the few updates to vanilla content post-BC. It really needed it; if you think the quests end abruptly now, you should have seen it then. The Shady Rest Inn questline, for instance, ended before you identified the culprits. Now it’s a decent story.
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    1. Oh there’s actually a proper quest for it on Alliance? All Horde got was to take 3 objects then ship them off to Thunder Bluff :o
      But definitely, I remember doing Dustwallow on my Warlock when all we had was the one quest hub, and there were only about 4 quests :p

  4. Urk, I’ve been hearing a lot of good things about questing in Dustwallow lately, but man, I do not like that place. I do not like the paths where mobs patrol in the road. I do not like the grim greybrown visuals. I do not like the dragony parts near Mudsprocket. I do not like the Spidery parts near the Ogre village. I do not like Jaina. I do not like Tabetha. No, I HATE Tabetha.

    *shudder* Dustwallow is a bad place.

    1. I hate the Murlocs, and Nat Pagle, and the mobs who leap out at you from nowhere, and the quest to find the stealthed elves because YOU CAN NEVER FIND THEM, and that ogre escort quest, and the one with all the slimes and the zappy thing, and the drop rate on the quest to kill the whelplings, and the Goblin town… the rest is “ok”. The first few Alliance quests aren’t bad, apart from the underwater ones, and I quite like the ones you do for ‘Swamp Eye Jorl’ to kill the critters and such.

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