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Fantasmical Friday #1

I don’t know if any of you remember my Sunday Link Love posts back when I was the Lazy Sniper, but I decided to bring them back. This time on a Friday. So why Friday? Well, I decided to get it going today and it’s Friday, thus it will be a Friday feature. I plan that far ahead of time! I also wanted some alliteration in the title. Deal with it. Unless you have a better idea? Because I’m pretty renowned for sucking at naming stuff.

These posts are going to be a kind of weekly medley. I plan to post my screenshot of the week, do a little bit of catch up (without repeating myself, of course), and the main point in the posts, share a bit of link love. The point in this to share posts that I’ve enjoyed reading and share blogs that I feel deserve some recognition, and not just an embellishment on my blogroll because those guys are already linked twice ;). So without further ado.

Jae’s Screenshot of the Week

Apparently if you fly through the blue lady area of Storm Peaks while using Vial of the Sands, you swim through the air the same way Druids in flight form do. If you happen to have a passenger at the time, hilarity ensues.

I took this screenshot when Dan came to Zul’drak to help me kill Ragemane, who I managed to get to about half health before going all splat, and then the Zul’drak Ring of Blood. He collected a few flight plans for me, though I can’t remember what the heck we were doing in Storm Peaks now.. even so, it was funny.


Firstly, I have a handful of posts to share.

  • Disciplinary ActionStained Class: Fairly certain you’ll all have seen these by now, if not, go look. They are fantasmical!
  • I Like PancakesDarishea: Another arty type post. I love Traxy’s art style, there’s a lovely unique simplicity to it, and this latest one is no different.
  • Wowhead NewsA Guide to Collecting Tabards: This guide is so handy, especially as I’m levelling a Death Knight at the moment (I don’t really like tabards on my casters) who will be requiring a nice tabard collection eventually.
  • The ConsortiumDalaran Limited Supply Route: Okay, so I know some people don’t like the whole buy from vendor, sell on auction house for a profit market, but it can be worthwhile and this guide for Dalaran items is pretty good.

As I’ve been away for a while, I missed a few blogs. Some of these may have been around before I quit, some may have popped up while I was gone, but it is just a handful of the blogs I’ve recently added to my reader. Enjoy.

  • Elfi’s World: A nice fun read. Discovered when Rades tweeted that he had been interviewed there.
  • Flavor Text: I only found this one today actually via Pewter’s ‘follow friday’ this morning (despite already following Norm on twitter). I’m very unobservant, this was an instant addition to my reader.
  • Mortigan The Warlock: Because he came back just a little bit before I quit so I never really got the chance to say this, “Squeee!”
  • Player Vs Auction House: A gold blog with a twist – it isn’t smothered in ads and ebooks! I love reading gold blogs, but I can’t stand all of the money making ventures a lot of them seem to take. Guess that’s what readers are for but when I find a gold blog that not only gives good advice but is also clean, it really shines.
  • Foo’s WoW Musings: This is another gold blog with the exact same appeal to me. Both are well worth a look, they’re good with tips.

May your Friday be Rebecca Black-less… starting now.

Cataclysm Cinematic

This spoiler warning is here for those of you who want to wait until you get your games to watch the cinematic. If that doesn’t matter to you, feel free to continue reading.

Yesterday, I was told that the cinematic has been officially released by Blizzard. I could have waited for the game release like I’ve been doing with near enough everything else (although I keep stumbling upon screenshots of the Goblin zone, so the visuals for that will be less new and exciting /sadpanda), but I love cinematics, so.. yeah, and if you haven’t seen it yet and want to:

*squee* I’m really excited for Cataclysm, though I don’t think I’m going to rush my levelling as much as I tried to for Wrath and as much as I planned to. I had been thinking about taking a tiny bit of time off work (I’m only doing Monday mornings and Friday and Saturday afternoons and it’s voluntary), but I don’t feel like I have much to rush for at the moment, and I’ll only be at work for 3 or 4 hours each time I go in, so I’ll see. Plus, it is kind of my birthday on the 7th of December, and yes I did shake my fist at Blizzard a little.. or perhaps it was just a picture of the Blizzard logo on my monitor BUT THAT STILL COUNTS! One good thing about my birthday being release date? Collector’s edition.

Shared Items & Feedback

Today I’d like to talk about link love. Well, less ‘talk about it’, because I don’t need to tell you why it’s nice, but just to let you guys know that incase you weren’t aware – I am giving it out a lot even when I don’t post.

See, a few months back I was having trouble with my reader. Certain blogs literally wouldn’t update and that was driving me insane, so, I asked in Single Abstract Noun which readers people were using and Erc ordered me to try out Feedly, which I believe is a Google Chrome extension. It’s supposed to be the magazine style feed reader, though I like the lists. I have it set up to show blog names and article titles, if an article says in the title, for example, ‘Cataclysm’, then I can quite easily skip past it and read something without Cataclysm spoilers and I love it for that.

Anyway, being part of Google, it’s connected to Google Reader, so I was able to import my blog list from Bloglines (my old reader) and it seems to synchronise. Another feature it shares is ‘shared items’, which I started using to just bookmark posts I enjoyed to come back to for either the link love posts I used to do, or to add to my resources page later on. After a while, I realised I could link to this as a feed in my sidebar and I have done ever since.

Below my Twitter box, you should be able to see ‘Interesting Blog Posts’, which I have renamed, it used to be ‘Interesting Stuff’. and the feed link in the little orange icon should work, if not try clicking here. I share posts that I find interesting, useful, and funny, so take a look, they’re worth reading. You might find something new.

I’d also like to ask you while I’m doing a more generic blogging post what you guys think of the theme changes? Apart from, “Dear God, woman, stop changing your damn theme every 10 minutes!” Because trust me, I know, but I’ve gone back to the old theme that I quite liked, couldn’t find anything else I was 100% happy with. I like the header and the sidebar, I’m just not sure about the background. Anything you might change perhaps? Feedback/constructive criticism is appreciated.

I Lost My Guest Poster

To some of you, I’m sure the fact that Dan won’t be posting here any more is great news, and to the rest of you, it isn’t. For those of you who don’t like this news so much – don’t worry, he’s just decided to start his own blog. So now I can flail about while he goes completely uncensored, with nobody to tell him that hey, that 4 lettered c word is great, but think of the children! I’m sure it will be fine. *bites nails*

He’s only planning to post sporadically, whenever he feels like it, so if you want to follow him, I recommend you add ‘I Gem Crit‘ to your readers. Go say hi!

Link Love: The Drama Week

This week has been pretty drama filled, and there are a fair few response posts I could link to, but I don’t want to link to anything related to the posts and blogs that have caused the huge discussion that has taken place this week, that needs to be left alone now. Rather, I would like to link to a couple of blog posts discussing the topic, not the bloggers, in a mature and adult way. First of all, Byaghro of Diabolical Minds wrote a post on Social Responsibility and Blogging, I respect how objective he remained whilst raising some excellent points. Windsoar equally wrote an awesome objective post, or in her own words a Rambling Commentary on Recent Events. Both posts give you something to think about, whether you agree with them or not.

Not everything has been about the drama this week, thank God, in fact, there has been a string of blogging related topics. One which actually originated from a Blog Azeroth discussion: Why do you blog? Both Gypsy and Dristanel decided to respond in post form and I loved reading both responses, and I can honestly say that there is a little of my own reasons in both posts. Saresa has written a wonderful guide for people who are thinking about starting their own blog but may perhaps need a few tips, So, You Want To Blog?

I know I don’t blog too much about hunters these days, but I still read the hunter blogs and I find this guide on using from Rilgon absolutely awesome. I wasn’t aware that it is basically the same as the Excel Spreadsheet, so now I don’t feel quite as bad for using it myself!

Daily Quests is a web comic which I find to be quite unique with its blog sections, and I’m particularly fond of Vas’ lore section. I’ve learnt quite a lot about lore from reading his column and this week has been no different in his discussion of The Half Breed and the Human, Med’an, the son of Medivh.

There have been many levelling guides around this week and here’s just a handful of the few I found particularly informative. Windsoar posted her guide on Druiding it Up: 1-10. Okay, so, Tarinae’s guide to levelling a healadin may have technically been last week, but I felt I should include it as I read it this week *stomps* my blog, my rules! Also, I particularly enjoy levelling Death Knights. I’m not entirely sure why, I already have one at 80 and I don’t really intend to level more, but I find them pretty damn fun and Skeleton Jack’s introduction guide to levelling a DK is a very good starting point. All in all, whatever you level, try to have some fun, go against what everybody else tells you is best if that’s what you want to do, but tips and guides are always nice to get you started, especially if you want to level efficiently.

Last but not least, what is a week’s round up without a few fun posts? The wonderful Zalduun has informed us of a few things that we may not know about Dalaran. I didn’t know there was a shoe shiner, and I haven’t been able to find the lighting up Dalaran guy since the very beginning of Wrath! I love little tidbits like this. Something quite interesting from Arioch, clearly she has a WoW Model Viewer addiction at the moment (prove me wrong), but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Take a look at the different models, do you sleep the same way your character does? Looking at it, I do sleep like the female Blood Elf. How did you sleep last night? Have you checked your horoscope this week? What’s your sign? I think I have a little of the Overachiever in me, but I’m mostly an Altoholic.

Worst attempt at hacking ever!