Blaugust? I’m Not Very Good At This


It is the 5th August and I still haven’t posted anything on any one of my five blogs, much to my own dismay. I’ve been desperately wanting to join in with Blaugust (because I love community events and Belghast) but recently just haven’t had the drive and motivation to sit down and write anything more than around 140 characters long.

I checked Bel‘s prompts and nothing really clicked. I pondered what I’ve been up to, and while I’ve been enjoying myself, I haven’t had much to say short of, “These things I’ve been up to are good. I like them. Bye.” And even my draft posts are a stream of things I’ve meant to post and never quite gotten around to, including, but not limited to:

  • 30th June: Steam Summer Sale 2014
  • 23rd June: My snail-paced levelling in WildStar and why I’m so self conscious about it. (I have since cancelled my subscription, same day as Missy, coincedentally.)
  • 17th June: Rowsdowser Rabble
  • 29th May: The Tyrian Tourist
  • 25th May: Blizzard, We Have to Talk
  • 14th April: RIFT’s Wonderful Menagerie

I had plans for these drafts, some of them are even written up just needing a few images and some TLC but are no longer relevant. Some I could pick back up, perhaps. I just don’t seem to have the drive right now and forcing myself to write when I have nothing to say and no desire to just puts me in a bad mood for some reason.

Any ideas, folk? I’m not necessarily trying for daily posts and I’m happy to stretch my legs and write about non-gaming topics. I want to pick my book blog back up, also. How can I stir up the passion and motivation once again? What kind of schedule could I try for?

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  1. Why not blog about the fact you don’t know what to write about, for start? Or tell us what the view is like out of your window. May be you can give us a overview of what else you may be up to today, apart from gaming! The possibilities are endless!

    Blaugust shouldn’t a chore. It should be fun. It’s also a great opportunity to learn and refine your writing technique (yes we all have one ). Don’t worry that your post isn’t High Adventure. Think of it of a way to refine your process and get your thoughts on paper.

    Also, ever think of merging all your five blogs into one? A blog with a broad remit provides multiple options as to what you can write about.

    Remember, whatever you post, I’m sure all your friends and fellow bloggers will leave comments and encourage you.
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    1. First point .. you’re pretty much responding to the result of that one. ;)

      I have considered merging my blogs into a “Stuff Blog” but I can’t settle on a title.. and I’m so damn attached to the Menagerie and Once Upon a Time as separate entities. D:

  2. What I just did today was print out a calendar that will let me try and write ahead of time what topics I may want about on a specific day. Thus far, it’s pretty blank, so I’m also brainfarting about these things (though Belghast’s prompts are helping).

    Like others have said, if the desire to post on a specific day just isn’t there, don’t force it. Writing + stress = blank page and a bad headache.

    You could always try to do a schedule with fun names, like “Text Tuesdays” or “Writing Wednesdays” or “Food Fridays” or whatever you are interested in writing about, just to put a little flair to try and heighten your mood to blog that day.

    Best of luck, and most of all, HAVE FUN!
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  3. I’m going to concur with other commenters here. I feel 100% sure that crushing obligation was not @Belghast’s intent with Blaugust. Idealky, blogs are a labor of love. If you don’t loce the thought of your post, it is probably veneath your lofty standards ;) anyway! As the great Mark Twain observed his character Tom Sawyer discovering, work is what you HAVE to do; play is what you WANT to do. If those two are the same, you have a charmed life. For the rest of us, if you don’t WANT to write that post ( or run that raid, or play that game) why make more work for yourself?

  4. If you don’t have the drive then you don’t have the drive :/ If you really want to have a schedule I’d suggest to try and post once a week. It’s a good starting point.

    But some of the point of Blaugust was to try and get sparks back :) So I guess you just have to sit down with a blank page and write something, or nothing of something, or something of nothing :P Just to make a blank page, not blank anymore. The event was to get people better at writing on the spot, rather then plan.

    Don’t take any post to serious, and don’t try to make it perfect, just try to get something out :-) In the end if you feel horrified by your post, there is a delete button.

    Maybe you can share a bit about the books you are reading, or how you are setteling in after the move. Or write more about not having the drive to write :P

    Hope you get your drive back <3
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    1. “So I guess you just have to sit down with a blank page and write something, or nothing of something, or something of nothing :P Just to make a blank page, not blank anymore. The event was to get people better at writing on the spot, rather then plan.”

      That’s pretty much the above post. xD
      I’ll just keep poking and prodding myself.

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