The Day I Read The MMO Champion Forums

So I popped over to watch this:

and saw…

I just wanted to know – why does everything always have to have a group of haters? Okay, the trailer won’t be for everybody but by no means does it signal the end of WoW and surely the arguing is a little unnecessary?

And then I got all curious over “Why do HC raiding guilds say ‘no’ to females?” and clicked on it and I honestly have no idea what went through my head because I know what the vast majority of male WoW players say to this sort of question. I know. And I still clicked. And I was still disgusted.

And they’re just from page 1, I couldn’t bring myself to read any more and risk seeing anything worse. The state of gender inequality within the general World of Warcraft community drives me insane. And I love that two of those comments were so bad that they had to be edited by a mod…

So there’s my daily doseage of hate. But isn’t the trailer amazing at least?

7 thoughts on “The Day I Read The MMO Champion Forums”

  1. I used to read the MMO forums but after reading a bunch of comments and topics like that, I decided it was better to stay away from those forums. I just don’t wanna discuss that topic anymore cause it’s a waste of time and most of the people there are just saying stuff like that to get attention and reactions.

    But I loved the cinematic, it’s good, funny and the music is amazing.
    Syrco recently posted..How has WoW changed your life?

  2. The trailer is beautiful there is no denying. It was flawless in my opinion as far as cinematography and music composition goes but sadly, I was still disappointed. The story, I felt, was disconnected from the root of Pandaria and I find that this cinematic didn’t do for me what the predecessors for other expansions accomplished.

  3. I must admit I secretly love the mmo-champion and to a lesser degree the battle net forums. It’s like reading the script of some bad telenovela. You can guarantee that every extreme will be in be there somewhere.

    There are a few gems hidden amongst the dross but it certainly backs up all the negative stereotypes most non-games have about our community.
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