Do Excuse The Mess..

As if I don’t have enough to do at the moment with job hunting, reading, keeping my book blog going, networking for that, gaming on the side, and of course the inevitable social life, I seem to have decided that I miss WoW blogging too much and would really like to give it a good go again. Remember the last time this happened? And the time before that? And then I sat down and thought, “But what exactly did I write about? What was it that people came here to read back when I blogged regularly?” You know.. If I had to guess, it would be my guides and perhaps my weekly round-up posts ((am I right?)) but who knows. I do, however, miss the community and the feeling of pride I had in my little space in the WoW blogosphere. Whether I find the time to get started and keep going or not is beside the point, to begin with, I felt the need for a little spruce. I wasn’t fond of my last theme or the theme I used to use back when, so I’m fiddling around a little so please do excuse the mess while I figure things out. I shall have to poke around in the CSS to change the header, the title font, maybe the navigation colour (grey? eugh), the RSS icons, and work out exactly why I can’t use auto-update in WordPress for my plugins, and I’m not great with CSS or the inner workings of when web design goes bad, but I’m hoping to have a little space I’m happy with when I’ve finished and I’m really hoping to have a blog you guys can enjoy reading again. Maybe I’ll talk about other games from time to time but I pretty much only play RPGs and simulation type games so I should imagine it won’t be outside of your comfort zone unless you really hate Guild Wars because I’m pretty eager for Guild Wars 2 BUT that’s beside the point!

Any thoughts, tips, ideas or help regarding future topics/features or any of the coding thingies I’m currently unsure about would of course be welcome!

7 thoughts on “Do Excuse The Mess..”

  1. Yes more Trolls please and suggestions on how we’re to pass the time between downing Deathy and the Mists being released..

  2. Insightful articles about Trolls in Wow, the Troll Race in Azeroth, How to play Shaman and some articles about Troll Shaman In PvE please. Oh and mogging guides for Worgen Mages. Seriously right about what you enjoy (alsoTrolls)

  3. Hey, you’re back! *glomp*

    Write about whatever you have fun writing about concerning the games you’re playing, and I’ll happily read it.

    I’m sure you know this already, but Blog Azeroth Shared Topics — even ones from weeks or months past — are good prompts if you don’t have any ideas of your own, and have you done Saz’s Through Your Interface yet?

    1. *happily receives glomp*

      Love you. <3

      Yeah true. I always mean to have a scroll through those for ideas. And actually, I did start it but I never finished it so yes, that is a good idea. ^^

      Honestly, I never really go away. I’m always on Twitter!

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