First Day of Cataclysm

I did enter initial thoughts on Cataclysm as a Blog Azeroth shared topic so feel free to go see what everybody else is saying. :)

Around 1 or 2 in the afternoon yesterday, I went downstairs to watch the last episode of Merlin and wait for the hopefully arriving soon City Link van. As I went to grab a drink, guess who pulled up outside? Yeah, so I never got around to watching Merlin in the end but my Collector’s Edition arrived and my God I wasn’t prepared for how huge this thing is! I got the game (obviously), the mouse mat because I had a tiny crap little thing because I’m too stingy to pay £20 for one, and the Landro’s Gift lootcard (eeh!) which for some reason I couldn’t redeem, have opened a ticket about that but that could be a while before it’s answered, not to worry, it’s not *too* important. Anyway, so I installed the game after much squeeing, and went off to Hyjal.

Initial thoughts: Oh my God it’s pretty and there’s Ysera oh my God and the faerie dragons and the flying and the – I’ll stop there, that could go on for a while really. I was going to go to Vashj’ir first but as Hyjal has Guardians of Hyjal rep, which is where I’ll be getting my helm enchant from, I went over there. After completing the zone (and oh my God, if you haven’t yet – DO IT! So much lore, the last few quests are amazing) I was a little bit into revered, I’ll keep the tabard on until exalted just to get the reduced price on the helm enchant but the quests really are a nice big rep boost. And did anybody else find themselves doing this?


We did a Blackrock Caverns, which is pretty cool, reminds me a bit of Forge of Souls and I love Beauty’s pups. We also did a Throne of the Tides which had a Slave Pens feel to it, I thought. Both were good, but I can see them getting repetitive after a while no doubt.

After I’d finished in Hyjal, I decided to run around and get instance entrance discoveries. I didn’t bother with Grim Batol yet, but I grabbed The Stonecore and the 3 in Uldum and I had a fly around Uldum. Oh. My. God. Uldum is amazing. It’s big, and epic looking, and well designed. It’s also the next rep I’ll be going for, so I can’t wait to start there, but once I’d finally found The Vortex Pinnacle I headed back to Deepholm to quest there, because at this point I was only 82. Still am in fact so time for an abrupt end to a blog post.

Where did you start? Anything that has stood out in your mind?

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  1. First thing I did was Archaeology, got my realm first achievement for that. It also helped my leveling too, since doing it to 525 got me to level 83, so I have skipped Hyjal for now and now I’m in Deepholme.

    Mostly I love the new dungeons. They’re really good, they don’t seem that amazing though, yet. Throne of Tides was different, the last boss fight confused my group… in a really funny way xD.

    About your gift box: When you copy and paste the code to Landro, click on any part of the code that you just put into his box, then hold the left arrow and make your little text cursor scroll over until the very beginning. Then hit enter. That’s how you have to do it with copy/pasta. Hope that helps =).
    Asilwen recently posted..You should be Cataclysming

    1. I remembered today that when I did Throne of the Tides I Shadow Word:Deathed on the last boss… You can guess what happened there xD

      Deepholm is brilliant, I’m working through there at the moment, should be finished soonish and then off to Uldum.

      Ooh, thanks, I’ll give that a go when I get to 85 :) Hope it works.

    2. Didn’t work, still getting “couldn’t validate code” :< *cough* turns out I was going after ‘pet box’ and not ‘gift box’. Wasn’t aware there was a difference! Sorted :P

  2. The gift box code needs redeeming at the WOW TCG loot page ( You have to specify the realm you want it redeeming on.

    From there you get a code which you have to type in at Landro. At Landro you have to make sure you pick the right part – it’s Wrathgate, Landro’s Gift. (I cut a pasted my code).

    If you get it wrong you can go back to the redemption page and get it again.

    I got a stack of path of cenarius :) Pretty.
    Sephrenia recently posted..So much Squeeeeeee

    1. Nah, see, I did that, copy and pasted the code directly from the page twice, then wrote the code in, but it was giving me an error, so it’s pretty bugged for me.

      Grats :D

    1. I’ve always always wanted to go to Hyjal the zone since the raid. Always. Perhaps even back in vanilla when people were trying to wall hack in, though I wasn’t into wall hacking, just wanted the zone open because it bugged me that it wasn’t there :p

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