The ‘I’m Still Here’ Ramble

Hey guys. *sheepish*

I always promised myself that I would never be one of those people that just stopped updating without a word but.. I just haven’t had anything to say. I’ve been focusing a lot on my other blog, which I have renamed Once Upon A Time. The ‘rantpage’ url still works, but it does have a new url and a new name because I’m pretty much using it as a book blog now, so in future if I decide to blog about gaming, it will probably be here. So an apology in advance to those of you who don’t like your wow feed being ‘littered’ with other games.

Just letting you know I’m still here, and I haven’t quit WoW. I’ve been doing dailies on Kalithe though I skipped a few days because BLERGH dailies. And I played Fae a little in the past few days as well. She pretty swiftly got 346 ilvl and I’ve only done maybe 4 heroics. I found the Lava Bolt Crossbow for 25k gold, I couldn’t resist! It’s definitely a sexy weapon :P

And you remember that epic Steam sale? I grabbed Oblivion goty edition for £8, Mount & Blade: With Fire and Sword for.. however much that was. Few quid. And the Guild Wars trilogy (*SQUEE!*) which is really what I was keeping my eye open for! I’m desperately looking forward to Guild Wars 2, it looks and sounds amazing. But I’ve never played the first Guild Wars, and £30 for the whole thing, while a good deal, isn’t quite affordable for me so I absolutely had to grab it when it was up for £12.49. Yay! I didn’t manage to yoink Eye of the North sadly, but on its’ own it won’t be quite so bad to get my hands on. So I am very excited for the time when I get a moment to dig in because they were some very good finds. I would have liked a few others (see: the wishlist) but money permitting and all that jazz.

So yus, but I’m still focusing on WoW, my book blog, reading, and all of the IRL-land things I need to do as well. And I may have a slight book buying addiction but you’ll be glad to hear I’ve rediscovered the library and MY GOD libraries have changed. I was very impressed! The main reason I didn’t use libraries (apart from I really like to own my books) is that I have an issue with late fees but now you can renew online I don’t have that problem!

So yes. All is good. We may be moving in a few months but I doubt that affects any of you guys.

I may not have posts for a fair while more because I can’t be arsed to just post filler, but I’m usually blogging somewhere. At the moment I’m at Once Upon A Time, as mentioned, and you know you can always find me on twitter unless I’m away.

Happy Friday!

6 thoughts on “The ‘I’m Still Here’ Ramble”

  1. I know what you mean, although I’ve been trying to be “better” (whatever that means… playing more video games and writing about them is BETTER? I’m so confused!). These days are so filled with job hunts and things to do that aren’t important at all. I too still play WoW but sometimes I just get so sidetracked from blogging and other fun things. HI mean sometimes I wonder if it even interests anyone that I got a new hat or weapon or whatever. Maybe it does! Who knows…
    Poptartica recently posted..Majordomo Staghelm 10m Normal Firelands Strategy

    1. Haha, I’m not trying to be anything. After all, this is a hobby, and I’m not going to force myself if it’s gonna be a struggle – which always leads to frustration and burnout, I just like to keep people informed if I’m gonna be vanishing! :D

      And I think if you write well enough, people will be very interested in your new hat :P

    1. I FUCKING KNOW! Totally my selling point.
      “Ugh.. I’ll just get these 2 books that I don’t really have time to read out.”
      “So here’s a pin number, with this and your card number you can renew online.”

  2. Oh, don’t feel bad about not updating. I know I’m slower than normal on updating as well at the moment. It’s just a combination of RL stuff, doing dailies and raiding.. I find myself with less time and nothing much to write about. Becaus really, how interesting is it to read that I did the Firelands dailies for the umpteenth time? ;)

    I will see you around on Twitter :)
    Saga recently posted..Me, the Archaeologist

    1. Haha, that’s pretty much it!
      “Dear readers, today I upgraded my legs! Yay. I wasn’t sure which gems to use but I checked female dwarf..” *snore*

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