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Incase You’re Wondering Where I Am..

I’ve been backing off blogging while moving servers because of blips with things not transferring properly, images not being uploaded yet, not being able to upload anything new, and I started watching anime again so I started up yet another new blog. So here is blog #5: Shinigami Only Eat Apples. If you’re into anime do add me to your readers. I’ll be sporadically babbling about anime over there and testing out Blogspot properly for the first time ever. I will be back soon, promise!

The Token Disclaimer Post

Quick note just to apologise for the mess recently. I’ve been holding off on posting because of moving servers and all that jazz and now images are broken. This is (semi) intended and shall be fixed asap. :) The important thing? I can now update plugins via the dashboard!

Your Favourite Gaming Blogs

As I appear to be blogging at the moment I’m looking to tidy up my Google Reader, removing folk who sadly no longer blog and adding people I’m not following that I should be, so that I can join in a little with the community. These links will also spill over into my blogroll a little :).

What I’d like to ask from yourselves is a favour – if you could link up your favourite blogs (or your own blogs if you like) in the Linky at the end of this post I’ll pay you back in love! Just pop in the name of the blog and the url and that’s it. Simples! :D Please spread the word too, it could be a nice little resource for everybody to find new blogs to follow. ((And a little note, please don’t take advantage of the free link love – I will moderate this.))

Sign Up For Great Hosting & Win a Squishable – Win/Win!

Sup? I just realised how many posts I seem to start with the word ‘so’. I don’t know why, but it’s weird. So today I’m trying ‘sup’, because I’m cool like that.

Aaaanyway.. Surely you came to this post for the keywords ‘great hosting’ and ‘win a Squishable’. If you haven’t heard of Squishable then where have you been? They are adorable! See?

This is one of many of the adorable (and massive) huggable Squishables you could win if you sign up for Safe Shark Hosting before the 25th of May – next Friday. :) Interested? Great.

Safe Shark Hosting will host anybody looking for a reliable host for their WordPress hosted blog. Yes gamers, readers, fashionistas, mummies ((or mommies I guess for you international folk)).. anybody. There is a free hosting plan, but you must sign up for one of the paid hosting plans to be in with a chance to win one of these adorable Squishables, and honestly guys, looking at the pricings and what you get for them, it’s worth paying for a hosting plan with this wonderful host. I know the guy who provides the plans, and I know many many happy hostees. He’s happy to help with moves, you won’t have to worry about downtime, it’s affordable and reliable, there is great support if you ever need it, and not to mention the onsite blog giving tips and ideas for WordPress bloggers. You won’t regret it. :) In fact, if I wasn’t already hosted by a friend, I’d definitely jump at the chance.

For all of the details head over here.

Do Excuse The Mess..

As if I don’t have enough to do at the moment with job hunting, reading, keeping my book blog going, networking for that, gaming on the side, and of course the inevitable social life, I seem to have decided that I miss WoW blogging too much and would really like to give it a good go again. Remember the last time this happened? And the time before that? And then I sat down and thought, “But what exactly did I write about? What was it that people came here to read back when I blogged regularly?” You know.. If I had to guess, it would be my guides and perhaps my weekly round-up posts ((am I right?)) but who knows. I do, however, miss the community and the feeling of pride I had in my little space in the WoW blogosphere. Whether I find the time to get started and keep going or not is beside the point, to begin with, I felt the need for a little spruce. I wasn’t fond of my last theme or the theme I used to use back when, so I’m fiddling around a little so please do excuse the mess while I figure things out. I shall have to poke around in the CSS to change the header, the title font, maybe the navigation colour (grey? eugh), the RSS icons, and work out exactly why I can’t use auto-update in WordPress for my plugins, and I’m not great with CSS or the inner workings of when web design goes bad, but I’m hoping to have a little space I’m happy with when I’ve finished and I’m really hoping to have a blog you guys can enjoy reading again. Maybe I’ll talk about other games from time to time but I pretty much only play RPGs and simulation type games so I should imagine it won’t be outside of your comfort zone unless you really hate Guild Wars because I’m pretty eager for Guild Wars 2 BUT that’s beside the point!

Any thoughts, tips, ideas or help regarding future topics/features or any of the coding thingies I’m currently unsure about would of course be welcome!