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Fantasmical Friday #5

This week I have a little request. My posting is going to go downhill for a couple of weeks. This week we have the house to ourselves, which means some peace and quiet to get a bunch of reading done and catch up on tv, and next week we’re going away to visit people, chances are it’ll take me a little settling back in before I start posting properly in the third week, so I would like to ask for guest posts just to keep the ball rolling around here. The only kinds of posts I’m not really interested in are raiding and pvp type posts unless they are aimed at the more “casual” type of player, and stories (RP or not) are great, aside from that anything goes. They would be your posts with links back to you (if you have a URL to link back to). If you can donate any unwanted posts to the Menagerie I will love you forever and perhaps eventually return the favour if you like. And please spread the word if you can! I’d really really appreciate any help I can get.

The only thing really of note this week, aside from winning the fishing contest, is Fae’s Goblinification which has been a long time coming. I’ve always preferred the “pretty” races but I just have such a soft spot for Goblins. They’re so little! So Fae the Blood Elf turned Draenei Hunter is finally short and green with awesome hair and yay for the Swift Horde Wolf‘s return! I also ninja name-changed. I never did like Faesiala, so I changed it to Faelysia which was my original second choice ((after, of course, Fae, which I should get back when I transfer back to Vashj)) and to me, it looks a lot better. Doesn’t remind me of Tikka Masala any more (mmmm…).

And the obligatory “omg all of the achievements” screenshot after a faction change. (Click to embiggen)

World of Ponycraft

As promised, Fae the Goblin Hunter as a pony.

Screenshot of the Week

Dressing up in Karazhan.


Nngh. I’ve been bad this week. I realised yesterday that I’ve spent my blog reading time primarily on book blogs and entering contests for books (I won one, yay!) and that I hadn’t kept up with the WoW blogs like I usually do. I’ve tried to make up for it but sorry if I missed any awesome posts this week! Either way, these are all very interesting reads.

  • ManaliciousHow Playing My Alt Was Hurting My Raiding: Vid’s discussion on how to keep your head straight when you raid as one character but also play a few alts on the side.
  • Mortigan The WarlockMade In China: Whilst I still don’t and never will agree with the practise of buying gold, Mortigan does raise a few good points about Chinese gold farming.
  • Priest With A CauseWhat if WOTLK had never happened?: Shintar’s exploration of what Cataclysm could be like without the introduction of game mechanics brought into the game during Wrath of the Lich King.
  • Pugnacious PriestThe Family that feasts together: A look at whether eating together ingame causes some kind of bond.

Happy Friday!

So I’m A Goblin Convert

Meet Miyu.

Last night, I finally got around to levelling my Goblin a bit. I know I said I wasn’t so bothered about the new races, and I’ve always hated Goblins because they’re annoying and small and green, and they were stupid, but after playing with the character creation screen alone, I became a bit of a convert. The females actually don’t look half bad. I think they’ve made their way up to my second favourite Horde race – they haven’t quite taken over Blood Elves, but they are damn cool.

It wasn’t until I started levelling Miyu the Enhancement Shaman (which by the way is a name that I believe is now on its’ 3rd character, she has been a Rogue and a Warrior until now) that I decided exactly how awesome they are. You get a fecking vehicle mount! I wasn’t too big a fan of the Goblin mount, I’m still not, but man I want that vehicle mount it’s brilliant and it even has a radio setting. I had fun running over Goblins with it as well, hush.

I like that Blizzard gave you a group of friends, and I absolutely love Globber (the big guy in the middle) he’s brilliant. Though I’m really not that fond of the boyfriend. It’s nothing to do with “Well what if I’d prefer a girlfriend instead?” or anything like that, no, he’s just a bit of a tosser.

Click to embiggen!

After all the being scared shitless thinking you’re about to get “Stood in the Fire” on your Goblin alt, parties, running over pirates, and finding lesbians sat in Gallywix’s bed (I didn’t ask, each to their own), you get to be a true Goblin and set fire to things. With explosives.

Yes, I think I’m going to like this race. I’m officially a Goblin convert.

The Secret Goblin

See the little goblin, see his little feet, see his little nosey-wosey, isn’t the goblin sweet?

I like to play the auction house a bit. I’m nowhere near as good as some of the goblins out there, and I don’t try to be, but I enjoy watching my gold supply go up. On my home server I have close to 40,000 gold server wide, epic flying for my four 80s that hang around there, my main character has over 100 vanity pets, both the Traveler’s Tundra Mammoth and the motorbike. Basically, I make enough to have the frills and still have some leftovers, which is nice. So naturally, on this new server I’m trying to piece together a bit of gold. Of course, I’m nowhere near as good at it as Tobold (I think he was upto about 400g at level 17 last time we asked him, from his Northrend fishing venture), but so far I’ve made around 160 gold and I’m level 30, which isn’t too bad.

My method is quite simple really. I don’t use any auction house mods at the moment because, honestly, I deleted my WTF, Cache, and Interface folders a while back and couldn’t be bothered to reconfigure. So my auctions take me a little longer than they should do for now but I guess I’ll fix that eventually. I sell things I’ve picked up while playing, I buy raw epic gems, cut them, and resell them, and occasionally I use my Leatherworking to make an item and sell it, though recently that has been less successful. I undercut by 1 copper only, and my bid will be, generally, no lower than a gold less than the buyout price, in some situations I will set the bid price to the lowest I’m willing to sell the item for, though I only really do this with high selling items such as rare pets.

Sometimes, if I can be bothered, I’ll finish off quests in Northrend on various alts, do a few dailies, perhaps grind a little, which makes me a bit of gold and gives me something to do but mostly I don’t bother. It’s not necessary these days. The buying and reselling market makes me enough gold to not have to worry about it.

Starting again on Argent Dawn has given me a fresh perspective. No high level professions to help with gold, no heirlooms, just a character screen, a couple of gold from the guild bank if you feel you need it, and a pinch of initiative. I love thinking of ways to make money without the easy options!

I’ve tried buying items from the vendor and reselling to the auction house, some work well, some don’t. On my first day I sold a 12 slot herb bag for 50 gold, which paid for my 4x 16 slot bags, I haven’t sold one since. Prairie Dog Whistles sell quite nicely. However, the other faction pets, mind you I haven’t tried Dragonhawks yet, and various recipes don’t. It’s all trial and error. Certain things will eventually sell, for profession levelling or whatnot. Things like cloth and low level gems. I’ve sold a few Moss Agates and stacks of Linen Cloth, and the odd green I’ve picked up too.

I’ve been pickpocketting whatever I can for the spare copper, sometimes you find some interesting things, a few gems and a Pickled Murlocs Head for example, when I was in BFD. I’ve also been keeping my lockpicking levelled up, which has proved useful for locked chests, lockboxes, and again, the spare bit of copper.

It’s looking to me like the Wool Cloth market is going to be the best money maker, I’ve considered levelling a death knight to 60, just so I have something to farm with, but we’ll see. Perhaps doing the first few quests in Hellfire Peninsula would be a good idea.

A large part of my attempted gold making is having a character to send all of my unwanted items to, namely, my bank alt. My bank alt on Vashj was created with a random name in order to do my auctions in private, none of this, “I bought a gem from you today!” Which just ends with me feeling guilty. I keep its identity a secret! No guilt, and I can get stuff done without offending people. My bank alt on Terenas is a level 15 rogue I made in TBC and abandoned. I used her because she was close to a city and already had a few bags.

In my opinion, I think the best spots for bank alts are Orgrimmar, and Ironforge, because not only are the bank/auction house/mailbox fairly close together, it’s mostly running in a straight line.

Another great thing about bank alts is dressing them, I’ve seen a lot of people running about in Tuxedos and Pimp Sticks. Though I prefer casual dress. Each to their own. All in all, take care of your bank alts, because they’re people too.

Casual Play

I made a decision that if I end up playing WoW, it will be as a casual, no more proper guild raiding for me. If this happens I’ll end up achievement farming and I really am tempted to go for ‘The Insane’ … I don’t know why but I really want to do it. My priest farmed pirates outside of Booty Bay so much that she was revered with every Goblin faction… which put me off going for Bloodsail Buccaneer rep. However, Fae has only touched the Goblin stuff that she used to level with sooo.. if I’m feeling really crazy I might just do it.

Another thing about being a casual I remembered is not having any use for min maxing anymore! Woohoo. First thing I did was head to the North of Winterspring, and there was my little rare kitty wandering around. He became an ice cube, and can now be seen following me around going by the name of ‘NomNom’. Yay. Never really liked wolves. Suppose I’ll get Shifter out if I ever get into a 10 man or something for the extra DPS but otherwise he’ll be gathering dust…

You know my stable is so full I couldn’t tame another pet. Got my turtle for soloing, sporebat for PvP, bear for the sentimental value (first pet, effort, blabla), wolf and now cat.

Woah Woah Influx of news Oo

Don’t you hate it when your PC crashes mid blog post when you haven’t even thought about saving it yet and the auto save hasn’t even triggered itself? Sigh.

Anyway, as I was saying. Whilst trying to complete a few quests I was met with “Go check MMO. NOW!” So off I trotted only to be met with the news that all of the recent Cataclysm news, including the new Goblin/Worgen races, class combinations (Tauren Paladins woohoo!), as well as a huge revamp of Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor, has now been confirmed by Blizzard.

I recommend you go check MMO-Champion for yourself to see. Also the direct link to the blue post for easier finding later on. The race/class combinations can be found nicely laid out here. World of Raids have some awesome live blog coverage going on from Blizzcon if you’re interested in uptodate Cataclysm/Blizzcon news as it happens.