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I Lied A Little Bit

Well, sort of, about the fact that my next post would be WoW based. It wasn’t after all. This is less a post and more a quick note to clarify something, because I don’t want people to get the wrong idea. The ads are going up to help with RL stuff, I’m lucky to have a friend with some server space, he was kind enough to let me steal a little space. I don’t pay for my hosting, if I ever did I would move to free WordPress. We want to try to move along and get our own place, which for the past couple of years has drastically failed. We can afford food, and we have a roof over our heads but it’s only a temporary roof, it isn’t our roof, so any little thing I can do to help.. because I’m tired of things being static.

I wanted to make sure you guys know precisely why I’m putting ads up, because there’s nothing worse than somebody saying their ads are for one thing, but in reality they’re for something much more selfish. I guess that applies more to a donate button, but even so. I like to be honest.

Right, one WoW post coming up. Just need a topic, you know I spent so long fixing ads, the shop, and tidying and cleaning yesterday (okay and I watched an episode of Elfen Lied followed by an episode of Merlin after I’d cooked) that I didn’t even think about logging into WoW until it got late and I was turning off my PC to go and read my book? I kinda hope I get a little time over the weekend to PUG an Icecrown or two.

Final thing: HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAN. He’s an old fart today, leave him insulting comments or nice things if you must ;)

And Thank You

I had so many comments on last night’s post that rather than reply to each individual one, I decided to just least a post saying a huge, heartfelt thank you to all of you – even those who didn’t comment because sometimes I know that you don’t have to say anything to care, you just do. So, thank you for the lovely comments, you guys almost made me cry *shakes fist*.

The WoW blogging community is the most supportive one I have ever been a part of and I love you guys, you always manage to make me smile. Whenever I do #followfriday ((or #ff)) on Twitter, I always base it on who has made me smile that week. I scroll through everybody who has mentioned me in the past week, and I will link to those guys (unless you were mean, then no love for you!) because people who make others smile always deserve a mention and a bit of link love.

Also, ha, loved the suggestion for T-Shirts and mugs – would anyone even buy a ‘Lazy Sniper’ mug? And the apologies were because I’ve always been just a little against putting ads on my site, but you gotta do what you gotta do. My next post will be more Lazy Sniper-esque, I swear. ;) (WTB better smilies).

An Explanation

I actually promised myself that I’d never get this personal on my WoW blog (that’s what my personal blog is for, after all), because it’s a WoW blog, and I want a happy little space on the internet. Trouble is, I feel that I should tell you what’s going on at the moment.

The thing is, I wouldn’t even say I’ve had a bad life. My mum left my dad for another man I never really liked (though these days I think I prefer him to her, that’s beside the point) when I was 7, sure it sucked a bit at the time but hey, I was 7, I’m 21 now, that’s quite a lot of time to get over it. Sure, my dad has had money troubles trying to find a job that would mean he could work decent hours to look after me and also afford to live, he ended up on a paid by commission job for a while which wasn’t brilliant, but I’ve lived in the same house my entire life, and even then I would have been about 10 and didn’t really know what was going on. Okay, so it sucked a bit when I realised that my mum wasn’t really bothering with me after a few years, she’d had 3 other kids she was always busy with and I always had to call her and visit her, there was never any contact from her side, long story short, I don’t get on with her too well these days.

What I’m getting at though, is sure I’ve had a couple of hardships in my life while growing up, but nothing particularly crippling as far as I can see. So I don’t particularly understand where this depression came from. The past 3 ((jesus has it really been that long?)) years, I’ve really struggled. My then boyfriend went to university and left me, I struggled to get a job, and things just went downhill. It caused some pretty hefty problems with anxiety (and a nice little car bump while I was on the medication.. came off those, I’m a driver, didn’t feel safe being that tired all the time) and stuff’s just been a bit shit.

So yeah, I like to pretend all is fine and be as cheerful as I can be, because even if I’m not, even if I’m just pretending, it still makes me feel better. And you have no idea just how good both my dad and Dan have been to me the past couple of years, I swear to God they are probably the 2 most amazing people in my life .. heck they put up with enough, ha. Ugh, sorry, sentiment. See, I’m not the only one who has been having trouble finding work. Dan has struggled too, and we just want to get our life started, you know?

Basically, it’s got to the point where I need to put ads on my blog. I know some of you are against ads, and I will try my hardest to keep them clean, but I really hope you understand why I’m having to do this.

Aaand back to the regular not-so-scheduled posting soon!