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Day 2 of the 20 Days of Warcraft brings the question: Day 2 – Favourite race and why?

This one is a little bit easier for me than yesterday’s question because I am very, very fussy about my characters. They have to be female, I don’t feel right playing male characters, and they have to be pretty (shutup, I’m playing with pixels, I’m allowed to be a little bit self-indulgent, kay?).

Right from the bat, I’m going to exclude Orcs, Trolls, Undeads, Dwarves, and Gnomes. Sorry but they really aren’t my thing, feel almost as weird playing those races as I do playing male characters. However, I like Horde and Alliance about the same, so humour me. Also, I don’t pay attention to racials.

Tauren I find awesome. Whilst I don’t play them, male Tauren are brilliant. To me, they are big fluffy cows with the best dance in the world, and they do the most hilarious wiggling thing when AFKing on a drake. Okay, it’s hilarious if you’re a bit sleep stoned. The females, whilst not my favourite race, are just so darn cute. I made my female Tauren Druid back in TBC, and while I didn’t like the race much when I started, and she still hasn’t reached 80, I did eventually fall in love with her a little bit. Cows are love!

Humans are a strange one for me because whilst they aren’t my favourite, I have my ups and downs with them. Sometimes, I absolutely love them. Sometimes I find them boring. I love my Human Warrior, but everything else seems to end up Night Elf or Draenei. We’ll get there in the end, hey?

Night Elves were my first love. I started playing WoW a few months before the release of TBC, back towards the end of vanilla. At this point, I was new to gaming and I knew I liked Elves because I was a big Lord of the Rings fangirl. The problem was, my then boyfriend and our mutual friend were playing on Vashj as Horde and I had the choice of starting this game that was completely foreign to me on my own, or following them on Horde. The problem was, I hated every race the Horde had to offer and ended up settling for an Undead because it was the most “normal”, but honestly, if I could, I would have been a Night Elf Hunter at the beginning. I did the starter zone quests so many times I could do them from muscle memory in the end.. I loved them – and their mounts!

Draenei have quite recently been my favourite race. Originally I thought they were weird, and honestly, they didn’t grow on me until some point in Wrath when I wanted to level an Alliance Hunter. I refused to play Dwarf which left Night Elf or Draenei, and at this point, I did pick the better racials. I fell in love with the class while levelling her, and alongside it, I fell in love with the race. They weren’t skinny like Blood Elves, they have a much better dance, and they have the best hairstyles in the game. I will stick by that, there are several Draenei hairstyles that look great. I just love their curves.

Blood Elf is going to have to be my number one. I’m a Hordie at heart, though I like Alliance just as much, I feel much more comfortable around the Horde after 5 years of playing the game as a Hordie. I do prefer Blood Elves to Night Elves, and their twizzly-jump is just brilliant. They are the race I play the most, admittedly because they’re the only Horde race I really like. And so, even though their skinniness, and repetitiveness (after playing so damn many of them) does bore me to death sometimes, Blood Elves have to be my favourite race. Girls though, I find Melfs a bit creepy!

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  1. I have to agree with your number one choice. My main was a male human paladin, and I got so bored looking at him. When I finally transferred to horde, I knew I wanted to make him into a female blood elf. I’m male myself, but I refuse to play a male blood elf. My hunter is still a night elf female, but I’m sick of the night elves too. So when I finally transfer it to horde, it’s going to be a male troll. I just love the horde races more overall. The tauren are noble, the undead rock, the goblins are funny, the blood elves (at least the females) are hot, the trolls got game, and the orcs are…hm…orcs. The only alliance races I really care for anymore are draenei and worgen, and maybe the dwarves. I’ve mostly played alliance the last ~6 years, but I think I’ve always really been horde at heart. It’s only just recently that I’ve really begun to embrace it.

  2. Wow, we are sadly opposites. I love all the races you do not, with the exception of Gnomes (who smell). Although we do agree on Tauren, as they are ridiculously cool.

    Where do you stand on Goblins? :)

    1. To be fair, there’s a bit of a difference between cool races and pretty races ^^

      Elves, Humans, and Draenei (in my opinion at least) look silly as their male counterparts.

      On Goblins, I’m not really that excited for them but I do see why people are, they’ve just always annoyed me a bit after all the time I spent in Ratchett in my early days. Can still repeat everything they say near enough xD
      “Glad I could help!”

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