13 thoughts on “Ding Ingame”

  1. Grats to you!!

    It’s unfortunate that the xpac dropped just as I was getting really busy.. I’ve only been able to snatch time here and there so far. Oh well, no rush :)
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  2. Congratulations!

    I reached 85 last night myself. I know exactly where you’re coming from! I managed to level my Herbialism in Deepholm before they nerfed the spawns of herbs. Alchemy on the other had is going to be a nightmare! 1 potion is 4 herbs all requiring 8 of each herb + 15 volatile life’s. For 1 Freakin’ potion!!!!! Anyways, I’ve been doing randoms to gear up, in between randoms I’m flying around trying to get the hand of this Archeology thing. Have fun with all the post-85 stuff.

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  3. Congratulations!

    Still a ways off myself, and this weekend of work certainly isn’t helping things, but ah well.

    At least when I go back it’ll be to a veritable mountain of rest xp. :)
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    1. Thanks. Hehe, I decided to wait for dailies and professions ^^ Did cooking and fishing but I wish in Org anyway and they give so damn good experience. My Enchanting was already at 460. Got it to 470 one day, then realised I needed 475 for the later greens so got the last 5 levels quickly, now I need 500 before the instance farm starts, but glad I got to 85 first methinks.

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