Frustration Abounds

WildStar, as a live game, has been out for a decent amount of time now. It feels polished and full, there’s so much to do for all sorts of player-types and this is fantastic for a brand new MMO.

However, I’m starting to feel just a little frustrated by the optimisation problems… when after a couple of hours of playing my addon screen can look something like this:


You might understand how that could be affecting my gameplay. Oh yes, dem framerate drops.

I have lowered a whole bunch of settings, including things like view distance and surface material. I tried the DX9 rollback. I deleted the roaming files. I tried removing most of my addons. I try to reload my UI every now and then, but that just seems to cause crashes more times than not. And yes, my nVidia drivers are up-to-date. So you can understand my frustration when I can be happily running along and my framerate will suddenly do this…


At this point, I’m just doing a whole lot of facedesking. I’m not very computer literate, not really, so I honestly don’t know what more I can do to fix it. (*begs for help*)

Saying that, it’s not going to stop me from playing, I’m just frustrated that a six month old PC is having these issues. I’ve fallen in love with this game. The lore is already so rich, it’s gorgeous, the music is fantastic, I can be a cat-fox-girl-thing, the PvE is right up my street (I’m not-so-secretly giddy at the prospect of a nice grindy raid attunement), the challenges are addictively wonderful, and dat player housing. I just hope I can fix this issue so that I can continue loving it for a while to come! And get using some addons.. *ahem*

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  1. I’ve been having the same issues. Wildstar is not optimized very well. People with amazing graphic cards have ridiculously low FPS and people who run on a potato have no issues.
    This has been an issue since beta and although my performance personally got a bit better as I deleted the roaming folder it’s still shit. FFXIV runs better and that’s much heavier on my graphics card than Wildstar.
    Carbine should bring a fix to this. I see too many complaints from people having horrible FPS issues.
    Sandrian recently posted..Wildstar Beginnings

    1. That sounds like a fault with an AMD card. :) Nvidia users aren’t having the same issues AMD users are. However, their was a patch today which hopefully fixed some of the AMD optimisation issues.

  2. Its well known that this is kind of a frustration, i suggest what you “CAN” try is forcing dx11 if your computer/rig is capable of doing so via the parameters of the wildstar shortcut also your nameplate and targetframes are exploding try to swap out targetframe with potatoui and disable nameplates if your okay with not knowing who you are facing, also just try to run the game with potatoui *as only addon* and nameplates disabled and check your framerate again if your facing issues

  3. Wildstar looks to have some memory leak issues. This is more common than it should be. TSW suffers from something similar but not as all-encompassing.

    I’d guess that the solution for now is to make sure you reload your ui and (better) reload the client every however many hours/minutes you have before it gets bad.

    There’s no real player-side fix (if it’s memory issues) and it’ll be hopefully patched out soon. For the time being, cut down on addons, lower settings and reload the client regularly.

    All assuming it doesn’t crap out immediately upon login and that you get some playtime before it goes all crashy. Also assuming it’s memory leakage.

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