Felt A Bit Of An Idiot, But..

Why is it that I only think of things to write and feel like writing them AFTER nano comes along and takes up such a large chunk of my time? Le sigh. I have a few in drafts at the moment, will try to find some time.. somewhere! In the meantime, I realised that rerolling is fun. Want to know why? Apparently there were 4 reputation mounts that I didn’t own. Remember when they added the Ochre Skeletal Warhorse and 3 level 20 mounts? Yeah, guess how many I needed for my 100 achievement? I’ll give you a clue:


9 thoughts on “Felt A Bit Of An Idiot, But..”

  1. Congratulations,
    I would never have the patience to collect so many mounts or farm the rep. I use my engineer mounts with pride. No more needed.

    I don’t even think about the possibilities of the massive amount of gold. A lifetime reservoir of invisible potions ? Maybe. Countless explosives ? Hell Yeah! The asshole-gear-factor is stronger then my desire of mounts.
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    1. Thanks <3

      Haha, it took me 3 years if that helps ;)

      Best part? I have more than enough gold to afford both :p Gold making has become a little love of mine while the raiding took a back seat. Will probably get around to writing more guides in the future in fact :)

    1. Hehe thanks. Tbh, a lot of the farming was already done, I did a lot of the TBC stuff (Netherwing, Skyguard) back at 70, got lucky with a couple of drops, so it wasn’t too bad :)

      In my opinion, Blue > Sunreaver > Red, but, since getting it, the Red has grown on me! They’re so pretty when they fly.

  2. YAY! Gratz. It’s very pretty :) (I do prefer the blue one though – happy to be Alliance for that).

    I started off with pets, but when I got all I could I moved on to mounts and got to 100. Still trying for the polar bear too.

    Apart from that I’ve been going back and doing clothes, but don’t have enough bag room for it all – I had to send my Twill set to a bank alt to make room for my Devout and Prophecy :)

    Come on Blizz – give us a proper wardrobe.
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    1. Ohh, yeah, I was so happy to be aiming for the blue one on my Hunter and then rerolled back to Horde xD

      Ah well! I’ll grab the Sunreaver Dragonhawk soon – that one is pretty :)

    1. I love both, but I’m definitely more of a minipet junkie than a mount collector :)

      You can probably see that from my warcraft pets page (slacking a bit on the Alliance tourney pets, mind). They’re just easier to do and you can use them a bit more. Can’t show off mounts so much in a raid!

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