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Link Love: Because I Suck At Titles

I haven’t spent an incredible amount of time in WoW this week, partly because I was ill for a couple of days (just ate something dodgy, nothing major I just preferred the comfort of pillows) and partly because honestly, the game is feeling a little stale at the moment. I’ve tried playing alts, doing a little Loremaster, getting my seasonal achievements done, but the only thing that really interested me was doing my auctions which I have going on 2 servers now. I’ll be taking a small break from the game when I send my graphics card back to hopefully be finally fixed or replaced, though I might try another game for a bit, go back to Aion or LotRO for a month just to play around and take a break. I’m not finished with WoW just yet.

The blog has taken a lot of my attention this week too actually. I’ve been playing around with graphics and pages again, which by the way if you have any suggestions for my header please feel free to leave a comment. I’m not entirely sure where to go with it but it’s not complete. Of course, Dristanel made me the lovely RSS button you can see to the top of my sidebar as well for being the first to guess who my Secret Admirer was. I’ve been spending a little more time over at Blog Azeroth as well, seeing how I can help. Browsing the introduction forums has helped me find a few new blogs actually, my reader is going to be very difficult to keep up with soon.

Blogs to Watch

Another awesome week for new blogs, at least for my unobservant self anyway! First of all, check out this monster of a blogroll.

I’ve come across two hunter blogs this week.

A few others to check out.


Yay, go me, I kept up on my feed reader for once!

Big Bear Butt talked about how WoW’s community makes it the strongest MMO out there. Basically, if you took away the community, the bloogers, Wowhead, news sites, and so on, WoW killers would be much more likely. Equally, if you gave another decently designed MMO the same things, perhaps it could pique a little more activity. He’s right, I’ve tried other MMOs, the information is a lot harder to find than it is in WoW.

Euripedes discussed how WoW as a form of escapism is a lot more healthy than a lot of people would have you think, that escaping into any other hobby is just the same. Personally, I’d go so far as to say escaping into a book can be more unhealthy than WoW, as then you’re left alone with your thoughts, it’s much easier to wallow when you don’t have people around you, whether they’re online friends or not.

Lassirra has made an attempt to relieve the differences between casual players and hardcore players by explaining what a hardcore raid leader has to go through, and how they have to act. That being said, there are still the elitist jerks out there who can’t understand the mindset of a casual player, and feel they have to talk down to them while they collect their daily frost emblems from LFD or however else they come across each other.

Angelya has provided us with a wonderful Balance Cheat Sheet which I might have to use when I finally get my cow to 80! She also has a Resto Cheat Sheet. I love these kind of guides.

Anea would like to remind you that she is not your heal bitch. I would like to add, if we wipe, you run. I’m not going to be ressing you. I agree wholeheartedly with everything she has said in this post, and what it boils down to is the reason why I don’t tend to heal much these days: people take their healers for granted.

I don’t usually link to shared topics in my link love posts but, do prepare yourselves for the Windsoar boss.

Valentines Link Love

It has been 2 weeks since my last link love post, and being Valentines Day and all I thought it would be nice to do another one. Recently, not necessarily just this week, I have discovered a few blogs I’d like to share. Please check out these awesome new bloggers:

The Physician’s Log – I actually discovered this one via Revive & Rejuvenate. Angelya mentioned the Secret Admirer project, I went over to the Physician’s Log, not only did the project seem like fun but the blog is beautifully designed and good read.

Mischief, Magic, and Rocket Science – While checking out the Secret Admirer project post I had a browse of the comments and discovered Gypsy’s blog. A new mage blogger with another beautifully designed blog, fun to read, and very informative for mages.

DiscoDruid – I can’t remember exactly where I saw this one linked now, it was from one of the tree druid bloggers I’m sure. Either way, the idea behind it grabbed my attention. A resto druid main, levelling a priest. I love the sidebar and so far proves to be an interesting read too.

CrusaderShock – I love their introduction posts, and the theme design is so awesome. There isn’t much content to judge from yet, but I’m looking forward to seeing what they are going to do with this blog.

Undoubtedly Fran – One of the many lovely Twitterers decided to start up a blog recently. Lovely header image (I can’t wait to see the Horde one also) and nice to read.

So, my plan for today is to do a quick round of dailies on my hunter, play my druid for a little bit (if not I’ll be doing Loremaster or reading), followed by spending a Valentines Evening with my boyfriend who’ll be cooking us a nice meal and then lounge on the bed watching a DvD or two. What are your Valentines plans?

The Week #12

I’m going to come straight out with it, this post is filler. I obviously played my warrior a little. I played the Auction House a bit. Bought a Traveler’s Tundra Mammoth, seeing that afterwards I had 4,000 gold server wide, I bought a pile of raw gems, cut them, sold them for more. Used up a few mats in my bank, Emblems lying around, and bought a few mats to make a couple of things with leatherworking which I resold for a huge profit. After a week, I was back upto about 12k gold server wide. I’ve now gone back to my lowbie mage alt, and I’m semi flirting with the idea of faction changing and transferring Fae when I’ve finished Loremaster, but I don’t know yet. I do miss Terenas Alliance though. Dan also bought me the Gundrak Hatchling and Elwynn Lamb this week, so I’m now upto 101 vanity pets!

I’ve been reading books a lot again this week, finished one and I’m onto the next in the series. I’ve kept up on my reader to an extent, but not enough to really warrant the major link love, which by the way I have played around with my blogroll, tidied it a little, added a few new blogs who weren’t previously there. I also wanted to link to more characters, so I finally did something with my characters page, there’s a link in the WoW tab above, and beneath the other armory links in my sidebar.

For now, have a look at Aphroditi’s warlocky wallpapers, I love them to bits!

A bit of machinima I spotted on this week, but it will get stuck in your head so watch at your own risk: I Kissed An Orc.

I’d also like to add a goodbye to Saresa, we’ll miss you, of course, but hope that stepping away will be a positive step. Good luck :)

The Week #11

I went back to Fae this week, started on her dailies again and did her weekly. I realised I had missed it so thankfully, no danger of me dropping hunter any time soon. I’ve been incredibly tired so I can’t remember much of what I have done, apart from my achievement points have gone up to about 6,900, and Jaedia the warlock has picked up a bit more gear (and discovered why her DPS was so low all the time, nothing to do with her imp.. nope.. what? Okay, it might have been on passive for a while but ANYWAY).

Also, I don’t know if any of you remember my little project? Well, yesterday I realised, the only race I quite like but don’t have a high level character of this race, is female human. The racials are awesome too. So I traded over the heirlooms from my level 8 draenei, picked out a new name, and made Briella. I also got her to level 11 and it’s fun! It’s a new class which previously I only reached level 27 with. I’m almost tempted to try tanking.. almost. Well, you may notice a few differences. I’ve given up on the idea of not helping her out with money and items, and just got on with it. I think I’ll be more likely to level and enjoy playing her.

Another thing I did this week was read more. Go ahead and mock, but I’m reading the Twilight series which I got for Christmas, and I’m enjoying it. This has actually reduced my blog reading time, which I realised this morning. I’ve bookmarked a few posts which I’m going to share.

I actually fell in love with this post of Pike’s. Weezer are awesome, and the images match the song well. Had to share.

I haven’t raided in a few weeks, so I haven’t seen the fights myself, but Rilgon’s Putricide guide is awesome. I equally love Morynne’s Icecrown guides.

Brangwen at Non Elitist Raiding Diary has posted an interesting topic this week about declining applicants based on age. Some very good points raised and it made me think a little, it’s not necessarily a topic I’ve thought about before.

If you’ve ever wondered what Tirion is yelling about in Icecrown, but didn’t have chance to stop and read it, you’re in luck, Arioch has come to the rescue. Now you can read lore without worrying about wiping on the trash.

The Week #10

I’ve spent most of this week on my warlock. I’ve had a lot of stuff happen while playing Fae which has upset me, and I’m starting to wonder if she’s cursed or just unlucky, ha. Either way, playing her is starting to feel uncomfortable with all of the bad memories, and playing random alts, doing what I want when I feel like it rather than, “Well, I should log my character and do dailies I don’t really want to do now,” has been much more appealing this past week. I don’t plan to reroll, even though I’m not playing Fae too much, I’m still calling her my main. I just grew tired of ‘The Problem‘ and when it affects you? Kinda sucks.

Mining has actually got me through a large portion of this week. I decided it was time to level my warlock’s mining after hitting 80 and not having very much to do, or feeling much like doing anything else and it was relaxing. I made a shedload of gold from the Mithril, Thorium and Fel Iron. I might make a home of Hinterlands and Un’goro. I’ve had my fair share of good and bad PuGs this week, and people like this:

Some of you may also notice I’ve been fiddling around with the layout this week. Scrapping armory plugins for simple character buttons linking to their armory pages (and awesome poses of course), changed my signature and pet buttons to match the text on the armory buttons a little better, and of course, the header. I wanted to include my alts in the header because I’m quite an altaholic, and I wanted to relfect this.

I don’t usually do this but I’ve come across a couple more new blogs I enjoy reading this week:

  1. Blasting Away – A friend from my (now)ex-guild has started blogging. I’ve been helping her with bits and pieces, setting it up, and I’m liking where it’s heading. I particularly love reading the blogs of friends.
  2. The Snobby Blood Elf – The snobbybelf almost has more blood elves than me! Almost. I love the header, and she’s also a very good writer. Had to add this one to my reader.

This week, Pike has written an excellent blog post about how to play as a Beast Mastery hunter. I particularly like this article because compared to Marksman and even Survival, there isn’t a lot of information about how to effectively play as a BM hunter. Kudos to Pike.

Windsoar has also enlightened us this week on how to survive low level PuGs, and told us to L2Bandage. There are some excellent tips in this post including: “No one cares how great your main character is–we don’t know his name, he likely doesn’t play on my server, and I will never run into him when I’m doing activities on my main.”

Icedragon tells us this week how to make Oculus easy. Countless people have said time and time again how much they hate Oculus, it’s too hard, it’s boring, whatever, thanks for ruining the only original instance I’ve really loved this expansion. Now go and read this post and suck it up.

Similarly, Cassandri has broken down Gnomeregan into simple bite-sized chunks. Personally quite hate Gnomeregan, partly because of the scenery, and partly because I get lost.. a lot. Therefore, this post is going in my permanently bookmarked list in my reader.

Finally, Vas’s lore post over at Daily Quests this week was particularly interesting, basically a discussion of, “What came first, the Titan or the Old God?” At the same time, exploring who the Titans and the Old Gods are. Well worth a read.

The Week #9

The past week I haven’t really been playing Fae much. I’ve logged in to do her random daily heroic for the Frost Emblems, pugged a Flame Leviathan 10 for the weekly raid quest, aside from that I’ve been quite determined to level my warlock.

A little background on my warlock: She was my first character. I made her.. I think the September before TBC was released, so at the time I could be an undead or an orc. I chose undead. At about level 27 ish, I noticed everybody had “words in front of their names” so when I asked my friend where to get this, he said PvP. I joined a WSG and made myself a Scout which I was perfectly happy with, not understanding PvP at all at this point (not much has changed, let’s be fair). She would have been about level 40 when TBC hit, I levelled very slowly, with college, social life, and other alts to sort out as well. When TBC hit and I noticed how many 70s were around I became determined and at about 62, a group of guildies helped me with the Dreadsteed quest. It was very hard at this point and took about 10 minutes, and my God I was proud of that mount. She was my first character to 70 and I quit her 2 months after she hit 70 to play a priest instead. She is now my 6th level 80.

The problem with Scout Hadlo being an undead is purely that I don’t really like playing undead. The only horde race I like is blood elf, and I guess tauren. After a shitty hour of being PvPed in Nagrand, helping a friend with Ring of Blood, I decided finally I’d race change to blood elf and eventually decided to change her name from Hadlo, to something much more comfortable: Jaedia. I’m now much more attached to the character, I love that she is Scout Jaedia, and in fact, Destruction feels like a very similar playstyle to Spiritmasters in Aion, which was the class I played and loved to bits. Anyway, I do have a bit of link love this week.

I’d really like to promote a few new blogs today. I have 3 I’d like to share with you.

  1. Random Rogue – I love her theme to bits. It’s bright, colourful, and very happy. I like that, and also the idea behind the blog. Just another random rogue pugging her way through the levels. I find that a nice fresh new idea for blogging.
  2. Marks-365 – I think I found Morynne’s hunter blog from a comment on another blog. Curious I had a look and I loved reading her blog, chatting on Twitter, and watching it grow.
  3. The Spirit Beast – A beautifully designed brand new blog for BM hunters. I can’t wait to see it improve and grow :)

I really do need to get upto date on my reader. I couldn’t bear to go through everything after Christmas and have still barely touched on it, sorry guys, I will read your stuff! Though, I have managed to get upto date on a few.

I really love Pike’s WoW-Related Things I Have Drawn Lately post. I love looking at other people’s art, whether it be doodles or  oil paintings or the other awesome stuff inbetween. These are so cute I had to share.

This week I have come across 2 bloggers who word what I was trying to say in my post about elitists much better than I could. The first being Arioch of Clearcasting, and the second Saresa of Destructive Reach.

There’s an awesome guide for raiding shadow priests up at Lucky Lurky this week, nice to see you posting again Ben!

Last but by no means least, big congratulations to Naithin! Wish you guys all the best and Cristel’s dress is really pretty :D

The Week #7

My original plan to leave you with a couple of queued posts while I was away isn’t looking likely now on account of my being way too tired to think. Need to pack, might take something other than a few Warcraft books incase I change my mind when I sit down to read, pick a few CDs, DVDs, Dragon Age is going. Make sure random important things liiike phone ch- yeah anyway you guys don’t care, sleepy Jae gets a bit more rambly than usual. My point is I might spend the day on Loremaster rather than a post which will come out as a rambly mess. Might queue up something small for Christmas day, though, don’t expect too much. A quick bit of link love!

Now, one blogger who has had an impact on me this week is Tam. This is because whenever I try to access Righteous Orbs, I’m redirected to the Apache Test Center or something! I’m very technologically illiterate (although I couldn’t survive without my sat nav) and didn’t and still don’t have a clue what that means. Thankfully, I can still read Righteous Orbs in my reader, and for those of you who can access it, go Looking for Goats.

A few hunter strats for ICC wich I’ve found to be pretty useful. First of all, OutDPS has the brief overview of all 4 bosses. Frostheim has put more detail into Lord Marrowgar, Lady Deathwhisper, and Gunship Battle strats. By the way, couldn’t help but mention: OMGBEARROCKETBUTT!

In the week I’ve been working on my 3.3 gear list, I’ll admit I need to have another look over it and I will be updating it again when we have a full loot table for Icecrown BUT let’s just say Rilgon is much better at these things than me.

For those of you who haven’t yet finished the Merrymaker achievement, /hug and Mend Pet have reposted their guides from last year which are both equally as awesome as each other.

The lovely Elsen has written a post about guilds. Her advice about being happy in your guild echoes my own opinions and I urge you to read it, especially if you’re unsure about your guild at the moment.

Ophelie went looking for fail, and found nothing but friendliness and easy PUGs, the opposite of ‘when it rains’ eh? ;)

As I’ve been saying, I might have internet access in Wales, but I’m not counting on it and stashing up on books, DVDs and games, because Christmas is oh so fun! I probably won’t be blogging while I’m out there, but I am bouncing up and down for this Secret Santa exchange, and we’re planning to leave on the 27th I think Dan said, so will be home by the Sunday evening *touch wood* (and Steel: I’m going to be WAY too tired to raid that night, driving makes me cranky).

Merry Christmas!

The Week #6

noseyturkeyI took a few days off checking my reader because of a measly little birthday and patch happens, and it (my reader) becomes inundated with “omg how awesome!” Which given, you’re right, 3.3 was really fun and still is, the random dungeon feature has made pugging so much easier and I love it, did a couple of instance runs on my 73 warlock last night and they were fun. I fear soon people will get bored of it and the queues will become larger, but hey, it’s still much much better than the old LFG system. Anyway, some Sunday link love, which I know is getting longer but it’s getting harder to say to myself “no, don’t link that one, it’s not as good as the others” because that simply isn’t true.

Link Love for Angry Alt may be a little delayed, but once I found this post I had to share it because oh my God yes, I completely agree with you. Random invites and general rudeness does my head in. “Want to join for [instance]?” “Yeah sure” “Would you mind healing please?” Will get a much better response than spamming the invite button or even “HEAL PLX?!”

Vas’s post over at Daily Quests about Tirion Fordring, really got me thinking. This whole.. Lich King / Champion of the Light thing is pretty deep, the idea brought forth in Halls of Reflection did make me think, Azeroth needs a Lich King, so who will take over once Arthas is defeated? The idea that there also needs to be a Champion of the Light as well… Don’t think TL;DR, go read it.

I have found a few great warlock posts this week, the first of which is how to not suck at destruction. Okay, so, Saresa came up with a better sounding name but this spells out exactly what the post is about. I respecced my warlock to destruction last night and this guide is going to be awesome when I finally get around to finishing those last 6 levels.

The other being a post over at Fel Fire, how to gear your lock in 3.3. Going through each of the new items, and comparing them to see which is the best to aim for. Not only are these posts useful for my alting, but also a friend who has come back to the game after a long break, I’ve been looking out for useful posts for him and these two are perfect.

In fact, another friend has decided to come back to the game after a very long break, you may know him as the one who fixes my technical problems and hosts my blog. While browsing for decent disc priest blogs, I found an awesome one: Penance Priest.

A few short boss explanations for the Frozen Halls at Almost Evil, useful for those of you who may not have run the new 5 mans yet, or may still be unsure on the tactics for each one.

I absolutely loved the lore for dummies post at Crooks and Nannies. It is pretty thorough and covers a few things I was actually curious about, glad to finally know the answers. This is also a new blog to the scene and in my opinion looks to be promising, I’m looking forward to more posts!

flying kodo of doom

I’ve found in the past that my UIs have been cluttered, awkward, full of pointless mods while raiding and so on. I’ve finally tidied up my UI and installed Addon Control Panel to easily switch off pointless mods like NPCScan for raids without having to relog. Eidotrope of OutDPS has written an awesomely detailed post to help you design your UI to be effective for endgame DPS.

A very important post for hunters this week at Stabilized Effort Scope, and no, it’s not the whine about the specifications for getting the new ammo (which by the way: grr), it’s detailing the procs of Deathbringer’s Will for each class, and a few thoughts on why this is better for hunters than other classes. By no means saying that it should go to the hunters before anybody else, it’s just interesting to know.

Finally, this list of pop cultures references in WoW over at WoWWiki is not a blog but interesting nonetheless. For example, Professor Finklestein in Zul’drak, a part of the Pa’troll daily, it never dawned on me that he was designed after the doctor in Nightmare Before Christmas who made Sally!

PS. I don’t know how that druid bugged that, but o.m.g that flying kodo looks insanely awesome and I couldn’t resist adding the screenshot here!