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The ‘I’m Still Here’ Ramble

Hey guys. *sheepish*

I always promised myself that I would never be one of those people that just stopped updating without a word but.. I just haven’t had anything to say. I’ve been focusing a lot on my other blog, which I have renamed Once Upon A Time. The ‘rantpage’ url still works, but it does have a new url and a new name because I’m pretty much using it as a book blog now, so in future if I decide to blog about gaming, it will probably be here. So an apology in advance to those of you who don’t like your wow feed being ‘littered’ with other games.

Just letting you know I’m still here, and I haven’t quit WoW. I’ve been doing dailies on Kalithe though I skipped a few days because BLERGH dailies. And I played Fae a little in the past few days as well. She pretty swiftly got 346 ilvl and I’ve only done maybe 4 heroics. I found the Lava Bolt Crossbow for 25k gold, I couldn’t resist! It’s definitely a sexy weapon :P

And you remember that epic Steam sale? I grabbed Oblivion goty edition for £8, Mount & Blade: With Fire and Sword for.. however much that was. Few quid. And the Guild Wars trilogy (*SQUEE!*) which is really what I was keeping my eye open for! I’m desperately looking forward to Guild Wars 2, it looks and sounds amazing. But I’ve never played the first Guild Wars, and £30 for the whole thing, while a good deal, isn’t quite affordable for me so I absolutely had to grab it when it was up for £12.49. Yay! I didn’t manage to yoink Eye of the North sadly, but on its’ own it won’t be quite so bad to get my hands on. So I am very excited for the time when I get a moment to dig in because they were some very good finds. I would have liked a few others (see: the wishlist) but money permitting and all that jazz.

So yus, but I’m still focusing on WoW, my book blog, reading, and all of the IRL-land things I need to do as well. And I may have a slight book buying addiction but you’ll be glad to hear I’ve rediscovered the library and MY GOD libraries have changed. I was very impressed! The main reason I didn’t use libraries (apart from I really like to own my books) is that I have an issue with late fees but now you can renew online I don’t have that problem!

So yes. All is good. We may be moving in a few months but I doubt that affects any of you guys.

I may not have posts for a fair while more because I can’t be arsed to just post filler, but I’m usually blogging somewhere. At the moment I’m at Once Upon A Time, as mentioned, and you know you can always find me on twitter unless I’m away.

Happy Friday!

*Small Wave*

‘Ello :) So it’s been pretty quiet around the menagerie the past couple of months, eh? Those of you who still follow me on twitter and over at The Rant Page will probably know by now that I resubbed to WoW, but don’t worry, The Rant Page will still be my main blog. The main details of my unsubbing from Rift and subsequent resubbing to WoW are in my post here, if you’d like to know, but I’m not going to be repeating myself because the TLDR of it is that I wasn’t having enough fun and decided to see what was going on in WoW, and honestly, is it really that important?

I wasn’t sure whether I should pop back over here and say hello while I’m playing, or whether I should leave it be and just let my WoW blog lie, but I don’t see the harm. So for now, I’m cleaning off the cobwebs. I’ve updated the links in my sidebar blogroll, and I’ve been trying to sort out my out of date plugins, but for some reason I have to do it all manually so it’s proved to be a struggle and some I just can’t update because the automatic updates won’t work and a fair few have gone premium. So.. if plugins are missing, it’s because I’m too lazy to find new ones to replace them and tough!

As for what brought me back, not only do I get to play with Mr Ryyu, the boy shaped one, and some other friends (even the ones I just chat to on Real ID from time to time), but there is more than enough to do. The thing that really turned my head, if I’m being honest, is the WoW Hunter class. I adore Hunters, and I really enjoyed Ranger/Marksman in Rift, it felt comfortable, but nothing feels to me quite like the WoW Hunter, so as I don’t have £30 lying around for Fae’s transfer, a new Fae is born on Vashj for the purposes of fun. She was going to be a Goblin but at the last minute turned into a Blood Elf. Well.. what do you know? Yes I’m terrible, shutup, I’m not even particularly in love with Blood Elves I just didn’t want to be short or hairy. We all know that Draenei are the superior race, after all ;) *cough* But yes, I may blog a little about her antics. She’s already level 18 with a handful of rare pets.

Aside from Huntering, I’m also playing my Priest a fair bit. Though I say I missed the Hunter class, I’m not rerolling this time. Seithir is my main, and I doubt that will change. I have done and collected a heck of a lot on her and I will always be slightly attached. I’ve been gearing her up in heroics whilst farming Justice Points for my Hunter’s (and later on, Shaman’s) heirlooms. I don’t want to raid, and I don’t plan to or need to either. Zul’Gurub is awesome! Though not so fond of Zul’Aman.. that’s mostly because of bad memories of failed bear runs, scout-based wipes, and so on.. *shudder* I’ve been carrying on with my pet collection (which I have updated Warcraft Pets with, and I’m praying I find the money for a Cenarion Hatchling because I have wanted the baby hippogryph pet since I first saw it but no way I could afford a TCG card) and the odd auction, and last night finally got around to doing a chunk of Archaeology, I’m finally past 450! I also got the Vrykul Drinking Horn, which is .. interesting. I have been enjoying playing with friends, and Softthistle even came over, which is lovely!

I have been tidying my blogroll as well. I mentioned the sidebar blogroll, and I’ve gone through my main blogroll as well as my reader, removing blogs past, and updating urls. It’s nice to see so many of you are still going! (Yes, I still like exclamation marks and bracketed text). I am wondering though, as I’ve been away for 3 months and didn’t pay too close attention just before I’d quit the game, are there any new and/or awesome bloggers that you think I’ve missed? I don’t plan to add to the blogroll, but if they aren’t on there now, they aren’t in my reader, and I’d like them to be. Please leave links in the comments, or poke me on twitter, I will keep my eye on Akismet.

All in all, despite the immature and selfish behaviour you tend to find in this game, and I’m not sure how long for, I’m glad to be back. :)

So, This Is It

I wanted to go with a cooler title like “Breaking the Bonds” or some such, but I think we can all agree that whatever I would have come up with would be neither cool, nor.. well.. just sounds like I’m breaking off an addiction, doesn’t it? That’s not really the message I want to get across. What I want to say is that after much deliberation and dragging it out, I’m finally quitting World of Warcraft. I’m very sad about it, but I just don’t have the interest to log in any more. I want to level those alts, and hit 300k gold, and do some 10 man raiding with a fun team on my Shadow Priest, finish off all of the new quests, all those things, but I just don’t care enough. What’s the point in doing something for fun that you don’t really enjoy? I’m particularly sad because I’d finally found a guild I was happy in, felt like I’d started making a few friends there, I had a bunch of awesome people on Real ID to chat to (you know who you are), and I think the worst part is the prospect of leaving the WoW blogging community. I’ve been here for over a year, and it is honestly the main thing that kept me playing throughout Wrath when I first found myself getting burnt out. I’ve met some awesome people, read some amazing blog posts, taken part in a bunch of community events that have been so much fun. I still don’t want to leave, but when you’re not playing the game the community is focused around, what can you do? I still think WoW is a brilliant game, I’ve just played it to death and nothing is holding my attention enough now. Perhaps one day in the future I might come back after a long break, but I don’t know at the moment. Never know, I’m missing the game a little just writing this post but I really think it’s time to move on.

I’ve spent a few hours today tidying my blogroll. Admittedly, I wanted to keep note of the blogs that I’d want to read again if I ever did come back (as it stands, I’ll be removing WoW blogs from my reader, as I won’t be reading them any more), but there are a few in there, mostly under the general section, but still, that I’ll still be reading and wanted to share. So please have a look at the list. I know it’s long, but they’re brilliant writers, and fabulous people.

I will not be deleting this blog. I will be renewing the domain as I use it for The Rant Page (which will now be my primary blog if you wish to follow me there, hopefully I’ll vary the topics a little soon, though inspiration is always welcome) as well. Unless my host needs to free up some space, Jaedia’s Menagerie will remain here ready to pick back up if I ever choose to.

I might look into other MMOs at some point this year. There are a couple of fantasy MMOs being released that I might try out, and there’s always LotRO and Champion’s Online (which I tried out and whilst I don’t find it amazing, it’s free and purdy colours) if I don’t fancy paying for the game and/or monthly fees. I’m not expecting anything revolutionary, or anything that I’ll be playing as much as I did with WoW, but perhaps another game to doss around on might be in the picture at some point. If I do find something, it’s most likely that any of those posts will be here. The one thing the Rant Page isn’t is a gaming blog.

In the meantime, I’ll be reading (you can find me on Goodreads), mostly fantasy, though I’m really not overly fussy about what I read as long as it’s weird, funny, or moving, and well written. I’m jotting down ideas for my own novel which won’t be out any time soon, I want to read a lot more, and research, and plan, and write, and edit, and rewrite, and edit, and make more notes, research more, edit, rewrite, and so on until I’m entirely happy to look into taking it anywhere, and that will take me a few years, but it will be nice to get started on that this year. I also have a fair few series, some live action, a fair few anime (you can also find me on MAL – My Anime List), to watch. And I’m still working in the charity shop on Saturdays and Mondays. I’m hoping that this year I’ll finally turn my life around and get a job and a place of our own to live in, and hopefully, without WoW there tempting me to switch off constantly (we won’t go into all of that just now), it will happen.

I’m looking for other blogs to read. Anything that might talk about RPG gaming, preferably of the fantasy MMO type, but I might be persuaded otherwise if it’s a good read. Any good book blogs, writing blogs, personal/other blogs of your own that I might not know about. If you know of any of these, I’d be grateful.

I love you guys, and I’m sorry to be leaving, especially noticing how many are doing so at the moment going through my reader this morning, but I really hope you guys continue enjoying the game, and keep on blogging.



Hey guys, The Lazy Sniper has been down for a while due to server switching, huge domain issues, and having to rush off for real life stuff for a couple of weeks. If you’ve been following me here (clicky, clicky) or on Twitter, you probably know the drill. Seeing as lazy-sniper.com became locked (unless I paid my previous host an extortionate amount of money.. yeah no thanks), it was pointed out to me that perhaps this was a brilliant time to finally go through that name change I’d considered back when I switched from my Hunter to my Shadow Priest. After a heck of a lot of umming and ahhing and not actually being in front of a PC, I finally decided on ‘Jaedia’s Menagerie’. Why? Because I’m a massive pet collecting freak. And mounts too.

The theme stays, I just need to fiddle around with the header a little.. maybe, and work out how to get all of my images pointing to the right URL so that my pages don’t look so, well, dead. Yes, I am aware that almost all of my images are broken aside from the 2 I have manually fixed (the header and the signature). So update any bookmarks or links you may have, you’ve got the name and you can link to the following:

  • menagerie.jaedia.net

Sorry for such a long hiatus! It was really out of my hands, but I’m back now. My blogging may be a little lax at the moment during the pre-expansion lull (yes, I’ve hit that, but I’m still playing a little), however, I am still here, and I will still be blogging. Feel free to spread the word if you like about the name and url change.

Update: I completely forgot to mention RSS feed, I have redirected the old feed to the new address (thank you for reminding me, Poneria!), so hopefully you won’t have to change your feed address unless you were using the default feed. Feedburner won’t need to be changed though, that is still:

Shared Items & Feedback

Today I’d like to talk about link love. Well, less ‘talk about it’, because I don’t need to tell you why it’s nice, but just to let you guys know that incase you weren’t aware – I am giving it out a lot even when I don’t post.

See, a few months back I was having trouble with my reader. Certain blogs literally wouldn’t update and that was driving me insane, so, I asked in Single Abstract Noun which readers people were using and Erc ordered me to try out Feedly, which I believe is a Google Chrome extension. It’s supposed to be the magazine style feed reader, though I like the lists. I have it set up to show blog names and article titles, if an article says in the title, for example, ‘Cataclysm’, then I can quite easily skip past it and read something without Cataclysm spoilers and I love it for that.

Anyway, being part of Google, it’s connected to Google Reader, so I was able to import my blog list from Bloglines (my old reader) and it seems to synchronise. Another feature it shares is ‘shared items’, which I started using to just bookmark posts I enjoyed to come back to for either the link love posts I used to do, or to add to my resources page later on. After a while, I realised I could link to this as a feed in my sidebar and I have done ever since.

Below my Twitter box, you should be able to see ‘Interesting Blog Posts’, which I have renamed, it used to be ‘Interesting Stuff’. and the feed link in the little orange icon should work, if not try clicking here. I share posts that I find interesting, useful, and funny, so take a look, they’re worth reading. You might find something new.

I’d also like to ask you while I’m doing a more generic blogging post what you guys think of the theme changes? Apart from, “Dear God, woman, stop changing your damn theme every 10 minutes!” Because trust me, I know, but I’ve gone back to the old theme that I quite liked, couldn’t find anything else I was 100% happy with. I like the header and the sidebar, I’m just not sure about the background. Anything you might change perhaps? Feedback/constructive criticism is appreciated.

Lazy Sniper’s Blogaversary!

My blogaversary was yesterday! I actually completely forgot, posted yesterday’s post, and then checked the date and remembered. It’s been one year since I made my first post and to be very honest, looking back at the first few months of my blog, I really cringe. I wanted to delete a lot of it but NDMiko and Cynwise told me I wasn’t allowed so it’s all there, in it’s cringeworthy form. I think around November/December I started to improve a little, but it was a very gradual improvement, which I’m not totally convinced is much better but apparently you guys like it so no worries!

My first post was about my Hunter soloing the raptor boss in Zul’gurub, which can be found here. Hey, we’ve all got to start somewhere. I originally wrote this on my free WordPress blog, which was ‘hunterstuff’, but fairly quickly moved to a hosted option. I’m glad I did in hindsight, I’ve really made some good use out of my hosting and had some fun playing with themes and plugins. I’ve always been very bad at keeping on top of these kinds of projects too, so I am incredibly surprised I’ve stuck with it for a whole year now without any real gaps in posting due to being bored of blogging.

If I’m honest, I doubt I’d have kept with it if it wasn’t for the amazing community WoW blogging has, through Blog Azeroth, Single Abstract Noun, Twitter, and of course just generally joining in with discussions on blogs themselves. There are some absolutely brilliant bloggers who I have followed almost religiously and hopefully learnt a lot about blogging from, and they’ve also kept me entertained when I needed it. The Twitter community is absolutely great, and I love you all to bits. I’m not going to mention names because I will forget people and there are way too many to list, so use your imaginations! You’re probably on the list.

I know Windsoar did a hire a muse theme for her 6 month blogaversary, and around Christmas both Tam and Syrana did a ‘share the blogging syphilis’. All of them were offering to give bloggers individual blog topics based on the blogger’s personality, likes, dislikes, and every time it was really fun! I’m pretty terrible of thinking of topics myself, however, if you’d like a topic, feel free to ask and I’ll flail at your blogs for a bit until I come up with something! Just leave a comment or contact me.

On a slightly less related note, I helped Vidyala by helping to judge her Paladin fashion contest. There were some excellent entries, and a couple that really made me laugh, so it was very difficult to judge, but it was worth it, I enjoyed it. As a thank you, she has drawn my Priest! I entirely did not expect this and it is stunning, I’ve always loved her artwork, so a huge thank you to Vidyala, I love it! We may see a new header here at some point in the future.

I Lost My Guest Poster

To some of you, I’m sure the fact that Dan won’t be posting here any more is great news, and to the rest of you, it isn’t. For those of you who don’t like this news so much – don’t worry, he’s just decided to start his own blog. So now I can flail about while he goes completely uncensored, with nobody to tell him that hey, that 4 lettered c word is great, but think of the children! I’m sure it will be fine. *bites nails*

He’s only planning to post sporadically, whenever he feels like it, so if you want to follow him, I recommend you add ‘I Gem Crit‘ to your readers. Go say hi!

A New Look

With my recent server transfer and faction change, I needed a new look around here. I tried to change the previous theme, Mystique, so that it was just less Blood Elfy and a little more fitting to my Draenei, but I just grew frustrated and I couldn’t get it to look the way I wanted. So, I went shopping, I scanned through various free WordPress template websites, downloaded a few, previewed them all, and eventually settled on this one. It’s so simple that it works. There’s plenty of space for posts and images, the sidebars are big enough to fit everything on, I can add a custom header, it’s pretty much perfect. I love the simplistic look and how much space there is!

There is a post drafted that I was meaning to get up today but I was a little distracted by the theme change, so I may get that up tomorrow instead. Oh, after waiting 4 or 5 days for a response from IntenseDebate I’ve uninstalled it. The code was bugged or something and comments were being posted on 3 month old posts, so I’ve lost a few newly made comments in the past few days and I don’t want to lose any more so back to the basic commenting format :)

Link Love: The Drama Week

This week has been pretty drama filled, and there are a fair few response posts I could link to, but I don’t want to link to anything related to the posts and blogs that have caused the huge discussion that has taken place this week, that needs to be left alone now. Rather, I would like to link to a couple of blog posts discussing the topic, not the bloggers, in a mature and adult way. First of all, Byaghro of Diabolical Minds wrote a post on Social Responsibility and Blogging, I respect how objective he remained whilst raising some excellent points. Windsoar equally wrote an awesome objective post, or in her own words a Rambling Commentary on Recent Events. Both posts give you something to think about, whether you agree with them or not.

Not everything has been about the drama this week, thank God, in fact, there has been a string of blogging related topics. One which actually originated from a Blog Azeroth discussion: Why do you blog? Both Gypsy and Dristanel decided to respond in post form and I loved reading both responses, and I can honestly say that there is a little of my own reasons in both posts. Saresa has written a wonderful guide for people who are thinking about starting their own blog but may perhaps need a few tips, So, You Want To Blog?

I know I don’t blog too much about hunters these days, but I still read the hunter blogs and I find this guide on using FemaleDwarf.com from Rilgon absolutely awesome. I wasn’t aware that it is basically the same as the Excel Spreadsheet, so now I don’t feel quite as bad for using it myself!

Daily Quests is a web comic which I find to be quite unique with its blog sections, and I’m particularly fond of Vas’ lore section. I’ve learnt quite a lot about lore from reading his column and this week has been no different in his discussion of The Half Breed and the Human, Med’an, the son of Medivh.

There have been many levelling guides around this week and here’s just a handful of the few I found particularly informative. Windsoar posted her guide on Druiding it Up: 1-10. Okay, so, Tarinae’s guide to levelling a healadin may have technically been last week, but I felt I should include it as I read it this week *stomps* my blog, my rules! Also, I particularly enjoy levelling Death Knights. I’m not entirely sure why, I already have one at 80 and I don’t really intend to level more, but I find them pretty damn fun and Skeleton Jack’s introduction guide to levelling a DK is a very good starting point. All in all, whatever you level, try to have some fun, go against what everybody else tells you is best if that’s what you want to do, but tips and guides are always nice to get you started, especially if you want to level efficiently.

Last but not least, what is a week’s round up without a few fun posts? The wonderful Zalduun has informed us of a few things that we may not know about Dalaran. I didn’t know there was a shoe shiner, and I haven’t been able to find the lighting up Dalaran guy since the very beginning of Wrath! I love little tidbits like this. Something quite interesting from Arioch, clearly she has a WoW Model Viewer addiction at the moment (prove me wrong), but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Take a look at the different models, do you sleep the same way your character does? Looking at it, I do sleep like the female Blood Elf. How did you sleep last night? Have you checked your horoscope this week? What’s your sign? I think I have a little of the Overachiever in me, but I’m mostly an Altoholic.

Worst attempt at hacking ever!

The Week #7

My original plan to leave you with a couple of queued posts while I was away isn’t looking likely now on account of my being way too tired to think. Need to pack, might take something other than a few Warcraft books incase I change my mind when I sit down to read, pick a few CDs, DVDs, Dragon Age is going. Make sure random important things liiike phone ch- yeah anyway you guys don’t care, sleepy Jae gets a bit more rambly than usual. My point is I might spend the day on Loremaster rather than a post which will come out as a rambly mess. Might queue up something small for Christmas day, though, don’t expect too much. A quick bit of link love!

Now, one blogger who has had an impact on me this week is Tam. This is because whenever I try to access Righteous Orbs, I’m redirected to the Apache Test Center or something! I’m very technologically illiterate (although I couldn’t survive without my sat nav) and didn’t and still don’t have a clue what that means. Thankfully, I can still read Righteous Orbs in my reader, and for those of you who can access it, go Looking for Goats.

A few hunter strats for ICC wich I’ve found to be pretty useful. First of all, OutDPS has the brief overview of all 4 bosses. Frostheim has put more detail into Lord Marrowgar, Lady Deathwhisper, and Gunship Battle strats. By the way, couldn’t help but mention: OMGBEARROCKETBUTT!

In the week I’ve been working on my 3.3 gear list, I’ll admit I need to have another look over it and I will be updating it again when we have a full loot table for Icecrown BUT let’s just say Rilgon is much better at these things than me.

For those of you who haven’t yet finished the Merrymaker achievement, /hug and Mend Pet have reposted their guides from last year which are both equally as awesome as each other.

The lovely Elsen has written a post about guilds. Her advice about being happy in your guild echoes my own opinions and I urge you to read it, especially if you’re unsure about your guild at the moment.

Ophelie went looking for fail, and found nothing but friendliness and easy PUGs, the opposite of ‘when it rains’ eh? ;)

As I’ve been saying, I might have internet access in Wales, but I’m not counting on it and stashing up on books, DVDs and games, because Christmas is oh so fun! I probably won’t be blogging while I’m out there, but I am bouncing up and down for this Secret Santa exchange, and we’re planning to leave on the 27th I think Dan said, so will be home by the Sunday evening *touch wood* (and Steel: I’m going to be WAY too tired to raid that night, driving makes me cranky).

Merry Christmas!