The MMO Hop

I’m really enjoying hopping around different games as the mood takes me at the moment. There are so many great games with different reasons to play them and by trying multiple games, it’s harder to burn out on one. Of course, I have my preferences, which currently seem to lie with FFXIV and Rift, but I’m taking it slow and making sure I don’t burn myself out too easily. Dan has made a little game of it though, walking in and trying to guess which one I’m playing before looking.

In Guild Wars 2…


I’m just not feeling it since I took the week off when my dad was down. I don’t know. I burned out on my Ranger because I felt as though I was supposed to go melee and I really didn’t want to but Longbow is supposedly subpar and I got tired of the bulky Norn actions so.. yeah I have a Human Mesmer and a Human Elementalist. Both are fun, but I don’t like much more than half an hour before I want to log out and do something else. It doesn’t help that the guild I’m in seems to have teamspeak as a communication necessity and I’m just not into that. I’ll voice chat when necessary, or with friends, but these people (minus a very small handful) are still more or less strangers to me so it doesn’t do it for me. Thus. Yawn. Sad times.

In World of Warcraft…


Definitely not my main game any more. I can see there’s some great stuff coming in 5.4 but I’m just not excited. I still enjoy group activities with the guild. We did a Firelands Heroic tonight (plus a couple of non-guildies) and it was easy and fun. So for some reason I felt like crap afterwards but think that’s more down to my depression. Then a few of us did a couple of heroics for the meta achievements, and we’re hoping to do a few challenge modes and some flex raiding in the future so all in all, there’s stuff to be doing with them but outside of these activities I have this big old ball of meh. It’s a shame. I keep thinking I should just quit but I always miss my friends and come back, because one thing I still adore about World of Warcraft is its’ community so not just yet.



Oh my gosh I love this game. The music is amazing, I particularly like the Ul’dah music, it’s gorgeous, it runs okay on my laptop compared with Guild Wars 2 and perhaps Rift when it’s not too overcrowded, there’s mount music, Moogles, Chocobos, minipets, our little Free Company is full of nice peeps, I get to be a Cat Lady… I could actually go on. I’m really enjoying it which is such a surprise considering it wasn’t on my radar at all, then suddenly everybody was raving about it, and I still didn’t think I’d be playing because money, but then Ravven gifted me her copy and I fell in love (no, not with her, she managed that a long time ago). And as I’m starting my job tomorrow, I’ll be upgrading to collector’s because Coeurls are amazing and pig in a wig.

Honestly, if you’re on Phoenix EU or feel a bit lonely and want to roll an alt somewhere, give us a shout. Officers are myself, @badleeroybrown @baskius and @wabbage and any one of us can get you invited. We’re a friendly bunch and would love to have you.

In Rift…


I wanted to go back to Rift so many times. I adored it on release. It was the first MMO outside of WoW in which I reached max level and I subbed for one or two months before getting lonely and going back to WoW. Since then I couldn’t afford to resub or get hold of the expansion then it went f2p and I still didn’t go back straight away. However, this weekend I made a little Rogue Huntsman on Faeblight and joined Belghast‘s guild, who are all lovely and have an amazing guild tavern. I’m seriously astounded at how much Trion have added to this game, and how well I feel they’ve made the f2p model work for them. I don’t feel at all restricted as I’m playing, and it may be because I bought the original game, but it’s fantastic and I do feel more likely to actually consider subbing for a month here and there because of it.

I’d also like to level up my original character, Jaedia the Stormcaller on EU shards to 60 and have a good play around so I’ve scouted out the guild finder and will hopefully plonk her in one of those guilds unless any of you are playing at the moment and wouldn’t mind me tagging along?

In Saints Row III…

Yeah I also had a brief poke around in Saints Row III finally on Saturday when I was having some latency issues. It was a part of a recent Humble Bundle Dan picked up for me and it seems to have a bunch of DLC which is very cool. I don’t usually like shooty games but I’ve heard good things about this one so I jumped in, made a badass Chinese lady and drove around very badly, running over many, many hotdog men. It’s quite fun.

As For Me…

I’m not feeling great tonight. I start my new job tomorrow which will be great, but I’m worrying the hours might break me during my recovery. However, it’s an ideal job for me and my mental state as it’s in a little petrol station. I can focus on the customer’s needs and keeping the store tidy and safe rather than whatever my brain tells me to focus on. In the meantime, I feel as though I’m off to school tomorrow and I’m having a bad night, though writing this blog post has helped a fair bit. But yes, I’m officially no longer unemployed guys!