Through Your Interface: Player Housing

Through Your Interface is a 15 day screenshot challenge put forward by Saz of World of Saz. Feel free to join in – the more the merrier!

Day two is: Player Housing
If you were to claim a place to call your own, where would it be and why?

Whilst I couldn’t think of a suitable building to portray the player housing, I know exactly where I belong ingame and where I would want my player housing to be. Even though I’m slightly favouring the Goblins these days, and they do have some wonderful architecture, and even though I’d much rather be playing a Draenei, my favourite place ingame is still Silvermoon and the surrounding area. The colouring is just beautiful. I love autumn and this is most definitely where I belong in Azeroth.

6 thoughts on “Through Your Interface: Player Housing”

  1. I agree, Darnassus is my favorite Alliance side and Silvermoon City Horde side.

    Now that I think of it, my Horde warlock has hit a leveling wall at 74, maybe a visit to Silvermoon is what she needs.

  2. Silvermoon really is stunning. It’s such a shame that it goes so unused! The Exodar is just a travesty of a city, but Silvermoon is an absolute work of art. I know I certainly wouldn’t mind having an appartment there if it were real.

    1. Indeed, I always always used to get lost in the Exodar, it’s as bad as the Undercity! Which after 4 or 5 years of playing and starting out as an Undead I still end up in the wrong quarter constantly.

  3. Totally agree, I’m allaince at heart, but I keep 1 Blood elf hordie active with Silvermoon as home. The music, the scenary, colours…wonderful place. Still waiting for the high elves to make a comeback and rejoin the allaince so I can completly reclaim Silvermoon.

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