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Turning A New Leaf

Guild Wars 2′s feature pack hit on the night of the big conversation in the Rift guild. It was an odd night, full of anticipation, sadness, and confusion. I was afraid of the things happening in my life outside of my games. I was excited for the Guild Wars 2 changes. And sad that I had to choose which guild to go with.. and confused because I didn’t know who was going or staying where and all I want to do is play with friends. People who make my escape into game worlds fun.


After the chat, many logged because they were tired, understandably, so I headed into Tyria to pretty up my Elementalist. The ever loveable Urebril gifted me the Celestial Dye which made me squee with delight and immediately change my colour scheme (it looks a little dirty in the screenie above but I promise that’s the lighting) and I’m so happy with her overall look right now. The amount of skin showing is unintentional, I just really like that skirt skin.


I also discovered a rather vicious looking Charr playing beautiful music on his flute. I really wish I could have taken a video to share with you guys but here’s an example from YouTube of somebody else:

Back into Rift the next day and many left the guild following the decision to split from the White Wolves community. It was a bittersweet evening, really. We’re all sad that it came down to a split, but there are at least no hard feelings amongst the Rift crowd. I decided to stick around for the evening because I was still somewhat undecided knowing that other friends were still undecided also. I hopped around a few dimensions, taking screenshots to steal ideas *maniacal cackle* and a few of us went off to the level 50 Drowned Halls raid and killed some baddies. I stuck around a while afterwards having a good old chat with a friend and pretty much made my decision on which guild to call home.


So yesterday I left The White Wolves to join Dawn Eternal (supposed to be Eternal Dawn but it was taken, apparently). Immediately feeling at home with the people I’ve come to call friends, whilst hopping around yet more dimensions for further idea thievery.

A little later that evening, after I’d ensconced myself in loud metal music and PvP to totally drown out my thoughts, we went off to do a couple of dungeons. Five of us got together and.. well.. none of us were healers (except for our tank but then we didn’t have a tank because the rest of us were Mages and Spate) so…


That’s right, my dearies. Jae healed! And she has pictoral evidence. I’ve been so adamantly against doing anything but dpsing for so many years but I’m so at home with these guys that I was happy to switch over, throw some bars together, and give it a bash knowing that they would be patient with me and I had so much fun. We all did.

Chloromancer is an interesting little build. The main idea is to dps and your abilities heal everybody up but there are buffs and direct heals and such to go around also. It’s all based on nature damage and healing, and I spent the two dungeons we did – one at level 50 for a lower level peep, and one normal mode level 60 when they went to bed – trying to work out what the heck my abilities did and we died a fair bit, but it was a learning curve and we had a lot of fun with that.

I think today I’m going to read and watch a few Chloromancer guides and tweak my build, macros, and bar set-up to really suit my playstyle so that I can do this properly because heck I had fun. I really did. I may also work out what to do in my dimension. I found some excellent melded items in people’s dimensions and I cannot wait to create something that people walk into and just say, “Wow. This is amazing.” Watch this space!

The State of the Menagerie: Doo DoDo DoDoDoDoDo DoDooo

It’s time to tell you about the state of my menagerie. I’m always on a quest to find more cute, fluffy types in whatever games I’m playing and I’ve picked up a few things in the past couple of weeks.


First, I’d like to show off my Green Quaggan Backpack! While technically not a minipet, a mount, or even a combat pet, it is adorable and I’ve wanted one since I first spotted it in the gemstore. I’d actually forgotten about it until it showed up in my mailbox. It was a gift for people who bought gems in December with real world dosh. I loves it. It’s even cuter than the blue one in the gem store.


Next, I’ll do the mini-pets. Starting with my Plush Gryphon. I’ve been working really hard since getting my PC to complete the Wintersday achievements in time to get this little guy because he’s so freaking cute I needed him. Finally picked him up the other night without having to complete the jumping puzzle – which I tried for hours and hours, I swear – or the 15 rounds of Snowball Mayhem which was fun but it took up so much time.. My favourite was definitely Toypocalypse. I ran it one night with some guildies and the next I pugged it to finish things off. So much fun.


Onwards to FFXIV where I upgraded to the collector’s edition in the past week, thanks to a very generous pair of grandparents. I’ve wanted the Baby Behemoth since I first spied him at launch and gave him the name ‘Pig in a Wig’. I adore the way he playfully bounces around, while idle and while running after your character. Super cute!


And finally, the mounts. The Coeurl is the mount you receive from the collector’s edition of FFXIV and I have a lot of love for it. It looks amazing and the music that plays while you’re mounted on it is so pretty. I had to unlock my Chocobo first however…


Which I finally got last night! He’s called Chip. And my word do you have to work for him! You have to complete a looong story quest line which has you run 3 dungeons and a kind of mini-dungeon, as well as hopping all over the place checking out the different Grand Companies and so on. Then, once you’ve chosen a Grand Company, you have to grind 2,000 company seal which doesn’t take as long as it might sound but seriously, it’s a relief when the achievement finally pops up and he plods over to you with a little, “Kweh!” And I love the full song that plays while you’re running around on your chocobo. It’s so happy and cheerful.

What is the state of your menageries like? Fresh straw, I hope!

GW2: All Of The Squee

I’ve been working on a blog post. It’s nothing major it’s just ended up being longer than I expected and amongst a few days of work I’ve not quite gotten around to finishing it. However. Pets. In Guild Wars 2. I. Can’t. Not. Squee. At. You!!

I popped on Dulfy today to see the new stuff and there are new minis for Wintersday. So I’m scrolling down the page, thinking that the helms are rather cool but perhaps not my thing and: OH MY GOSH! That’s a beagle puppy. FAWN. ARHGJAKCKAL ARCTIC FOX! …Dolyak with a present on his back. *breaks* ♥ So yeah. My gem wallet may have suddenly increased by 800 gems. Ahem. I still need to work on the Dolyak because I didn’t want to spend too much and I barely have any gold ingame (7g by the time I logged out today) and the exchange rate is absolutely terrible right now but it will be mine. Oh yes, it will be mine.

Here they are in all of their adorableness:

gw2_minis_arcticfox gw2_minis_fawn gw2_minis_beaglepuppy

And now you know what that strange high pitch squeeling sound you heard on the wind earlier today was. Several times.

Which one’s your favourite?

The Negatives and Positives of Laptop Gaming

I was playing WoW yesterday, as I often do at the moment. Just trundling along, working on a few daily goals such as my farm to make maxing out the different branches of fishing easier, pet battles, and other things I added to a “Daily & Weekly To-Do List” page, and found myself wanting to play something else for a change. I was weighing up my options between Guild Wars 2 and Rift, hoping that since having a hard drive clearout and installing the Razer Game Booster both would run. I settled on Rift after doing a couple of dungeons with guildies and off I went.

It’s the Summerfest at the moment and I really want to work on unlocking a few things while it’s on. Only.. between running into walls due to terrible fps and many, many green smears where NPCs hadn’t yet loaded, it just wasn’t enjoyable. And this was only in Meridian! I’d hate to see how it runs once I got into a zone to level and found myself pressing random buttons in the hope that I might actually kill something before it killed me. So I moaned a bit and decided to try Guild Wars 2 instead.

A couple of people pointed out that if Rift was dodgy, it was likely that Guild Wars 2 would be as well but I wanted to try so I logged in and there was my level 35 Ranger stood in Lion’s Arch right by the Black Market trader dude. Okay. So I tested running out of the building and through the city a bit and lo and behold, I didn’t run into a single wall! You have no idea how ecstatic I was.. still am! Guild Wars 2 is my favourite MMO, I just found my laptop unable to run it, plus most of my gaming friends are happily esconsced in WoW.

Well I check my friends list for any new friend adds and saw somebody online which I really didn’t expect as not only was it gone midnight by now but I didn’t think anybody I knew was playing it any more. (*waves at Mocharaid*) So we had a nice chat while I poked around my skills and traits and inventory and ran around going, “Hehe I’m a fucking weird bear!” (I’m a Norn, we can do that.) And checking my armour dyes were acceptable and all of those important things you do when you haven’t played a favoured game in a while, you know?

I discovered I was now guildless, which is fair enough as I hadn ‘t played properly since launch (darn Pandaria releasing around the same time) and would like to find a nice guild to plonk myself in. I made my way to Divinity’s Reach, stood there in amazement for a while as it was the first time I’d visited the city, ran around going, “Hehe I’m a bear.” Then I did the torch run. It took me a few goes but I had so much fun! I know, simple things, but I loved the basic challenge. Then I discovered a run speed buff which I’ll make use of while unlocking the achievement to do the torches multiple times and ran off to see the rest of Divinity’s Reach.

Holy. Shit. This is a gorgeous place. And this is my reaction on low graphics settings!!

Then I discovered the Hobo-Tron and giggled for a good 10 minutes. Wandered down one of the side streets to try and find the Crown Pavilion. I want to check out the Queen’s Jubilee!

I did the opening ceremony bit, and then noticed a bunch of guys spawning and groups killing so I joined in with that for a while and got myself about a level and a half because it is fantastic experience. And then I logged for the night. And realised it was 4am. WOOPS.

I’m quite happily enjoying Guild Wars 2 at the moment. It would be lovely to finally get my Ranger up to max level and experience the game more fully. :)

Are any of you playing? Add me! jaedia.7936

No More Queues

Oh I just had to share this. Queue times are always a huge problem for new MMOs and ArenaNet seem to have something in answer to this! Only time will tell how well it works but I’m glad to see they’re putting something in place.

With this feature, the above scenario plays out a bit differently. When there’s too much traffic on one server, your character will be temporarily sent to a different server. Once you’ve reached the front of the queue, you’ll be asked if you want to transfer back to your original server, and voila: home, sweet home. Any progress made on the overflow server will be carried back to the home server, so you can even be productive while you’re waiting in a queue.

Source: Massively.

Guild Wars 2 and Hype?

Yeah I’m hugely excited for Guild Wars 2 and I guess some of you will see that as me being a part of the so-called “hype”. Sorry, but I’ve been waiting for this game since I quit WoW in February 2011 over a year ago and so yeah, I’m pretty damn excited. And as such you can expect a few posts around here about the game as I’m not limiting myself on the Menagerie to just posts about WoW anymore, I decided that a long time ago I just hadn’t really played anything else recently. If you’re interested in Guild Wars please do follow me. I have signed up for the beta (*touch wood*) and I’m hoping to read the books which I’ll most likely review here rather than my book blog as my book blog readers most likely won’t be interested in those. I’m hoping to blog a little about my thoughts and adventures in the game and I will still be playing WoW as well so there’ll hopefully be a mix. Ideally, I’d like this to be an MMO blog rather than a WoW blog it just depends on time and money constraints as I am primarily a reader and book blogger still.

I’m just trying to work out which race/profession combination to go for. I usually go for a red haired human Magey character, so that would be a Norn Elementalist I believe? But there are so many cool looking races and professions (classes), including Ranger, Mesmer, Necromancer… And will I enjoy the PvP or will I prefer PvE or perhaps a healthy mix of both? Will I have time to play a little Guild Wars before the release with everything else going on? There’s so much to work out and look forward to, I can’t wait.

And if you haven’t heard much about Guild Wars 2, though I imagine by now you will have, here are a couple of videos that initially garnered my interest: