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Black Temple

BIRDHATLast night I went to Black Temple, tagged along with a couple of ex guildies who were boosting their level 70 twinks (I don’t know) which they do every week. I went along because I’d like to eventually be exalted with Ashtongue Deathsworn, and I didn’t have the achievement for killing Illidan yet. However, upon entering, I remembered how much I loved the instance. In fact, Black Temple is probably my favourite raid of which I have done at the right level. I’d never seen the Vanilla raids until I hit 70 so I can’t count those, sadly, because AQ looks pretty epic.

The thing I like the most, aside from how awesome the gear in that place looks, is actually how long it is. Took our guild a few months to clear the entire raid. Not days or a couple of weeks, a few months. Even the trash caused many a corpse run, if I recall, everybody used to disconnect on the little poison guys after Naj’entus, so that was pretty much, “AOE them down fast! FEAR!! USE FEAR!!” If people didn’t spread, or pay attention to the people around them, on the first boss, people would die.

Supremus trash was long and boring, and I think half of the raid Afked this part, but it was made semi-interesting by “will my ring drop this time?” That and when Supremus followed me, I died, end of story. I never actually understood why they made him bigger, and I really wanted to see a gnome tank him fortehlulz.

Gorefiend was fun, I remember I had the ghost debuff on my very first time there, not long after the guild had downed it actually, and of course I fucked up, caused a wipe. Then I didn’t get it for months, not until we were working on Mother I think, and when I did get it I owned. It was easy, and fun, more bosses like Gorefiend please! Though there was always the odd filler raider who would come along because there was nobody else and mess it up.

Bloodboil and Bigfaceguy (as I named him back then) were fun because, as a Shadow Priest, you REALLY had to watch your threat. Hunters can feign, Shadow Priests can’t, if I overaggroed on Bloodboil, I was dead. At the same time, Vampiric Embrace was very useful on these fights for the extra healing, but also a big threat bomb, so you really had to time when it was best to start using it.

Akama was too easy. Mother we had a mod called ‘Easy Mother’ which told you which way to run when you got the debuff, but eventually it started sending you into other people and so on, so mostly was ignored. Council was fun, I loved that fight, so much you had to watch out for, so many different things people had to do. We had one rogue who was a fucking beast at kicking, and timing it as well, my memories of that fight are mostly hearing on vent “kickkickkickkickkickkickkick” and “combat res that guy..”

Then we have Illidan. The most annoying thing about Illidan, is that I think I was there for a try, and then my internet went down for over a month. So I missed the learning the fight with the rest of the guild part which was sad, but I also missed the first kill. This is the only first kill I wanted to be there for, and I’ll always hate that I missed that. However, it was amazing that I was able to be there for all of this, and I eventually got my connection back and farmed it all with the rest of my guild, and picked up my Priest’s tier 6, which was my favourite tier set by a mile. That, and I finally saw the anti-climax of “is Illidan dead?”

Last night, we spent an hour or two clearing, just laughing at the whole place. It felt wrong, because I remembered it as this big epic raid instance which had some of my best WoW based memories. In fact, when they removed the attunement and people started skipping Kael’thas it felt wrong.. But, I went, I cleared, and even though it was piss easy now, it was still fun, and it still reminded me of my time in Supreme.

Black Temple wotlk


Back to Raiding?

As agreed, tonight I started raiding again. Cleared TotC25 on normal mode, I picked up the boots I was after finally meaning I could switch my tier shoulders for the non-tier shoulders and switch in the T9 chest, keeping my 2 set bonus. After redoing my UI completely, and not raiding in such a long time, I still had to get used to playing again. We went on and one-shot Beasts hard mode, after they’d downed it the night before I think, and 5 wipes on Jaraxxus then he went down. Faction Champions proved to be a bigger challenge however.. By raid end I ran off to gem and enchant, we got a group for TotC10 normal mode, where I also picked up a nice ring (no more Naxx gear, woohoo!) only this time, I decided it was time.. I’d specced Marksman. And it wasn’t so bad after all. I’m sitting on about 80% armour pen, including the Runestone proc. We then killed Onyxia, finally grabbing the achievement and a couple more there.

I’m sorry about the lack of screenshots. I did take a few, but the only image editting programme I have is Paint. I don’t like working with Paint. That and I’m not massively in the mood. Also, sorry for the waffle.

Frozen Halls Loot?

Just to specify that the weapons I linked earlier (the bow, crossbow and gun models) are from the raid, not the 5 man. There hasn’t been any specific drops data-mined yet, sadly. I’m sure they’ll be up soon though. Currently all that’s been found are weapon models and placeholder stats for Icecrown raid craftables, using ‘Icecrown Thing of Crafting Things’ which sounds awesome by the way, and I personally really hope they keep that name :p

Icecrown Citadel – The Frozen Halls (5 man)

Bone GuyAs well as the usual 10 and 25 player raid instances, Blizzard have announced the new 5 player dungeon, The Frozen Halls (source). There will be a normal version which drops 219 iLevel gear and a heroic version which drops 232 iLevel gear, the same as Trial of the Crusader 10 player. They have said players will follow Jaina Proudmoore and Lady Sylvanas through the dungeon to complete an epic quest to infiltrate the Citadel from an alternative entrance, depending on your faction of course.

The dungeon spans across 3 wings, which on heroic will have separate lockouts. The first wing is called The Forge of Souls, you have to complete this to be able to unlock the Pit of Saron, which then unlocks The Hall of Reflections, where you meet Falric and Marwyn, Arthas’s captains in life, and finally.. Arthas himself. Jaina wanting to find some remaining humanity in Arthas, and Sylvanas, well, she wants to bitch slap him for what he did to her. I’m going to have to do this  dungeon both on my Horde and Alliance just to see the awesome lore from both sides!

With Arthas being in the 5 man, I can’t imagine him not being in the raid instance, so the last boss in Icecrown Citadel is either going to be Kael’thas himself “Tempest Keep and Magister’s Terrace were merely a setback!” Except now he’s Arthas’s gimp. Or the more serious, Arthas won’t die in The Frozen Halls. Perhaps we’ll see another shade boss, shade of Ner’zhul. Also, if one of the bosses doesn’t drop a Frostwyrm mount I’m going to be a little disappointed.. ooh, maybe the quest line gives a reward of “Lil KT“!

New bosses and hard modes

Raid last night was interesting, took down 2 new bosses. Although arguably Koralon, the new Vault boss, wasn’t much of a kill shot worthy boss (don’t stand in the fire, congratulations on your loot). Anub’erak on the other hand I think it only took us 3 or 4 tries, but once you make sure healers are assigned mostly to tanks, you pretty much stay in the ice patches (especially in the underground phase) and adds are dealt with while he is burrowing, melee on the big adds, ranged on the little ones, it’s pretty easy. Phase 3 comes about once he is taken down to 30% of his health. Basically he casts a leach on the raid, dealing 20% of your current health as damage. He idea is to nuke him down before the healers become oom.
Raid leader: Now don’t heal everybody up, keep people alive, don’t let anyone die but-
Tank: You can heal me up!
Raid leader: You can heal the tank up.
Do remember to keep the focus, it’s still possible to wipe on phase 3.

Also, we seem to have understood Faction Champions quite well now. What we do is have people locking down the melee, Death Knights, Prot Palas/Mages, Druids, etc. Try to CC the casters as much as possible, and nuke the healers down one by one. Of course, have somebody assigned to taking down the totems as they can be a pain. We usually stick a hunter on these. Once we followed these tactics, it became a one shot rather than an hour or two worth of wipes. Lovely :)

We had a few tries on the Northrend Beasts Heroic mode. The first guy hits the tank quite hard, even more so after a while. He also dual-wields. This one appears to be a DPS race, we had the ranged assigned to taking down each and every Snobold, the boss was still at about 10-20% when Acidmaw and Dreadscale appeared. With the tanks still on the boss and having a massive bleed on them, this was a little too difficult like this. I think we need to leave a few snobolds, take down the ones on healers, and possibly casters, but the rest should be healed through I think. Sure, on me, it does annoying damage, but if I’m silenced it doesn’t matter so much. We’ll see tonight.

Twin ValKyr

After becoming more and more frustrated on the Faction Champions.. and finally downing them, we come to the Twin Val’Kyr. This fight is such a cakewalk after the Faction Champions.

The basic point of the fight is there is one light and one dark Val’Kyr, there are 2 different portals you need to take. Half of the raid should take the light portal to fight the dark one, the other half takes the dark portal to fight the light one. Every now and then one of them will do a move and you need to switch to the other portal, say the light guy casts it, everybody should take the dark portal, and vice versa. On top of this, there are orbs floating around which can’t reach the bosses else they do more damage. As long as everybody can do these things it’s such an easy fight. I think we took more time figuring out who was a “meanie” and who was a “goodie” to take 2 separate screenshots for the home page than learning the actual fight xD

Faction Champions

New boss up yesterday in Crusader’s Colosseum, The Faction Champions. The fight is basically one big arena. I can’t remember exactly which NPCs we had, though there was a priest, a resto druid, an enhancement shaman, a hunter and a warlock, definitely. In my opinion, it’s such a messy fight, just like arena, but bigger and with more repair bills. Now I don’t mind wiping, I don’t mind repair bills.. but putting arena into a raid?! I hated the fight personally, I do my best to avoid PvP and then they put it into PvE :<

There really aren’t any tactics except for PvP diminishing returns apply, so they eventually become immune to Crowd Control. Frost Traps are always nice, taking down the totems, and focus nuking the healers, then the NPC causing the highest threat to the raid. Scare Beast worked on the hunter pet.. but honest to God, there aren’t really any useful tactics. Whilst I hated the fight, I’m sure others don’t. It did remind me too much of the boss before Kael2 in Magister’s Terrace though..


Joined my boyfriend’s and a few friend’s guild on my blood elf hunter, Fae, yesterday. I got a spot in the raid and after refreshing myself a little, had to remember how low FPS 25 man Hodir works all over again. On top of that, we were going for hard mode, so I had to find as many beams as I could without a pile of ice landing on my face. After a few tries confused over why i was stuck with 5k DPS, because I know most of my gear is Naxx 25 gear, but I also have a few very decent pieces, T8 2 set, the XT 10 man hardmode gun, I found myself able to hit around 7-8k if I made good use of the beams, CDs, haste pots, bloodlust (heroism), which you know was very nice to see myself doing with not-so-fantastic gear. We had to wipe a few times because of low DPS. Finally got it down with Dan (Ryyus, my boyfriend, the prot paladin) MTing, and a group of mages and a moonkin hitting somewhere between 10k and 16k DPS.. so fucking insane, seriously.

We also made an alt 10 man guild called <IREALYHOPETHISNAMEFI>, planning on doing some Ulduar 10 and Crusader’s Coluseam 10 man on our alts. I still really want to try a resto/balance druid, have one at level 48 that just needs a name change (she’s called Bananafaerie becuase of a 2 year old guild joke which isn’t at all funny anymore, not even to us) and I’ll be fine to level and gear it for these alt runs which should be really fun. Until then I have a Naxx 25 geared holy paladin I can use, once my hunter gets a spot elsewhere of course. All in all, a good night :D

Dustwallow Marsh was merely a setback..

No, but really, an updated Onyxia for a 5th Anniversary of.. World of Warcraft. :) So, in the next patch, 3.2.2, we will see Onyxia the Broodmother updated and tuned for level 80 players, replacing the level 60 instance.

It will include the old item models with stats relevant to the new content, including Tier 2 helms. So, hunters, prepare to look like fish again! It will be a permanent change with 10 and 25 players modes included.

There will be a 310% speed mount named the Brood of Onyxia, a normal sized drake modeled after Onyxia. I for one am quite excited about this though unsure whether it’s a guaranteed drop or just a chance to drop, like the blue drakes from Malygos. Either way, in my opinion, an awesome addition.

In November, for a certain amount of time, similar to the Baby Blizzard Bear giveaway last year, there will be an Onyxia Brood Whelpling pet given to people who log in during a particular time period.

The only bad news I can think of is that this will replace the level 60 instance permanently, which will in turn mean no more Onyxia soloing, so if you haven’t done this yet, better get on with it ;)

All in all, a nice 5th Anniversary treat from Blizzard :) Maybe it’s time to dust off the old ‘More Dots’ T-shirt..

Blizzard will be opening up the level 80 version of Onyxia on Test Realms soon, along with other new content. There will be more news on this in hopefully the near future.