Norn Jaedia’s Makeover

I’ve been trying to get my hands on a Total Makeover Kit for my Norn in Guild Wars 2 for way too long! I found I just couldn’t connect with her how she was.. she was awesome, don’t get me wrong, just a bit too much of a badass Warrior chick for me. I don’t connect with “badass”. So tonight, I finally got the gems together for a makeover kit and now she looks like this.


I love the custom styles and colours in these makeover kits, and love that there are even faces and eye colours in them.


And here she is shyly chilling with Freyja in Hoelbrak waiting on the start of guild missions tonight.

Basically, I had a lovely week with my dad and he went home today, leaving me feeling sad and homesick in smelly old Wales, so I logged into Guild Wars 2 to play for the first time in quite a while to comfort myself a bit. I’d been feeling a bit burned out on WildStar, Rift still isn’t quite doing it for me, but Guild Wars 2 is always there. :) And I think it’s about time I did something endgame-like, don’t you?

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  1. Oh i love her. Shes a cutie! I hope you will feel better tomorrow. I remember when i moved very far away from my family. And my dad actually came by because he was traveling – having vacation. He only stayed for dinner tho. But when he left, i stood in the kitchen crying. He came back as i stood there tho as he had forgotten something and gave me a hug. Was sad but good at the same time.

    Him and i arent close yet there is something truly special about fathers and daughters no matter what. So i can symphesize with you hun. Just try and see yourself lucky of ur relationship and the joy you two have :)

    And enjoy GW :) /hug
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    1. Thanks. ^^ Wanted her to be a bit softer and shorter, and the exclusive hairs are awesome.

      Awww. I actually burst into tears when I was leaving my dad’s back in March. Life was beating me down constantly then and I’d had a lovely week back at home. At least when he leaves I can just bury my face in a game/book/tv show.

      I always see myself as lucky for my dad. And now you’re going to make me cry. STAPPIT MISSY!

      I am. <3 *hug*

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