I’m bored of my Priest. I don’t want to reroll, I’ve done way too much with the character to just drop it. It isn’t the achievements so much, it’s the mounts and pets and all of the help I’ve had getting to the point she’s at. But I’m bored of her and I don’t enjoy healing enough. I’ve been pottering around with my alts – levelling the Hunter here and there doing instances with the other half on his Goblin and playing around a bit with Soupdragon, who is another character I’m quite attached to, my Night Elf Death Knight on another server – and it made me realise that I enjoy Death Knight dps a lot more than I do Shadow dps, which isn’t so much enjoyable any more as it is comfortable. The trouble with my Death Knight is that she is on a server on which I don’t really know anybody so I thought it might be an idea to level the Death Knight on my main server instead.

This Death Knight, who happens to be yet another Blood Elf, is actually older than Soup but at the time I decided I’d try out the Alliance side quests on a PvE server and play around a bit. Kalithe, the Blood Elf, has come close to being deleted a few times but I’m kinda glad I didn’t now. She still had some leather/mail gear equipped, her talents were blank, her glyphs were out of whack, needed to send over heirlooms from 4 different characters, train things and tidy up her bar set up a bit, but I didn’t have to do Outlands again!

I did a fair few instances when I got around to playing her yesterday, nothing that really stuck in memory at first. Bad tanks, average groups, the usual silence. And I’d been selecting instances I needed rather than letting it random me in Old Kingdom/Azjol Nerub over and over.. which it does. So when I got a Drak’tharon I was pretty happy, and when I saw the Orc Hunter wearing a pink dress, naturally, I took a screenshot.┬áThe group was very nice, and despite the Hunter deciding to tame a raptor that you can much easier get from Outland and parts of The Barrens, we let him tame a silly raptor and had a joke about the name and it was all very nice.

Then I got Drak’tharon again. I was running around with my Windrider Cub out because he’s adorable and the Enhancement Shaman whispered me asking where it’s from. I always find it quite nice when people notice something small like that and point it out or ask about it, just a moment of recognition from other players. So we kept on. The tank was good, the healer was good, the Warlock confused me with his big purple circles on the floor (I kept moving out of them), and the dps Shaman was fairly chatty. The instance was finished in no time. Painless and fun. So somebody asked if we wanted to do some more and well, why not.

This is the point in which I had to endure randoms, but it was experience and fun with a friendly group, which are pretty rare so I wasn’t going to complain when we got Azjol Nerub followed by Old Kingdom (what’d I tell ya?). I had only planned to do the one more after Drak’tharon but these runs were taking maybe 10 minutes and they were genuinely fun. The thing that got me thinking was when the Shaman said, “You know what gets me? After this, I’ll probably never run with you guys again.” Awww. It made me think, yet again, about the idea of some kind of cross-server preference list. I’m not sure how it’d work really. Similar to an ignore list, I suppose, except you could add people that you enjoyed playing with and if you were queuing at the same time, perhaps it could do its best to put you together in future. Bit of a weak idea, but we already have Real ID so I wouldn’t expect a cross-server friends list. Not only would it not happen, but even if it did somehow you’d have to pay for it of course. It is sad that I’ll never group with them again, but I’m also glad. After several terrible pugs that really put me in a bad mood over the weekend, it was like a breath of fresh air to group with a bunch of nice, competent, chatty and funny people. So okay, maybe it wasn’t the “nicest” pug I’ve ever had, but it was up there, and it was definitely the nicest pug I’ve had in the past couple of weeks since I came back.

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  1. A preference list would be fantastic but not sure how they would implement it. They say that anyone on your ignore list will not be grouped with you so maybe they could make it that anyone on your friends list will always group with you if they are in queue at the same time. If they do ever implement something like that they really need to expand both lists.

    I’ve had a few groups like that while leveling, we bang out three of four runs and say it was nice running with you, have a nice life and never see each other again. It is the game by design really.

    BTW: I know about the warlock thing and I still always move from it. Habit I guess.
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    1. Yeah I don’t know either, suppose it’s “too complicated”. Ah well, resigned myself a long time ago to the lack of a cross server friends list of any variety ^^

      And I know!! Still, good habit to be in I guess.

    1. Yeah… except I’m heavily against the fact that not only do you have to add these people to your real id in order to group with them in the future (I’m not giving out my personal details to any random pug member..) but then you, or somebody else, has to pay for it?! Very uncool. Things like this should not be premium.

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