20 Days of Warcraft – Names

Day 5 – The meaning behind your mains name?

I fear this will be a reasonably short post today. I don’t think I have much to say or any images to back it up. Let’s see.

I have written a post previously about how I choose my characters names. In which, I quote:

One way to name a character is to just throw a jumble of letters together and see if they sound okay. This is how I named a lot of my characters, including Jaedia and Seithir. You have to be fairly sensible with this one because you could end up with a character name that sounds ridiculous, however, there is less likelihood of any name you decide on being taken.

See, originally, Seithir was a name I had chosen for my Troll Shaman. I threw the letters together, pronounced them in my head as “Sigh-thar” (you would be surprised how many people have said they can’t pronounce my name) though really, it’s not entirely important, and from there decided it was a good name. There is no more meaning behind it than that. I got the Shaman to level 7 and gave up. I didn’t like the Troll race much, and I really struggled with the Shaman class until very, very recently. So, when I chose to make a Blood Elf Priest instead of the Undead one I had levelled to 22 already, I thought Seithir suited her a lot better than the Troll Shaman. Thus, my main became known as Seithir.

Oh and what do you know, an image of my Priest from around level 20ish! That’s an old one :)

3 thoughts on “20 Days of Warcraft – Names”

  1. It’s a fair approach and you’ve used it well. I’ve seen far too many people fall into the trap of just having a gobbledegook name like Argskaazp. Yours however are cool, so good random lettering there! :)

    Personally however, I can never do it. My name has to be based on some kind of real word that expresses something about the character, for instance Wulfkin was based off the wolf-centric abilities of Shamans. Of course this does make actually getting a name you like that isn’t taken infinitely harder!

    1. To my memory, it was how Seithir, Jaedia, Cassea, Kisha, Lliana were born ^^

      Others, I have used google to find something I could use (Kensa, Kalithe, Indivia) or at least based them on a name I liked (Fae, Meiya). It really depends on how creative I’m feeling at the time I suppose xD And.. yeah.. whatever’s not taken too. Kinda happy I yoinked both Fae and Miyu on Vashj, have seen a lot of variants of both :D

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