Bittersweet Symphony

It has been a funny few days in the world of WoW but I think overall, everything that has happened is for the best.

It all started Sunday. I was on Twitter and noticed a conversation forming and people on both sides were getting pretty pissed off. I tried to put in my 2 cents but it didn’t work out so well. And when the words, “loyalty doesn’t kill bosses” were uttered, that’s where the change happened for me. The guild has been changing for a very long time, away from the fun, relaxed guild I joined, and into a raiding guild in which conversation can happen but more often doesn’t. These words just made me realise that raiding is where the focus is now, and if you’re loyal well.. what does that matter?

There was a little outburst later on with another member who wasn’t keen on the way things were going, so I decided it would be best to see what can be resolved in a mature manner.

Monday the conversation happened. I tried to explain the issues many people felt, but sadly it turns out that the casual side of Harvest Moon doesn’t see eye to eye with the raiding side any more. It is a completely different guild to the one I joined many many months ago (18 months, if I’m correct) and so I made the decision to leave it behind. If I stayed, I’d have just become more and more stressed and frustrated and that could have led to explosive drama and the loss of friendship that I hold very dear. I feel I have done my best to avoid drama in these sad circumstances and I hope I have been successful.

I let my friends know that I was leaving and decided to start up our own guild. A casual place for fun, chats and messing about. We want to do pet battles, old content, flex raids, and whatever else in an environment that we are happy in and so together we’ve been discussing guild name options and how the running of the guild will work (for the record, the guild council idea is pretty unanimous. We want to run things together, the council will have final say when it’s needed but will also include members on discussions to keep everything warm and welcoming).

Last night, I left Harvest Moon. My home of (probably) 18 months. The first guild I was truly loyal to. The last guild I ever expected to say goodbye to. It’s a bittersweet moment. I’m sad to leave behind something that made the game for me but the new guild will be just as wonderful.

I wish the people of Harvest Moon well. While we didn’t agree in the end, I believe everybody left is happy with where things are and looking forward to further evolution. I hope things continue going well for you and you down many bosses in your future!

Now it is time to move on and it’s quite an exciting prospect. I’m looking forward to recruiting soon when we get things put together and seeing what we can do! :)

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    1. Ah yes. :) I’m quite good at replying to the posts that I read anyway but it did strike me that we both had a tough decision regarding the guilds we call/ed home. :)

      Thank you, hunnie. I hope your decision works out for you as well.

  1. I’ve always been a bit befuddled as to what the two sides of the casual / raiding coin have cause for conflict over. How was the casual side making it hard to raid? How was raiding making the casual players not enjoy themselves? I’m genuinely confused on that point. Was it guild bank access? Mats? The desire to spend the guild cashbox on a beer party instead of repairs? Or is that just something you’re not particularly inclined to go into for now?
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    1. I can’t really go into it properly, I’m afraid. No, having a social side to a raiding guild shouldn’t cause conflict, but it’s very difficult to word the reasons without accidentally offending someone and I don’t want to do that. I could have managed to offend somebody with my post anyway, who knows. I just wanted to mark my transitional period, you know?

        1. Of course not! We’re all playing the same game. It’s PvPers that confuse me, so rare to find PvPers that will get along nicely with the PvEers.

          Thanks! :)

          1. Hey! I’m a perfectly accepting player, and I enjoy PvP! It’s those prissy carebears that have the iss- stop looking at me like that. :P

            Seriously though, I agree that casual and raiding players need not clash. The problems occur, I think, when the raiding set of players is relying on the casual set to make up required numbers, or, the casual set is still wanting to raid, but, um.. ‘casually’ and perhaps not taking it as seriously as the other raiders would like.

            There is nothing wrong with raiding casually, but the group needs to have very clear expectations of what their expectations actually are.
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          2. Haha, I would never say all PvPers, just the noisy ones. <3 Let’s face it, a lot of hardcore raiders are just as bad.

            But yes when casual players and raiders clash.. it tends to be down to personality rather than interests, as such. :)

  2. The type of guild that you want sounds preciely like the guild that I was running for three years. I had a large officer staff of some of the most important people and had meetings and we were all wonderfully close friends. I even met two people that I would grow to love and later attend their wedding. I miss them all and that guild so much. When I came back to WoW after my first long break, everyone had stopped playing and when I would log on to play my guild was a lonely lonely place that held memories of what once was. So when I decided to take Tarinae out of that guild and into an active one with my nephew it was the hardest thing I had ever done in that game. I was abandoning the thought that my friends would come back, I was abandoning members, and I was breaking a die hard loyalty that I had made to them and to the success of my guild. But it had to be done too.

    So I made a private event of it all with Paul and we roleplayed the whole thing and by the time I gquit I was in tears. The rational part of me was embarrassed but the emotional side new it was a big moment even it was just a game.

    I hope this is the right decision for you and I am glad you found the courage to make it. <3
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    1. Awww *huggles you*. It isn’t just a game though.. I mean, yeah, it is, but something like a guild that contains REAL people with REAL feelings, that takes it beyond that. So you’re perfectly within reason to get upset!

      It is. And thank you. :)

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