Thoughts on the Shinies

It has been a week since 4.0.3a hit, aka when we all slept off a few years and woke up to Cow Paladins *shudder*. Yeah, okay, it was nice for a bit to imagine Cow Priests and Paladins but seeing them ingame? I don’t like them. They’re too weird. Plus, Dan keeps riding around on his Raptor and Cows on Raptors look ridiculous. Stupid cows. Anyway, I haven’t had chance to blog about the patch yet – not really, I’ve been kept busy with the 20 Days of Warcraft and playing WoW, would you believe. Besides, I think a week of playing the patch at least gives me a bit more to blog about.


The first day, I was surprised to see the servers come up pretty swiftly. I’d heard horror stories on Twitter of the American servers taking hours to finally come up, so seeing how prompt the EU servers were was a bit shocking, especially after such a big patch. So, I opened my game, and then the squeeing commenced. The first thing was “OMG new loading screen, so cool, and nowhere near as annoying as Cynagosa.” It was quickly pointed out to me that I meant Sindragosa, and in fact, not the blue dragon from Violet Hold.. shutup. Then I ran around Thunder Bluff looking at the new achievements, “OMG so much new stuff to do!” And was then told to get the fuck to Orgrimmar. Yessir.


Then I got to Orgrimmar and “omgomgomgomgomg” happened. After the initial running around in circles getting over-excited and exploring where they put everything and how the fuck do I navigate this silly new place it took me 4 years to find my way around the old one and omg the zeppelin towers are here now and there are lifts and oh good Eitrigg’s there and there’s a cow section?! Yeah, you get the drift. After all of that, I calmed down and did the first cooking and fishing dailies. Basically, I set my hearthstone to the Valley of Wisdom, aka where the cows dwell, and decided that I’m not so fond of new Orgrimmar. Yeah, sure, it’s new and shiny. Big. And I love that you can find auction houses, banks, mailboxes and everything you might need wherever you might be, but it’s so… HORDE. I like the pretty, you see. I like the Elves, and Ashenvale, and cute little non combat pets. Orgrimmar is so black and spikey. So, you can find me where the cows dwell from now on.

New Quests

I hadn’t quite got over the “omg squee” part of the day yet, but I figured I could go out and start grabbing the new pets and make a start on the new Loremaster achievements for each different zone. To begin with, as the Singing Sunflower is brilliant, I went to Hillsbrad Foothills. The zone had always sucked before, but that pet would be- woah Tarren Mill’s a bit different! That guy’s a big elite.. some of these quests are brilliant! I hadn’t seen it yet. I went around, amazed by Stagwiches (shutup, it made me laugh), giant yetis, and big Orcish elites, then realised I was nowhere near finished. Ran around a bit and really, I have never laughed so hard at a quest in my life – hell – I don’t think I’ve ever laughed at a quest before.

Yeah, that’s right, I’m a quest giver. What of it? I’m not going to say any more, but trust me, the image above doesn’t even scratch the surface. It’s just such a hilarious quest, if you’re Horde, go do Hillsbrad if you haven’t already. If you’re Alliance, level a Horde to 20 and go do Hillsbrad. It’s my favourite new zone so far.

Arathi Highlands wasn’t too different. The same quests, really, but there’s a new quest hub that gives you all of the quests in the beginning area so you don’t have to constantly run between one end of the zone to the other, they even send you to Faldir’s Cove now. It’s not great for people looking for new content, but for levelling it’s brilliant now.

Night Elf Mage

Yeah, okay, I went with it. I think Night Elf Mages look positively awesome. And no, I’m not being a hypocrite because I never said that Cow Paladins and Priests were a lore lol I just said I wasn’t a fan.

There are two good things about Night Elf Mages for me. First, I get to be a Mage. I have always loved the class, I just keep getting distracted by other things. It’s a pretty lame sounding excuse when I made my first Mage on the first day of the Burning Crusade release and she still hasn’t made it past 60, but it’s an honest one. The second, I get to be a Night Elf. See, before this patch, I didn’t bother reading quest text. I’m a pretty slow reader and when you want to level fast and get things done quickly, reading quest text severely slows me down. So I didn’t bother, I just read what I needed to do and followed the dots. Now, however, I don’t think I could not read the text, and levelling my Night Elf through the starting zone, I’ve realised how awesome Night Elves are. Lorewise, they are my favourite race now.

I think my only real complaint so far is that the levelling experience goes too fast, even without heirlooms. My Mage is level 28, sure, with heirlooms, but even so, I’m halfway through Darkshore, haven’t touched Ashenvale or Stonetalon Mountains yet, and everytime you enter an instance you seem to just level at some kind of ungodly speed… I’ve been told that they have nerfed instance experience but I worry, is it enough? I know that a lot of people like to speed level to reach end game, but a lot of people like to enjoy the levelling process as well. With all of the new quests and instance changes and such, it would be nice to be able to enjoy it without needing to turn off experience gains to do so. That being said, I’m definitely not complaining. I just wish I had more slots for all of the alts I’ll be levelling!

This ogre isn't related to this post, he just loves to swim.

What’s your favourite part of the recent patch so far?

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  1. I’m like you, I’d like to doulble my characters slots to be able to level a bunch of new alts ! If Blizzard were selling new characters slots, I’d be ruined in no time^^

    I agree with you concerning the leveling speed. I’m leveling a baby priest gnome right now, but she doesn’t have any heirloom that give experience bonus. It’s too sad to have to kill grey mobs to do all these new quests.
    Zahia recently posted..Fail Hard Mode ICC

    1. Kadomi had a good idea actually, if you don’t mind turning off your experience to be able to do the quests without out-levelling them, that is an option ^^

  2. I’ve not done as much as I’d have liked so far, but omgsqweeeeee at what I have seen, that’s for sure! I’m looking forward to flight in azeroth, and leveling my druid to 85. I will also be rolling a worgen priest… at some point! :)
    Softi recently posted..Goodbye Old World…

    1. Mm, I wasn’t really bothered about the new races (hating Goblins more and more everytime I quest on my Nelf Mage in fact!) but Worgens are looking to be absolutely brilliant! I had thought about making my Druid a Worgen but think I’ll keep her a Nelf. Perhaps a Warlock!

  3. Without a doubt my favourite part of the new patch is SFK and Deadmines. Deadmines’ changes blew me away when I first did it. I think my jaw dropped, actually. They took a dungeon I already liked, and made me fall in love. With a silly in-dungeon story (which references the CSI: Miami sunglasses thing, which for the record made my day when I read it), revamped bosses and boss fights, and mining monkeys that are tamable by hunters, they’ve pretty much made my new favourite dungeon.

    Can’t wait for heroic. Oh and to level a hunter so I can tame a mining monkey.
    Asilwen recently posted..Basic Dungeon Etiquette

    1. Ohhh, I *definitely* have to get Fae a pick-axe-monkey sometime.. when I give up on camping Scholazar Basin for Krush and purple birdy.

      But yes, they were both epic. And the MAPS. I actually NAVIGATED Wailing Caverns. ME. What the hell!

  4. Levelling is definitely too fast. My Troll Druid went Echo Isles – Tirisfal – Silverpine – Arathi – Hinterlands – WPL- EPL – Badlands and she’s already lv 49 (that’s without doing any instances so I could ooh at quest chains). Going to have to level more characters to properly see the new world, which I suppose isn’t a bad thing.
    Just wish there weren’t lv 80 alliance mages hiding behind every tree ready to ice lance me for 3k.

    Favourite zone so far is Silverpine, which I absolutely loved. Even though or perhaps because of how bad they look, I’ve rolled a Tauren Priest too. All in all, I’m really impressed and I just wish we had a bit longer to take it all in before the scramble to 85 hits.

    1. Very true, but I suspect it won’t be too long before I head back and carry on exploring. Admittedly, I think Tauren Holy/Disc Priests don’t seem too bad.. But you can’t have those without the Shadow Cows, and *they* look silly. I’m excited enough about 80-85 and the new max level content to put all of the new levelling stuff on hold at least :)

  5. I’ve been having fun taking Alas through all the zones in EK that now have achievement points tied to them for quests that need to be completed. I only have EPL remaining and then I’ll finally get over and see Kalimdore. In the meantime, I am loving the way the quests are laid out and some of the new mechanics they’ve introduced are superb and I do want to see more!

    I just love that everything is shiny and new and different. It’s been too long since I have felt any wonder at seeing Azeroth and I hope that by taking time to appreciate and quest through each zone that the wonder will stick around for longer than a few weeks this time around.

    My only concern is that I’ll have to cut short questing through old content in Kalimdore because Tuesday is almost coming too quickly now.
    Alas recently posted..Circling back around

    1. I know exactly what you mean. I’ve told myself that the odd bit of Loremaster, hopefully I’ll reach Tuesday with an empty quest log though, and Mage levelling is fine so long as I remember that Tuesday that stops and the Priest gets levelled and focused on.

  6. I have to admit I’ve been bad.. I’ve not seen nearly as much of the changes as I’d like to. I blame lack of time and having spent the time I did have in Northrend finishing dailies for mounts and pets at the Argent Tournament.

    From what I have seen though it does all look awesome. Can’t wait to do Loremaster later seeing everything. But waiting until there’s less new players around since I don’t want to steal their kills. So I guess it’ll be once I’m happily ensconced at level 85 :)
    Saga recently posted..20 Days of… World of Warcraft Challenge – Day 5

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