20 Days of Warcraft – Vanity Pets

Day 7 – Favourite companion non-combat pet?

Oh this is an easy one! Or.. is it. Hmm. I’ve been a big pet collector for quite a long time and you would think I had a favourite wouldn’t you?

Well, generally speaking, my favourite vanity pet varies. You’ve seen my collection haven’t you? I’ve worked damn hard on it and I love a lot of my pets, so much that I went and named my blog after my pet collecting .. thing. I do believe I wrote a post about my vanity pets around the same time last year, when Tam offered around a bit of syphilis. Here if you’re interested in my thoughts on the appeal of vanity pets, though I would change my top 3 now, in this order:

  1. Phoenix Hatchling
  2. Wind Rider Cub
  3. Baby Blizzard Bear

Though, bare in mind, there will be a bunch of new pets coming up soon and that might very well change in the next year.. again.

You know what guys, it’s not easy to beef up a post answering a question that you know the answer to!

8 thoughts on “20 Days of Warcraft – Vanity Pets”

  1. Asking me what my favourite pet is like asking me what my favourite movie is. There’s too many genres, too many types to just name one. So I’ll do my best to make a list of three like you did =P.

    1. Hyacinth Macaw
    2. Kirin Tor Familiar
    3. Phoenix Hatchling

    Honorable mentions:
    Peddlefeet, Singing Sunflower, and Mini Thor!

    Without a doubt collecting pets is my favourite in game hobby, and is a big reason I play this game. Who doesn’t love how awesome some of them are?
    Asilwen recently posted..Ask Asil- Mystery Elf Edition

  2. Out of interest, do you just have a random pet following you all the time, or do you go through phases of picking who would like to follow you?

    Personally my favourite is Frosty, I just love him and he followed Dirge everywhere she went. Of course, in Cataclysm I have a feeling Deathy the Murloc may become my new favourite!

    1. Depends on my mood really. Sometimes I get all “ZOMG THIS PET NEEDS LOVE”, sometimes I don’t bother, most often though I’ll just let GupPet pick a random pet – brilliant mod!

      At the moment I’m using Deathy and the Sunflower a lot.

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