Fantasmical Friday #3

Well this week has been a little.. different. Well.. I say different.. it really hasn’t. I spent a lot of it gearing up my Death Knight. I did some normal dungeons until she could enter heroics, I did some heroics, I finished the Deepholm quests and I’ve been doing dailies. I’ve also been making a fair bit of gold which isn’t necessarily relevant, but it did take up a chunk of time. When it came down to it, I’ve really, really enjoyed playing my Death Knight this past week and I did get very lucky while in Deepholm. (Hooray and squee!)

The trouble is, the guys in the guild invited a friend of theirs who also happens to be a Death Knight, as does my friend, and with a 10 man group and 3 Death Knights? It’s very unreasonable for me to think I might possibly not cause issues by wanting to raid on my Death Knight. The problem is, Death Knight is currently my favourite class. I really do love it, and I’m incredibly bored of casters right now, especially Shadow Priest, and I’m not at all interested in healing or tanking. ((I have a history of panic attacks when it comes to those roles so I just avoid them these days aside from the odd bit of healing while I’m levelling up.)) So trying to roll a melee is a problem, the guild desperately doesn’t need melee, and I desperately don’t want to play a caster, so what does that leave? Hunter, of course. The move will be expensive as she will need a faction change and a server transfer, and we’re going to have to do it in bits, but it will be nice to have some previously farmed mounts/pets/achievements, rather than starting from scratch, and be playing a class that’s both needed and I can stand to play. Even with the Hunter becoming my main again, I still prefer the Death Knight and she will definitely be a main alt, or a second main. I will do the Firelands dailies on both characters, however insane it will make me, and I’ll probably slowly work on my Death Knight’s pet collection as well as Fae’s because I’m just that crazy. But Fae will again be my achievement hunter, and main pet and mount collector. She will finally have the name Fae back (big yay!), and as I have soo many Blood Elves and aren’t a big fan of playing Tauren, Trolls, Orcs, or Undead, plus because they kick ass, she will more than likely be a Goblin (though I hear they can’t do the Argent Tournament quests at the moment?). So I may need to collect a few RSS links for decent Hunterish blogs and read a couple of guides to get me up to speed with Hunters again, I haven’t really played one properly this expansion yet. My only problem now is that it looks as though my guild have decided to start doing heroic mode raiding, for which I don’t have the gear (I’m level 82), and I’m not particularly interested in it at the moment either, but I’ll see what happens.

Ooh, and this week our guild did this:

I’m not exalted yet, but it’s nice to have Mass Resurrection and all.

The Week in News

The lion mount, the ‘Winged Guardian’, went live this week. A lot of people have been outraged over it, just as they did over the sparkly pony last year, but it’s really no big deal. It’s just a mount. I must admit though, when I first saw it I thought it looked absolutely ridiculous, since seeing it ingame I’m persuaded – it’s pretty cool looking.

There are also 8 new tameable rare pets available to Hunters in the Firelands. These are all very rare and require you to use particular tactics, different for each rare, in order to tame them. For example, one of the spiders dies when its’ rage bar empties, this rage bar fills when it is in lava, and you can only tame it when it’s at quite low rage, so you need to balance things and such. It’s supposedly quite fun. As for the models, 2 Gondria style spirit cats, 1 spirit bird, and 7 spiders. This thread links to images, videos, and information about them. I’m not sure if I’m too bothered about these models personally but it is an interesting idea to add.

Screenshot of the Week

Never trust Orcs with cauldrons, you can almost guarantee that they’re upto something.


As usual, there are more great posts shared in my reader, so do check those out, I’ve tried to link to people I haven’t linked to before as well. Enjoy!

  • ManaliciousHeroic Chimaeron (10): Vidyala’s posts always deserve a mention and I haven’t mentioned her properly yet. A lot of effort go into her guides and even if you’re not interested in raid strats, her chibis are wonderful.
  • Oddcraft – OMGWTFITZSOCUTEBBQ?!: This post deserves many internets just for the use of “man police”. Bravo! That and the murlocs are pretty cute.
  • red cow riseThe Innkeeper’s Daughter: A well-written piece of fan-fiction about the artifact, a lovely read.
  • World of SazThrough Your Interface: I found this one through a tweet from Windsoar. Could be fun!
  • WoW InsiderReal Life Jewelcrafter Creates Horde Pendant: Vid mentioned this in a Livestream last night and I had to link it because despite it being the “wrong colour” and “upside down”, it is a beautiful piece of jewellery and very well crafted. I love it.

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  1. I’m not overly bothered about the new pets, but I do like the idea of some really difficult tames, as I used to enjoy that. I had one of the old spirit wolves, which was reasonably difficult to tame – and deleted him to free up a spot, only to find out that Blizz had made them untameable!

    1. Yeah, I agree with you. When I’m BM, I’m using Loque’nahak, which is still my favourite of the spirit beasts.

      And yes I remember that one. Guy in my guild had it (until he quit) and loved it to bits. They have re-added it as a rare spawn wolf in Twilight Highlands I believe though :)

  2. Thanks for the link!

    It’s also very important to keep in mind that The Man Police (who police men who fall behind in their manly behaviors) and Man Police (a black ops group of mercenary woodland critters who perform vigilante acts against that enemy of all nature… MAN.) :P
    Vrykerion recently posted..OMGWTFITZSOCUTEBBQ!

    1. Ack. Got all mixed up. I meant to say that THE Man Police and Man Police are two separate organization and are not in anyway related. Got a hefty fine for mixing those two up once. :( Squirrels got good lawyers.
      Vrykerion recently posted..OMGWTFITZSOCUTEBBQ!

  3. I thought I read in the hotfixes (or maybe it was in the 4.1 patch notes?) that Goblins were now able to join the Argent Tournament through the Orgrimmar delegation (and Worgen can do it starting with Darnassus). Of course, I haven’t checked it out myself.

    Your adventures and fun with your new DK have had me desperately resisting the temptation to roll a BE DK myself. I keep reminding myself that I already had one and deleted it because I decided didn’t really need two of that particular class. Also, if I rolled another BE DK, then I’d want to roll all the BE classes I’m missing, and I *really* don’t need that many more new alts. :P
    Kamalia recently posted..Two things about Trolls that confuse me

    1. I hope so! I would have missed those patch notes, it was just something the other half said he thinks is a thing but he did mention that he’d heard that. Personally I’m hoping for a Goblin delegation with a Clucker mini pet >:)

      Haha, doesn’t have to be a Belf DK to be awesome! She just happened to be a Belf ;)

  4. Aw, thanks for the link, Jaedia. Writing guides is one of those things where there isn’t much to say. I mean, you read it, you either care or don’t! But I appreciate any mention of them because they really are a ton of work.

    I’m sorry you can’t raid with your DK! :( I hope you won’t be unhappy raiding as a hunter.
    Vidyala recently posted..Business Time Raid Guide- Heroic Chimaeron 10

    1. I’m not sure if I’ll be raiding if they focus on heroics from now on and it will take about a month or so until my Hunter’s over on the Horde side of my main server, but I won’t be unhappy playing her :) Apparently they could use a Warlock, I have one of those at 81 but I would get bored of her after a week or two so I picked the Hunter.

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