The (Possibly) Beginning of the End

How do I begin this one. Well, for starters, I’m seeing people left, right, and centre deciding that WoW just isn’t fun anymore, so they quit or cut down their playing time severely. I want to look at the reasons why. A lot of us have become a group of people who equally love Cataclysm for how well designed it is, but for some reason, we can’t get past how suddenly bored we became after just a month or two.

Wrath Killed Our Spirit

You can’t deny that Wrath of the Lich King was a bit of a spirit killer. Everything was so easy, handed to us on a platter, that it very, very quickly became boring. A lot of us ignored that, got into PvP, levelling alts, playing the Auction House, checking out other servers, trying RP, anything just to find some fun in the game again. A lot of us managed to, a lot of us didn’t, and those who didn’t quit, perhaps coming back for Cataclysm. But in the process, our spirits were definitely slaughtered and left to die, leaving just this one little spark of hope that Cataclysm was just around the corner and didn’t it look amazing? Many of us were relying on Cataclysm to bring the fun back to WoW. And rightly so, it really should have.

Linearity Sought to Squash The Hope

The quests in Cataclysm, while they are absolutely fantastic – they really did make you feel as though your character was important, and there are some great storylines to follow, and it’s not all about “kill 10 boars, bring me their ears” and then toddling off to bring back boar heads after 50 kills and much rage about why the fuck don’t boars all have ears – but it’s not enough. We’ve levelled our mains to 85, perhaps gone back and completed Loremaster of Cataclysm, and then just.. meh. Some of us managed to level other alts, some of us couldn’t bear the thought of doing the exact same quests again so soon. However, the questing wasn’t exactly the deciding factor, it was a large part of it, but at this point we still had these new hard heroics and raids and Archaeology to look forward to.

Heroics Are Fun, But Only With The Right People (Who Can’t Always Be Online And Up For It)

Hard heroics were a great idea, for some of us they still are with the right group of people, but you can’t pug them and enjoy them. I’m not saying that they aren’t doable in a pug, I am saying that they aren’t enjoyable, if they are, it’s so rare it’s hardly worth looking for. It’s all of the people running about with the Wrath mindset that has completely spoiled pugging, not that pugging has ever been seen as a good thing. There are still elitist fucks running around in LFD, calling people names needlessly, insulting people for not doing something right, breaking any CC that might be up, trying to AoE everything down, that kind of thing, being generally angry and unpleasant to be around – except you can’t get away with it now. LFD has become worse than it was in Wrath. At least back when everything was AoE’d down in 10 minutes you didn’t have to talk to the twats who would belittle you for simply breathing funny. It wasn’t so fun, but it didn’t make us want to tear our hair out quite so much.

The Mould Simply Wasn’t Broken

Yeah, I’ve mentioned this before but from a personal perspective rather than a general one. The fact is that it wasn’t. We’ve tried Archaology, and raiding, and PvP, and all the usual suspects, but what’s different about any of it? Everything is a grind. Who wants to spend their gametime just constantly grinding and banging their heads against the keyboards? A few, sure, but not many. Fair enough if you can do it with friends and have a laugh while you do, but that’s not always the case. At least in Wrath, as much as it sucked towards the end, the mould was attemptedly broken. We had achievement points to play with – giving us new reasons to do a boss a little bit differently (and sure, grind), and vehicle fights, as much as a lot of people hated those, they were different, Blizzard attempted something new and that was good. What did we get this time? A few minigames and a pile of cutscenes, which in Uldum get so ridiculous you find yourself screaming for it all to just stop already. Blizzard have redone our levelling experience and made things a little more challenging, and it was fun for a couple of months, but what now?

Is This It Then?

Is World of Warcraft reaching the end of its’ cycle? People are quitting without really much reason. Sure, it’s boring, for all of the reasons I said above and then some, but a lot of people will tell you that Cataclysm is great, it’s just not for them. And sure, a lot of people are still having fun, especially people who started playing in Wrath. But it’s there, the apathy. Have we finally found a WoW-killer?

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  1. I don’t know how it is for others, and what their reasoning may be for quitting – although I do understand the healers’ point of view – but I can’t. I think about it almost every day.

    I think for me it’s because of the choices available and the path that you NEED to be on in order to be competitive. I have a Shaman for PvE purposes and a lock for PvP. Both characters need to be geared appropriately, and, RNG factor not considdered, this eats up a lot of time (you need to keep doing that daily random for the Valor Points otherwise you start being behind gearwise as far as progression raiding goes; you also need to to a metric ton of battlegrounds on top of arenas and rated BGs for the honor to grab all the PvP gear needed). I’m not disagreeing with gearing requiring work for a change, it’s quite refreshing actually, but there are other things I’d rather do in the game. And I resent the way things are (described above).

    I’d love to be able to just start a new character to take through the new story, both Alliance and Horde side. I’d love to have the time to revisit the old content (think MC, BWL, AQ), to just have a good time.

    To me at least, playing now feels like a job. I don’t want to be the reason we’re lagging behind on progression and the reason my 3v3 team is loosing. I have to do the gear grind but… it’s not what I really want to do. Sure, you’ll say, pick one and stick with it, but it’s just not that easy.

    Plus the asshattery seems to have reached all new levels everywhere. I can honestly say that I’ve only had 2 good LFG PuGs and I’ve done several a day since the Friday after the Cataclysm launch, on 2 characters.

    1. Yeah, that’s why I quit raiding in Wrath actually. Got tired of having to keep ahead with class research, and knowing what gear I needed to get, etc. It’s so much time and effort, and it does become like a chore, or a job. Back then I just did my achievements, levelled alts, the stuff that didn’t require background research, but ya know, now it’s the same thing all over again. I agree with you completely. That probably is what’s killed the game for me, in the long run.

  2. Seems like I’m not the only one that has kinda gotten bored then… I’ve been living in Azeroth for about 6 years and thought that some changes in scenaries would give me a boost in morale…

    But it seems Cataclysm killed off most of the healers due to the fact most people playing them don’t like it anymore (I guess they are to gear dependent). This for me has kind of made it all boring to me as an officer in a guild that really wants to raid but have to many members and to little healers (which I bet the author of this blog would agree with me on).

    But back to the subject of WoW dying… I don’t think it will die out if the old school players finds other hunting grounds as there is at least 2-3 new players for each one quitting. There are more than enough attention whores taking the spotlight for it to even be noticed by most people playing. I guess the only ones noticing oldies stopping is the remaining oldies…

    I’m probably gonna miss the game if I quit totally.. but I’m hoping that if I jump over to Rift or Diablo 3 when they come out that at least some of the guildies or familiar faces do the same so you keep the social circle because in all honesty that’s the part that makes it hard to quit wow. Not the game.
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  3. There’s a lengthy thread on this “oldbies getting fed up” thing on the official WoW boards, too. Some interesting feedback.

    Here’s my 2 cents. As much as I hate calling myself “new” to WoW (Played WoW for at least a year now, starting with when Wrath came out, gave it a break, started again before Cata, was released, left, and am back again now), I suppose I’d be considered one, seeing I don’t even have some of the most basic things down (never levelled a profession to max, for example), and haven’t ever raided, don’t intend to either, seeing I consider myself a casual player, and have no intentions of being bound to some schedule, even if it’s only a once-a-week thing.)

    I can well imagine it all being OZ to someone who’s been playing this for 3-6 years, and for whom most aspects of the game seem native, but let me tell you what, it’s DAMN hard to get your head around this extremely expansive and complex game as a newbie, and even as a player of one year. I invested more time in reading strategy guides than I did in my university work (got my degree just fine though, with good grades. Which showed me that getting a university degree is apparently easier and requires less time than learning to play WoW to the satisfaction of some regs and jerks.) – That realisation was pretty much what stopped me playing the second time around.

    After all the effort I put into learning things, I had an idea, but I was still somewhere between mediocre and quasi-decent. Isn’t only me, apparently there’s players who’ve been playing for years, and are still being called “noobs” on a frequent basis… so hey if they wanna make things easier, go ahead. So what if some jaded oldbies quit, I’m pretty sure 2 new players replace every old one who’s leaving.

    I don’t see why oldbies getting bored of the game means it’s dying. Kind of pretentious statement, to see yourselves as the center of the WoW universe without whom the game is screwed. Have figures to back that up? Methinks more people play WoW today than ever before, and the game could easily stomach a good bit of regs leaving, could probably keep on existing on the userbase that signed up within the last 3 years alone. Actually, the whole motif of the game would seem boring to me, if I’d played it for upwards of 4 years, regardless of what expansions they came out with.
    Maybe it’s just oldbies realising they don’t own the game anymore.

    As for the raiding by the seat of your pants thing… sounds great to me, actually. I don’t like things all planned out, and I’d rather wipe a few times than being yelled at for not having memorised every single boss and trash and nook and crevice of some bleeding dungeon. (If I want to play something akin to a pre-planned spreadsheet, I’ll go play EVE online, thanks very much. ) I’m scared of players who play too well, because they’re the ones who are the most likely to criticise various minor imperfections, that in my opinion, everyone who isn’t raiding is more than entitled to have. What if being the essence of perfection isn’t on your to-do list in WoW? What if you just want to be the best you can be *without* reading tons of stuff on the internet about how to become better?

    I also think it’s funny how people expect you to have a well of knowledge about a lot of in-game things, that, if you levelled normally, and followed the questline as well as doing normal mode dungeons casually, you would have no single way of knowing., nor would you need to know. It’s like they almost expect you to read a lot when you’re not playing. Not the game’s fault, that’s more a userbase problem, and pretty much a major reason why I avoid the “srsbsns” areas of the game (raiding and arena combat). Heroics are also increasingly getting piss orgies, which is why I’ll probably start to avoid them, too, from now on. Who needs lvl 350+ gear anyway, if you’re not going to raid. Few people care on regular mode, as long as you don’t ninja a piece of loot, or pull a mob by mistake, causing a wipe, neither of which I ever do, incidentally.

    On a final note, I totally agree with you on the impatience problem. People rush to the top, only to be bored, and rush to the top with an alt. The journey’s the goal, ffs! Wish more people knew how to take their time, and relax a bit more. So what if it takes longer to finish the game? Are you so sick of it you want to finish it as fast as you can? If yes, why are you even playing? People don’t take time to read the quests anymore, or enjoy any of the funny and articulate parts of the game, for some, it’s all about HL purples, and then moaning about gear becoming useless after the new expansion. Some people need to learn that it’s not supposed to be about gear, it’s only a means to enjoying more of the content, which nobody ever seems to take the time to do anyway, judging by the behaviour of players I see around me.

    For me, a big part of a RPG is the story, falling in love with your character as you progress, thinking up lore-inspired stories… too bad so many others see their toon as a gear grinding tool and couldn’t care less about the lore bit. Is this what WoW was meant to be?

    1. I agree with you, on most levels, though I don’t think that if people enjoy theorycrafting and spending time perfecting their characters that they shouldn’t be allowed to do that, it is a game in which you can do many things and that’s just one of them. Not for us, and sadly, the perfectionists seem to be in the majority when you want to raid or pug heroics. I don’t like to spend too much time working on being a good player, it’s nice to know your way around, but I don’t want to spend hours trying to find one tiny number to work out if mastery is better than haste or not. It’s just constant pressure to do well and yes, I’ve been there, and man does it burn you the fuck out. It’s not a game at that point, it’s a chore, and they’re the moments that had me quit raiding and cut down my playing time.

      I don’t have figures, no, I have what I’ve seen. Perhaps it’s not the end, never said it was definitely, just a vague idea. And I wouldn’t call the older players jaded either. That’s a very unfair way to generalise people.

      Some people enjoy this game to raid and improve their dps/healing/tanking, to raid with friends, gear up a little to progress. Some people like the lore, and will play on RP servers to be able to play around with the story a bit. Some like PvP. Some like to make gold. There is no one way to play the game. Sadly, when you’ve tried everything and there isn’t anything especially new, there isn’t much else to do and when on some level you still love the game and would prefer not to quit yet, it’s not especially fun.

      1. Just a little note by the side – I used the word jaded because a lot of oldbies on the wow forums in the thread I alluded to in my comment described themselves as jaded, I didn’t mean it to come off as a generalisation, I know there’s still people who enjoy the game as much / almost as much as they did on day one, and I respect that.

    2. Very interesting reply, very glad I came across this! I love alot of the points you make …but I strongly disagree with your conclusions on things :) Which is well and good …I enjoy a good, hearty conversation about things like this.

      I have been playing wow since the beginning. I won’t rehash my history, as any of you can read about it on my blog. But I do want to offer a counter opinion on a few things:
      I don’t see why oldbies getting bored of the game means it’s dying. Kind of pretentious statement, to see yourselves as the center of the WoW universe without whom the game is screwed. Have figures to back that up? Methinks more people play WoW today than ever before, and the game could easily stomach a good bit of regs leaving, could probably keep on existing on the userbase that signed up within the last 3 years alone. Actually, the whole motif of the game would seem boring to me, if I’d played it for upwards of 4 years, regardless of what expansions they came out with.
      Maybe it’s just oldbies realising they don’t own the game anymore.[/qoute]

      I dont think its pretentious (at least on balance) that players assume the game is dying when the old heads start walking out. Though it depends GREATLY on the reasons they leave, having the core of your gaming community walk out is a devastating thing in some cases for the community. Like it or not, an important and key aspect of the gameplay is having things to aspire to, and the old players give plenty of this. They are usually the most knowledgeable, have been progressive and casual at points in their gaming career, and (*because* they are oldbies) they fundamentally understand the importance of community. Some call this an over-inflated sense of self-importance, but that does not erase the fact that community is usually very close at heart in these players. Hence they are usually the ones complaining about how bad the community has become.

      I am in no way parting to myself any high status because I have played over the years. Rather I am arguing that I bring something to the community and playerbase that is valued; it is the reason EJ persists, the reason FOH persists, the reason all these old veterans are looked to for information. They are the reason for the Wowheads and the Wowwikis. To deny them the role of uniquely important members of the community is give the game the sole credit for its greatness. And thats just fundamentally false.

      Disclaimer: I am NOT advocating in any way that veterans are “special snowflakes”, but I do acknowledge the role they have played in building this thing up so that the rest of us can have the game we do today.

      That you admit having read more strategy guides than spent time actually playing highlights this fact. There are players who use the resources of the community and there are those who build the resources. There is no good, gooderer, or bestest side of this equation: both are what make the community function and both are important.

      Late comers to the game are also a key component of the game; they are the ONLY way that things stay fresh. Old communities stagnate and will not grow if new blood isn’t brought into the equation. Both groups are very important. I would not cheer the disappearance of either group, but nor would I pretend it’s not a sign of bad things to come for the community if it happens on a consistent basis.
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  4. The questing is the absolute worst of all the changes and changing even the old content to the “follow the story line and you can not deviate” format has killed all desire I have to level an alt.

    Add to that giving us achievements for every little thing we do while questing, those are not achievements any more. They are just something telling you that you finished the zone.

    I loved the hard heroics when I was learning them. Now that I have done them donzens of times I yearn for the days of 15 minutes LK dungeons. I miss them so very much.

    I am sick and tired of being in runs that I am doing 46% of the total DPS because 85s in all 346 gear can’t seem to pull more then 5K DPS.

    I am sick of not being able to heal anything effectively because I spend more time healing people that refused to move then I do the tank.

    I am sick and tired of tanking for people that would not know what a skull means if you tattooed it to their forehead.

    Hard heroics where a good idea. This player base can not handle it however.

    Cataclysm is the beginning of the end.

    While I do agree LK was too easy they should have moved the skill level up slowly and made things a little harder they went way to hard and moved it from harder heroics to mini raids. Pugs can not do mini raids.

    I could list a dozen things they did wrong in this expansion so far but they really only made one mistake with this expansion. Releasing it.

    The game still has one thing going for it however. The friends I’ve made in it. If I were a loner type player I would have quit already, just like many people already have.

    It is amazing that the one thing that keeps me and many other players playing has nothing what so ever to do with anything blizzard added to the game.

    Or does it? Some of these people play because they liked it easy like it was in LK.

    As for a wow killer, check out rift when it comes out. It’s timing could not be better. It is very much like wow but it is fresh and somewhat different. If it can pick up all these disgruntled wow players a killer will be created.

    1. I don’t think Rift will be a WoW-killer, I predict that it will pick up the disgruntled bored WoW players, a few that want to try something new, and of course the others who enjoy new MMOs, it will have a surge for a couple of months until the majority realise that it’s basically, again, recycled content which is precisely what they were trying to get away from. It does look an interesting game, I’ve looked into it a little, but I think it’ll be another Aion.

      I also don’t think this was a bad expansion, I just don’t think it was enough. There are a heck of a lot of people still loving the game and I’m honestly quite jealous because I’d love to keep playing, I love the social aspect of the game and how much you can do with a group of friends/guildies, but at the moment my will to play comes in waves. When I feel like it, I play. When I don’t, I don’t. Shame it’s come to this, though. :(

  5. Yay post!

    …Even if the subject isn’t the happiest. :P

    I think you know that I’ve been hit with the ‘meh’ bug as well. But I’m perhaps not the best baseline for it, since I meh in and out of WoW a lot.

    I was hoping that Cataclysm would be the magic bullet for me — because I was heading toward needing a break right before it came out — and to an extent it was. Except.. Perhaps less bullet, and more a temporary-effect tranquiliser dart. Er, except also less tranq and more Yay-dart. Um. It probably had drugs in it.

    This analogy is totally running away from me. Anyway. It worked for a while. I actually honestly did enjoy the leveling process on my druid; I loved the difficulty of the heroics when I was getting druid geared and ready to raid as well…

    But I have no desire to do that all again. I thought I would. I even tried on my Warrior a bit — he’s almost 83 — but it just wasn’t there.

    I still login to raid, and for the most part, I like it.

    But when I’m not raiding I’m either writing or playing something else entirely. Divinity 2: Ego Draconis and NWN 2: Mask of the Betrayer most recently.

    I wouldn’t quite call this the end of WoW or anything as dramatic as that; not even if I was speaking just on a personal level.

    For all my disatisfaction with aspects of WoW, for now and the forseeable future I think it is my ‘Home’ MMO and it hasn’t quite worn out yet.

    That isn’t to say it won’t ever. Asheron’s Call 1 used to be my ‘home’ MMO. I played it for something like 3-years straight, and then another few on-again-off-again.

    It’s only relatively recently I’ve decided I have no desire to ever go back there in a serious manner. WoW will reach that point someday. It will.

    I just don’t think we’re quite there yet. I think if anything my need for a break that I was going through at the end of Wrath is simply begging for attention again. So I’ve been trying to answer it without leaving my raid team entirely in the lurch. xD
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  6. To be honest I think I agree with Jen – it’s massively over exaggerated.
    There are certainly some people stopping playing WoW. Is this more than any other expansion? Unlikely.

    The only difference is people are more vocal about it. People like to complain about the state of the game because it’s human nature to enjoy whinging. People (and I use that as a generic term to include those quitting and those not, those that QQ about class nerfs on the forums and those that positively write about their experiences) are simply more vocal now – being more vocal means you hear about more people leaving the game, complaining about the game, etc etc. There are more outlets for this! The official forums, blogs, twitter, tumblr, facebook, etc etc etc.

    WoW is nowhere near as grindy as a lot of games. But at the same time – how could you expect this “epic grind” to be any different? The format was guaranteed to be the same: -> quest til max level -> do professions -> gear up -> raid -> raid next tier , etc etc etc. There can’t have been any expectation that anything other than that was going to happen, because that’s the way the game is. That’s what the game is about.

    Cataclysm has definitely, definitely not been a WoW killer – for every person that complains and then quits, there is another eager new player to take their place.
    And I know I’d rather have eager & new than miserable & jaded.
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    1. I fear you have missed the point of this post.

      The point of this post is simple, Cataclysm is a good game and a good expansion, sadly WoW as a concept is getting old and people who have played for a while Feels its in no way or form enough of a change to warrant more years of play. 6 years playing a game is still 6 years of the same game, while you can vary your time well, it still gets boring in the end. A recent revist to a game like PSO, one I pumped far too many hours into back when the Dreamcast was still here is on my top 5 list as one of the best and most important games in MMO history, yet a recent play made me trun off the Gamecube in hardly 10 mins.

      Good games get boring if you play them too much. Cata is a hyper polished WoW, its the perfect version of wow, the quests are the best yet combat is down perfectly by now, the raids are great if bugged up the anus, there’s no silly cock blocks just skill blocks.

      But, in the end its a well polished version of a 6 year old game. A 6 year old game people are simply getting bored of regardless of what polish they do, I can’t say I blame them, a change when they have titan in the works would have been a silly waste, since its such a cash cow the way it is.

      “But at the same time – how could you expect this “epic grind” to be any different?”
      Thats the point, a reinvention was needed, they needed to do something new and break the mold, they didn’t, they just made the latest cast Shiny.

      The fact for me is, while i enjoyed doing the raids, the dungeons and the quests, I don’t really want to do it again, levelling my first alt was a boring affair and nowhere near as fun as my first toon. That is a sign that personally, the end is nigh.

      In the end, A new player may join in the place of an older one, but that doesn’t change the fact people are getting bored of the game, its an old game, people are just getting bored. This post is just listing why, Why older players are bored. Lessening your gameplay will not effect this at all, if your bored you’re bored. Its not completely blizzards fault. Wrath helped a hell of a lot, if TBC had lead to something as good as Cata they might have gotten a few more years out of it. But there we are.

      And one last thing, I’m sorry, “And I know I’d rather have eager & new than miserable & jaded.” but what about this was Jaded? she’s stating the reasons why she’s quitting? Blizzard games are good because they listen to there fans and change accordingly. Do you think anything good has come from perfect “OH THIS IS SO GREAT”, no, if they see people legitimately criticising about something they know its not going well and change accordingly this is the back bone to any consumer driven game. Look at the main changes in cata from wrath? Difficulty and the ease you gear? these come from people making good well reasoned complaints and critique about things, not always looking to the good. As much as the wow forums are full of idiots, the few good posts are what made cata what it was, a Good game. Probably the best most well implemented expansion of any IP, people sticking there head in the sands and ignoring the faults to keep positive changed nothing.

      There is a reason why when you unsub, they ask you to explane why, its so they can learn.

      Oh well.
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  7. I can see what you’re saying, and while none of my friends have quit I can definitely sense that some are a bit bored. I suspect once raiding gets into more of a full swing it might get better, but the non-raiding days it’s still a bit slow – but maybe that means we can have other things to do those nights (not WoW related).

    I don’t know if that would help though, but I guess we’ll have to wait and see.
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  8. Great post, in fact I am in the middle of writing an article as well regarding the ups and downs of the people you get when you PUG. The difficulty is nice, but you are right, only with the right people, else its really just a nightmare.

    I think Blizzard needs to do something, and fast because the while the difficulty is nice, I too see people burning out faster than ever. Right now the people burning out the fastest are actually healers, they seem to have the hardest time right now
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    1. I’m not sure it’s specifically the difficulty and more the lack of variety. When you constantly do the same things over and over, it does put you off. But indeed, it’s pretty crazy.

  9. Great post! This has some excellent points and has provided some delicious food for thought for a blog post of my own that has been rolling around in my head for a week or so.

    I wonder though if the players at large who are feeling this way have either out grown WoW and are ready to move onto something different or have perhaps “jumped ship” before we see the next big patch that brings new dungeons and raids (and possibly more grinds).
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    1. I’m betting on the out grown option. Most of the people I’ve spoken to about it have played for several years – I don’t know if everybody who’s growing tired has been playing for so long, but really there isn’t anything “wrong” with Cataclysm as such, just that it’s more of the same.

  10. Some days are like this. Other days we have fun beginning to raid. I do have to admit that I am less frothing at the mouth, though, to log in after work every night. I’ve been known to skip a daily heroic if the one the night before was 4 freaking hours long. Thank you Grim Batol for that beating…..

    I feel like in some ways that Blizzard is saying…hey everything is hard again. Thanks, duh. I knew that would be the case when my sanctified tier got replaced that easily.

    Pugs. I don’t do them. I’ve had guildies do them with mixed results. I need to know the tank will not WotLK pull a mob.

    Wouldn’t’ it be nice to have a model where we start with moderate raid content and THEN it gets harder? Same with Heroics? Release 5 moderately hard ones, let us get our skills up with the new specs/talents/mana, then release them in incrementally more challenging content with better rewards?

    I wonder if this product, WoW, is considered end of life due to what they will bring out next? I have to wonder if they design plans for this in hopes we will latch onto the next new thing. Hmmm.
    Ttrinity recently posted..Let’s play Cataclysm Wheel of Fortune-5 man heroic style!

    1. I’ve read a blog post recently, actually, that talked about the learning curve in WoW. They’ve been making levelling easier and easier for years, but now in Cataclysm, it basically leads you by the hand through the content, telling you exactly where to go, and then you get to level 85, and after everything being so easy (though I do disagree a little, the 80-85 mobs hit damn hard, though linear, I wouldn’t say easy), you do a few normals, not so bad, and then heroics and the curve becomes more of an incline. I agree to some extent, though I’ve already stated where I don’t, and also, after a couple of months, most people know what they’re doing/are geared up enough for heroics to be a bit easier than they were right at the beginning. Either way, the learning curve has become a bit strange.

  11. I just had this conversation with some guildies last night.
    What do I do on off raid nights? Log on, run my heroic random, do my cooking/ fishing dailies, maybe do my Tol Barad dailies if I have a friend willing to help out…and then what?

    Honestly, I miss being able to raid more. I’d rather raid more on my one really well geared toon, than have to totally gear out (and redo all the same questlines) on a separate toon.

    Not sure if that’s the only cause of my general dissatisfaction, but I have a feeling it’s a contributing factor.
    Janyaa recently posted..Conversation with My Level 1 Self

    1. Yup, that’s about where I’ve been. Repetitive task after repetitive task, and it’s not even anything new, it’s just that I’d like the nice rewards, and nothing else is much more appealing. For me, I think it’s just 4 or 5 years of playing and I’m fed up of it now. Though I’ve noticed it’s hitting quite a lot of people.

  12. In short: no. I think this is greatly exaggerated. SOME people quitting WoW doesn’t equal a LOT of people quitting WoW. It’s all anecdotal – you might know a few who got bored, I only know people who are back and loving it. Overall, I don’t think we have a trend, in either direction.

    (From a personal point of view, it’s the same for me as Wrath was – fun! In a different way, of course, but still fun. And I’m one of those rare ones who actually enjoys pugging heroics… not all of them, but most.)
    Jen recently posted..One month of Cataclysm

    1. I’ve played through 3 expansion beginnings now. I have never seen a trend of this many people quitting so soon like this before. Just because the people you know aren’t quitting, doesn’t mean it isn’t happening. It’s not just people I know, it’s people on forums, on Twitter, various bloggers, not necessarily quitting, but getting the “meh” bug. It seems weird to me.

      1. I don’t know. I’ve been reading those blogs and the comments above… and I don’t see anything new. Yes, people are getting bored because they’re been playing for years… but on the other hand, some of those record-breaking sales must come from new players, don’t they? I’m sure there’s some (a lot maybe) people who are bored and/or quitting, but I still think we can’t extrapolate that.

        Personally, I wasn’t *excited* for Cataclysm itself (mostly because the new amazing world was delivered before it), but I don’t find myself bored either. The grind is the same, TBC heroics felt harder honestly, and the raids are definitely more challenging than the faceroll that Naxx was.

        I only wish we had more leveling paths to take to 85. Having to do the same zone on a ton of alts kills the fun very, very fast.
        Jen recently posted..One month of Cataclysm

        1. Well the boredom comes after the sales, so yes, definitely. A lot of people came back to the game, and hell, some of those are still around and loving it. And no, it isn’t anything new, didn’t say the grind was different, or heroics were too hard, or raids for that matter, just that there seem to be a lot of people quitting fairly fast and the reasons I personally can see to be responsible for that. Some people love the new quest system, some people hate it. It’s all down to personal experience and opinion at the end of the day :)

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