Shh.. We’re Huntin’ Gaming Communities


As I seem to be back playing games and blogging about them at the moment, I’m on the lookout for communities. I’ve got the MMO blogging/Twitter community *gives you all a wave* and the World of Warcraft ones as well, of course, but I’m looking to follow more people on Twitter who play all sorts of games (preferably PC/MMO gamers), and to find more of an EU presence as at this time, most of my EU friends are playing Warcraft and I’m getting lonely!

I’m looking for:

  1. Any gaming tweeps. Send me your lists. Tired of my feed being so very WoW focused and wanting to mix it up a bit more.
  2. An EU based community, perhaps with forum. If not EU, a friendly one at the very least.
  3. Friendly EU based guilds in various MMOs. Particularly The Secret World, FFXIV.
  4. More not-solely-focused-on-Warcraft blogs (happy with the handful I follow). I have a bundle, but you can never have enough blogs, right?

If you’d like to connect in any game, just look for your nearest Jaedia. ;) I regularly tweet my various usernames but I shall add them to the about page soonish. In the meantime, I have listed my web presences on that page and my GW2 id is listed on my Twitter profile, and you’re welcome to ask for others. I just want to connect with people who share the same interests! So please do get in touch, I’d really appreciate any help you can send my way, even if it’s simply sharing the post on your Twitter. Thanks peeps.

5 thoughts on “Shh.. We’re Huntin’ Gaming Communities”

  1. Ooh, are you going to post the EU-based communities and guilds? I’ve been in such a gaming slump recently and I think it’s partly because I normally solo. I’d love to find a friendly EU guild, especially in TSW. A more casual, fun one that wasn’t just focused on doing Nightmare runs.

    1. I shall let you know if I find anything EU based! And friend me on TSW, I’m Jaedia. When I play, I’m solo. Haven’t found a cabal there yet, my only friends are on the other side of the ocean. :o

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