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Don’t Mind Me, Claiming Me Some Bloglovin

Follow my blog with Bloglovin

Just a quick post claiming my blog on Bloglovin. It’s yet another feedreader for blogs that gained popularity after the closure of Google Reader (R.I.P.) and while I claimed my book blog, I never got around to claiming this one. So there we are. CLAIMED.


Do click the link if you happen to use Bloglovin. I’m still firmly in the Feedly camp but I’m all about giving you guys different options!

Voluntines, Not Valentines

What kind of person would I be if I lamented the lack of community events and then didn’t join in with one that was even in-line with something I’d said? “Heck, I even remember a secret admirer programme a few years back for Valentine’s Day!”

United We Game is hosting Voluntine’s Week. And this is my post spreading the word and announcing my participation. My biggest problem? I’m entirely rubbish at thinking of guest blog topics. And I’m concerned that I’ll end up guest posting for somebody that everybody is guest posting for so it could be a bit fiddly but hey ho, let’s give it a go. Tips welcome. xD

Here are the bits and bobs:

  • What: A set-aside week where bloggers and fans volunteer articles to be published as Guest Posts on their favorite blogs

  • When: February 17th, 2014 to February 21st, 2014

  • Where: #Voluntines on Twitter

In February, I wanted to try something a little different. Largely in the spirit of Valentine’s Day (minus the romance), I wanted a holiday to celebrate other bloggers we each admire. I am calling it Voluntine’s Week.

Here’s how it works: Pick your favorite blog(s). You know, the ones that have the articles you wish you had written or the subjects you wish your blog covered. Imagine yourself writing an article that would fit on that blog, perhaps choose one of their regular features or emulate their unique style of writing. And then write them a post!

Voluntine’s Week will run the week after Valentine’s Day, from February 17th through the 21st. Posts or tweets referring to it will use #Voluntines. If you are definitely considering participating, I suggest you re-post this on your own blog so others know you will be happy to accept their guest blogs.

This could be a lot of fun! :)

Blogs CAN Be Community

Belghast published a fantastic post today talking about the community of both MMO blogs and World of Warcraft blogs and the differences between the two. It wasn’t until I published my comment that I realised I had a lot to say about this subject so here goes.

Warcraft Beginnings

Many of us have our origins in the World of Warcraft blogosphere. It was the game that projected the MMO market to a more mainstream audience and so many of us have our beginnings in this game, in MMO gaming, and in blogging. Of course, not all of us, for sure, but even those who started back with EQ, Ultima, and such will have played WoW at some point or at the very least considered doing so.

Those of us who started in WoW blogging will most likely have signed up to Blog Azeroth and met other WoW bloggers through the forums there. There’s an introduction forum to introduce yourself and your blog, so very often new bloggers will interact most with other new bloggers and then go on to check out the shared topics and various community events which get bloggers, new, old, known, and unknown alike interacting and getting to know each other.

Drifting Away

This is all fantastic, but World of Warcraft isn’t forever and isn’t the only MMO out there and many of us drift away eventually. Some stop with MMOs, some move on to others. Some stop blogging, some switch to a more generic MMO based blog. Sadly, this is where things get a little tough. As Belghast says in his post, “…with the non-wow MMO blogosphere is ..no common point of reference that we all have… instead of immediate bonds over shared experience, what I found instead were a bunch of wholly independent personalities, not all of which were that open to new people operating in their shared space.” This is the comment that really hit home for me. Yes, I’ve been fickle with my posting since changing my blog up, and yes, I have made a few friends that I’d like to think are very open to newer bloggers and don’t mind my fleeting existence in this ‘sphere – you guys are wonderful, by the way. But there are those that (and this could well be down to my poor mental health) make me feel.. not so much unwelcome as disinteresting. They couldn’t care less if new people start blogging in these parts or not and this is, I feel at least, the issue with keeping people in this little blogosphere that we like to call a community.

So What?

As I said in my essay comment on Bel’s post, which was almost a blog post in itself, “The MMO blogosphere CAN be as communal as the WoW blogosphere. I have seen it. All it requires is a bit of inter-blog commenting, Twitter discussions, link love, whatever. But interaction is the key.”

Lots of us are great with commenting, discussing different things on Twitter, linking up to other blogs in some way or another, and of course there was the Newbie Blogger Initiative (which I just missed out on yet again this year), which is all brilliant, but I feel there is a lot we could learn from the WoW blogosphere. Remember the shared topics? Easter Egg hunts? Secret Santa blog post exchanges? Heck, I even remember a secret admirer programme a few years back for Valentine’s Day! They were all great fun and brought people together, introducing bloggers and blog readers to blogs they may not have previously known about. We need more of this, the only problem is time. And a lot of us don’t have it. I, sadly, know full well that I would start out with the best of intentions and quickly forget a post, leaving it to stagnate, so I’m not entirely sure where to go from here. However, I fully believe that something can be done. What do you think?

Incase You’re Wondering Where I Am..

I’ve been backing off blogging while moving servers because of blips with things not transferring properly, images not being uploaded yet, not being able to upload anything new, and I started watching anime again so I started up yet another new blog. So here is blog #5: Shinigami Only Eat Apples. If you’re into anime do add me to your readers. I’ll be sporadically babbling about anime over there and testing out Blogspot properly for the first time ever. I will be back soon, promise!

The Token Disclaimer Post

Quick note just to apologise for the mess recently. I’ve been holding off on posting because of moving servers and all that jazz and now images are broken. This is (semi) intended and shall be fixed asap. :) The important thing? I can now update plugins via the dashboard!