Faerie Dragon Mount

Omigodohmigodohmigodohmigod I want one I want one!! When I saw the picture I thought it looked okay, but what the fuck is it? Then Dan made me watch the video. This mount is frickin’ amazing!! Just makes me sad that it’s more than probably going to be either TCG (*sob*) or Blizzard store, from which I’ve bought nothing since Celestial Steed.. when you’re unemployed with a mean book habit, there’s no spare cash for Banana Dragons and Creepy Flying Lions and Flying Closet Goats. But omigod isn’t it equally adorable and amazing looking? It poops rainbows for goodness sake, people!!

Video Source: MMO Champion.

8 thoughts on “Faerie Dragon Mount”

  1. Oh gosh. I just saw pictures, but I missed the video until I saw it here.
    I love the freaking details and how much it looks like the minipet, but I also adore the dust it leaves behind when it flies :o
    I kinda hope its from the store and not from some ultimate raid achievement… Easier to save up than raid up xD

  2. Hahaha, I want this for my Sith Warrior… oh, wait, wrong game. I would totaly fork over some cash in the shop for it. Everyone needs something cutesy in their lives every now and then. Yes, even big bad orcs.

    1. I knowww! I’m hoping just once they give us a way to grind the REALLY awesome looking unique mount. Pleasepleaseplease… /beg.

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