The Ultimate Half-Finished Post

The past week or so I’ve been trying to post. Really, I have. But everytime I do, I give up halfway through. I had a post about my Paladin, but I couldn’t think of what to write. A post about beating the pre-expansion blues, but once I’d finished, though I’d spent over an hour writing it, I hated it and couldn’t think how to salvage it. In my eyes, it was patronising and I don’t want to go there. I started writing a post asking for guest posters to fill up my lack of posting, but I just couldn’t find the words and left it. I started a post for the shared topic, and stopped partway through, though I hope to go back to that. I planned to write about the music in WoW, a suggestion from the lovely Apple, but for that I need to do some exploring because I play with my sounds off, and I don’t really have time now. Then I was about to write a post about the invasion, and just as I was double checking my twitter feed for something, I see an announcement. The first thing I say to myself is, “Oh God, I really, really hope this is a joke.” I half expected to see a blog post filled with silly images of Lich King wipes, perhaps a reroll, maybe a game quit, but no. It wasn’t a joke. A dear friend to many has passed away and I suggest you read this post to understand. As for why I’ve called this the ultimate half-finished post, well, what can you say except “I’m so sad I can’t even word it.”

4 thoughts on “The Ultimate Half-Finished Post”

    1. I’m on the other foot.. yeah that doesn’t make sense, whatever etc. Because I’ve sucked so much with my reader lately that I’m scared I’d have never found out if I hadn’t seen Wulfy’s tweet.
      Hugs for you too.

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