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How To Avoid Being Ganked

So, you’re either on a PvP server, or you’re on a PvE server and you’ve just done a quest/activity (catching the towers in Terrokar, doing a battleground, etc.) and you’re flagged for PvP while out and about. Probably levelling, this is where you’ll have the most unfair disadvantage, though maybe dailies or catching up on a few quests. While you’re doing your thing, a big red name swoops down and stomps you into the floor, leaving nothing but a smoldering mess and your ghost standing over your corpse thinking, “Well, thanks, now I can’t do anything until you bugger off.” Or, “I’m relogging to my main!” Do you know what though? There are a couple of methods you can use to avoid being ganked.. to an extent.

I’ve been on a PvP server for most of my time playing WoW, and that’s about 3 or 4 years of being smooshed into a corpse. After that amount of time, you come to learn a few ways to avoid it. Now, this won’t always get rid of them, but occasionally you may be able to hide. You’re running around, you see a red name, probably higher level than you are and you run in the opposite direction hoping they haven’t seen you. They may be running past, in which case you dive into the nearest hedge (they have hedges in WoW, right?) and hope. Of course, if you’re able to, stealthing is always a great option for avoiding them. If you’re a Hunter, you can keep ‘Track Humanoids’ on, and keep an eye out for those red dots on your minimap, they’ll look a tiny bit different to regular hostile mobs. The best way is to just keep an eye out constantly and really pray that they don’t come near/bother you. Of course, sometimes they will leave you alone but a lot won’t. Avoiding places like Stranglethorn Vale which are not only places that both factions level/quest in a lot but are also renowned for much ganking is a great idea if your server is quite heavily populated and the ganking particularly annoys you, though it’s something you get used to. Basically, avoid being near the red names.

The “I’m logging my main” method, in my opinion, doesn’t often go well. I can log into my 80, go to the place where my alt’s corpse lies and find nothing, run around a little, and find nothing, and this seems to happen to me a lot so I gave up, but you never know, you might find them, and smooshing them into the dirt repeatedly MIGHT well be quite therapeutic!

“Well lol you shouldn’t roll on a pvp server noob lol” is not an answer. Yes, if you’re PvP flagged and an easy kill target, you will probably be ganked, this is inevitable. Remember though, there’s no harm in trying to fight back, even if they are a few levels higher, you never know how bad they are ;)

Levelling an Elemental Shaman 1-11

Last night, I had the overwhelming urge to level a Shaman. I get these sometimes, it’s a part of my altoholism. My biggest interest in the class is to try healing, but I’d like to be able to kill things pretty easily too, so I’m going elemental. This way, it’s easier to get the gear to accommodate both playstyles then if I went Enhancement. I found 83 unused Emblem of Triumph and 630 Stone Keeper’s Shards on my Hunter, and a couple of things lying around already. Here is a list of recommended elemental/resto heirlooms for those wondering what they can get, though if you have any cloth or leather heirlooms lying around, you can use those, but these will be better. It is preferred to balance what is affordable to you, but do try to get the pieces with intellect, especially if, like me, you plan to heal. The items bolded would be ideal. I’m personally thinking about using my staff for elemental things, and the mace with a shield (there are no heirloom shields sadly) for healing. One thing that people don’t seem to know, if you send your Shaman the mail heirlooms, yes they will downgrade to leather until you have the capability to wear mail armour.





Originally, I was going to get the leather spellpower heirlooms so that I could reuse them on my Druid, but I didn’t fancy wearing something with spirit out of choice when I also had badges and stone keeper’s shards lying around doing nothing. I don’t need the mace until I’m level 15, when I can use the random dungeon tool, so that leaves me with plenty of time to get the last 7 emblems I need for that.

Another thing about heirlooms that people often wonder about is enchants. Whilst they aren’t too important, if you really want to give yourself a little boost, it will need to be a vanilla enchant. TBC and Wrath enchants won’t work, and some enchants like the PvP shoulder enchants won’t work until you reach 70. If you insist, you will be looking for Greater Stats on chest, and Spellpower on weapon, which will work on a 1hander and a 2hander.

If you don’t have the privilege of heirlooms, you may struggle a tiny bit, but that’s ok. Try to find items with intellect, stamina, spellpower, crit, haste and, if healing, mp5, when it comes down to that.

So, the hitty things until dead bit. For the first few levels, you will be pretty much Lightning Bolt spamming. Imbue your weapon with Rockbiter until you get Flametongue, which should be your weapon enchant of choice, and feel free to give the mobs a couple of whacks. At level 4, you will get Earth Shock, this is a nice instant cast spell, especially good if you find the mobs hitting you a lot. I found myself Lightning Bolting until they got close, then casting an Earth Shock and perhaps meleeing the last bit of health off in the level 1-5 bit. At level 6 you get Earthbind Totem which I fell in love with. Lightning Bolt and Earth Shock as usual but when the mobs get close to you, the totem slows your enemies so you can kite them! This gives you a chance to cast a Lightning Bolt without being interrupted so much. Also good if you’re running away from something. At level 8 you get Lightning Shield which is pretty nice to keep up. Level 10, Flame Shock, Flametongue Weapon, and Searing Totem. By the time I’d finished most of my quests and got to do the flame totem quest I was level 11 and feeling pretty damn overpowered.

By the time I reached 10, I wasn’t really having any mana issues so I took Concussion first. Though, if you do find yourself having mana problems, take Convection first. These are the first two talents I’ll be taking so it’s really down to what you feel you need the most first. I think I drank once during the 1-11 grind, and that was only because I felt like it while I alt tabbed. The health and mana regeneration at low levels has been buffed so much that you might find the same.

Dragons and Pilla’s


My evening last night began with me joining the Looking for Random Dungeon tool (LFD) and then being teleported off to Blackrock Depths. Unlike every other time when I’d been plopped in next to the instance portal, I was part of the way through the instance and half of the party was dead. A new feature in 3.3.3 which I adore: if you join an instance already in progress, you will be teleported to where your party members are, rather than the beginning of the instance. Lovely!

All but the healer, who happened to be from Argent Dawn also, left the group. I had no reason to leave, he seemed to be a nice guy, so we requeued with the Hunter who’d joined not long after me and seemed to be a sandwich short of a picnic but hey, win some, lose some. The new Paladin tank who joined, seemed okay, if just a little clueless. I asked if we could do the Ring of Law, a nice, quick, easy boss with something for everyone, depending on the boss that spawns, which really is half of the fun. The healer replied, “That’s fine by me.” The tank replied, “which way lol xD.” The hunter pinged the map a lot and said, “xD anywere.” Slash sigh.

Thankfully, the healer led the way. We went down one of the many corridors at the beginning of the instance (I don’t think I will ever know my way around BRD properly, I always, always get lost in there) where the tank had a blast running off, chain pulling each pack of Dwarves. When we reached the Ring of Law, we stopped and the healer tried to point out that there was “A quick boss here.” The tank carried on his merry little way, and died. Of course he blamed the healer, it couldn’t possibly be his fault for running off, right?

We eventually convinced him to head back and do the boss, and halfway through the fight he bubbled. I didn’t notice until me and Mr. Mageypants died from aggro and at the end of the fight, the tank said, “Oops, I bubbled, sorry!” Pfft. Better be. I left after that one. The healer was a nice guy but the tank and the hunter were a little bit moronic. That and I didn’t really fancy clearing every individual little room.


Afterwards I decided to quest for a little. I’d swept through Searing Gorge the night before on Fae, to get a bit of Loremaster done, and I’d never really noticed what a nice little quest hub it is. You pick up about 10 quests that you do in the same area, I especially liked the ones in the underground Cauldron, it doesn’t take too long to do them and nets you maybe a level or more of experience depending on your level, amount of heirlooms, and rested experience. Not to mention a Landin’ Pilla and a pile of Thorium Brotherhood rep.

I headed down to the bit where you pretty much have to kill a load of pink dinosaurs and this level 54 Orc Rogue was doing the same quest, so he invited me to a group. The first sign of a polite person! He smiled, he said hello, he asked how many more I needed, to which I told him, “8 more, you’re free to leave when you’re done,” and he said goodbye! This is very rare, I’m too used to my own server which seems to be very much ‘first come, first serve’ when it comes to killing mobs, maybe a ‘thx’, and I’d forgotten that people can sometimes be friendly.

After we’d finished, I had a nosey check of Recount to see what spec he was, noticed he was using Ambush, which made me curious. I spotted ‘Hemoarrage’ and couldn’t resist whispering him again, “How are you finding Subtlety by the way? :)” As it has been buffed in the patch and I’d been thinking about testing it out to compare it to my current build. We had a nice chat about the differences, he mostly told me that it was, “a little less damage, but more utility.” So, basically, great for PvP and questing, but Assassination still seems to be the most fun for levelling in my opinion, it’s still more damage, and more burst. I was considering staying Combat for a while because of all of the lovely energy regenning talents and Blade Flurry, but I’m a Mutilate convert it seems.


Whilst I was finishing my quests, I received a whisper from somebody I didn’t recognise. Usually, this is a whisper from somebody asking for a SAN invite, but they were asking, “want a free BRD boost?” I did a quick /who and saw it was a guilded level 80 Warlock, nobody I knew. I don’t like to impose on people, even when they ask and I didn’t know this person, so I asked, “Are you going for the achievement?” They replied, “No, boosting my alt.” Fair enough, I guess that makes me the follow monkey. They put their alt on follow, and I just have to keep up and not get them killed or stuck behind things.

I inspected their Paladin alt after I’d died and run back in (picked up the quest to get the Shadowforge key though, not that I need it on my Rogue) and saw that they were wearing the cloth heirloom chest and shoulders, no neck or helm, grey level 2 bracers, some really crappy stuff. This was obviously a ‘recruit a friend’ boost. I asked if they were going for the zebra mount and they replied, “nope.” I guess they didn’t want to talk, so I figured I’d stay a little while and bail out after a bit. Following somebody quietly while they kill stuff isn’t really my idea of fun. Their plan seemed to be to clear most of the prison area, the first boss and reset. I’d rather quest, though after I’d dinged 53 she bailed out anyway. I gained about 50% of a level from joining them, can’t complain. Afterwards, I finished off in Searing Gorge, where, for the second night in a row, the damn dragon scared me half to death.

Note to Self

Argent Dawn is not like Vashj, there *is* such a thing as a nice person. I always said that if you expect stuff to suck, when it doesn’t you’ll have a pleasant surprise! Does that make me an optimistic pessimist?

Link Love: The Drama Week

This week has been pretty drama filled, and there are a fair few response posts I could link to, but I don’t want to link to anything related to the posts and blogs that have caused the huge discussion that has taken place this week, that needs to be left alone now. Rather, I would like to link to a couple of blog posts discussing the topic, not the bloggers, in a mature and adult way. First of all, Byaghro of Diabolical Minds wrote a post on Social Responsibility and Blogging, I respect how objective he remained whilst raising some excellent points. Windsoar equally wrote an awesome objective post, or in her own words a Rambling Commentary on Recent Events. Both posts give you something to think about, whether you agree with them or not.

Not everything has been about the drama this week, thank God, in fact, there has been a string of blogging related topics. One which actually originated from a Blog Azeroth discussion: Why do you blog? Both Gypsy and Dristanel decided to respond in post form and I loved reading both responses, and I can honestly say that there is a little of my own reasons in both posts. Saresa has written a wonderful guide for people who are thinking about starting their own blog but may perhaps need a few tips, So, You Want To Blog?

I know I don’t blog too much about hunters these days, but I still read the hunter blogs and I find this guide on using FemaleDwarf.com from Rilgon absolutely awesome. I wasn’t aware that it is basically the same as the Excel Spreadsheet, so now I don’t feel quite as bad for using it myself!

Daily Quests is a web comic which I find to be quite unique with its blog sections, and I’m particularly fond of Vas’ lore section. I’ve learnt quite a lot about lore from reading his column and this week has been no different in his discussion of The Half Breed and the Human, Med’an, the son of Medivh.

There have been many levelling guides around this week and here’s just a handful of the few I found particularly informative. Windsoar posted her guide on Druiding it Up: 1-10. Okay, so, Tarinae’s guide to levelling a healadin may have technically been last week, but I felt I should include it as I read it this week *stomps* my blog, my rules! Also, I particularly enjoy levelling Death Knights. I’m not entirely sure why, I already have one at 80 and I don’t really intend to level more, but I find them pretty damn fun and Skeleton Jack’s introduction guide to levelling a DK is a very good starting point. All in all, whatever you level, try to have some fun, go against what everybody else tells you is best if that’s what you want to do, but tips and guides are always nice to get you started, especially if you want to level efficiently.

Last but not least, what is a week’s round up without a few fun posts? The wonderful Zalduun has informed us of a few things that we may not know about Dalaran. I didn’t know there was a shoe shiner, and I haven’t been able to find the lighting up Dalaran guy since the very beginning of Wrath! I love little tidbits like this. Something quite interesting from Arioch, clearly she has a WoW Model Viewer addiction at the moment (prove me wrong), but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Take a look at the different models, do you sleep the same way your character does? Looking at it, I do sleep like the female Blood Elf. How did you sleep last night? Have you checked your horoscope this week? What’s your sign? I think I have a little of the Overachiever in me, but I’m mostly an Altoholic.

Worst attempt at hacking ever!

Lowbie Huntering

Especially now with the influx of lowbie alting SAN members, I thought a little guide to levelling a hunter might be a help. :)

One to Ten

The first thing you will encounter as a lowbie hunter is the pain of having no pet for 10 levels. You can spend 10 levels meleeing everything to death and perhaps mix in a few corpse runs, but if you watch where you’re going you can effectively kite and still be a ranged hunter. In my opinion, the second option is the most effective though of course it’s not exactly important at that level. Either way, shoot the mob, when it gets close to you run a bit, jump around shoot a little more, keep running, shoot a bit more and so on. You may like to check out Pike’s jump shot video.

Taming Pets

Okay, so usually I will rush through to level 10 so there is no danger of me abandoning the character, I won’t lie, 1 to 10 hunter isn’t the most fun in the world. Once you reach level 10 you won’t immediately be able to tame a pet, first you will have to do a quest. Whichever race you choose, this will be: tame a particular beast, bring it back to me, 3 times, 3 different beasts. At level 10, sadly, you don’t have Freezing Trap, which makes taming a pet 10 times easier. You do get this ability at level 20 though, so remember to use it when taming any pets after that level. At level 10, perhaps pop a health potion if you need to.

When you’ve completed the quest you can choose a pet. My favourite for levelling is a bear. They are excellent tank pets, with not too terrible AoE threat and plenty of armour. Crocolisks are also not too bad for the same reasons. A lot of people go for crabs, which are tanking pets too, though they have a nice ability for PvP. Another decent pet for PvP is the spider, and if you’re looking to abuse the dungeon finder tool a fair bit you might even consider getting yourself a wolf. Though of course, if you want to tame something else, go for it. It won’t be as efficient but at the end of the day, this hunter is your character and you can play it how you want to. For a full list of tameable beasts, their skins, and where to find them, check out Petopia.

Talent Points

Another thing you will be getting at level 10 is talent points. I cannot stress enough that the best spec for levelling is by far Beast Mastery. Survival and Marksman are both fun, decent specs, and honestly you won’t beat them for PvP or instancing, but if you plan to quest, you can’t beat Beast Mastery. It is the fastest levelling spec. This is the spec I would go with for levelling, though of course there are many variations to this. If you would prefer to make some changes to it, or choose another spec entirely, feel free.


At level 15, your first glyph slots open up, giving space for 1 major and 1 minor glyph. Hunter glyphs in my opinion are not brilliant for levelling, a lot are based upon increasing the amount of time something lasts, which is great for mobs which last a long time but that’s not what you want to do. If you have trouble pet your pet a live and find yourself using Mend Pet a lot, I recommend the Glyph of Mending, which is also great for soloing. There is Glyph of the Hawk if you switched the 5 points in Endurance Training for Improved Aspect of the Hawk BUT if you didn’t, it’s useless. Glyph of Bestial Wrath might be worthwhile later on when you get the talent though only if you have a reason to reduce its cooldown. The only other option really is Glyph of Steady Shot, but this relies upon Serpent Sting being up on the target and you won’t get Steady Shout until your 50s. Can you see why my last hunter ended up using Glyph of Aspect of the Viper?

For your minors, I’d suggest taking Glyph of Mend Pet at 15, and Glyph of Feign Death at 50. The last one at 70 is entirely optional.

Spells & Shots

Ideally, you will be avoiding the need to melee. You will get Serpent Sting at level 4, you will need to determine whether or not it is worth the mana. Often it isn’t, but you might like the extra bit of damage. At level 6 you will get Arcane Shot which you will be using whenever it’s off cooldown. You will also get Hunter’s Mark at level 6, this increases your ranged attack power so it might be nice to type /m and create a new macro for your first spell slot:

/cast Hunter’s Mark

This saves having to click on your pet bar, in fact, for your second spell slot, make another macro:


1. Pet in. 2. Pet out. Concussive Shot at level 8, I feel I need to say this as I have heard of a few people thinking this is necessary, does not need to be used in conjunction with Steady Shot. Yes the tooltip might say the damage is increased if the target is dazed, but shooting a Concussive Shot will lose you more damage than you gain, it is unnecessary mana used. However, it is nice to slow targets who happen to be moving towards you, especially in PvP. Aspect of the Hawk is going to be your primary used aspect (next to Viper which should only be used for manaing up as it reduces your damage dealt by 50%) until you get Aspect of the Dragonhawk in your 70s. Multi Shot is also useful though be careful around large groups of mobs you are trying not to pull and crowd controlled mobs.

It’s A Trap!

Traps are another aspect of the hunter class which seem to scare and confuse people. There are 3 classes of trap: fire, frost, and poison. You can have 1 of each up at the same time, and Explosive Trap can be used for AoE pulls if you wish before you get Volley, which is similar to Blizzard or Rain of Fire. If you decide to spec Survival, it is important to remember that Black Arrow shares a cooldown with Explosive Trap and Immolation Trap.

Basically, Frost Trap and Freezing Trap are both very nice for controlling situations. Slowing people down in PvP, calming down “Oh shit!” moments, and crowd controlling. Immolate Trap and Explosive Trap deal a little extra damage. Snake Trap, well, obviously unleashing an army of snakes unto your foes. They have a chance to proc various poisons such as Mind Numbing, Crippling, which both slow the target (physically or their spellcasting).


A few notes based on the low level PuGs I have been in. First of all, you want a lot of agility on your gear. Stamina is also an okay stat, and a little intellect I guess won’t hurt.. (though that’s a little better once you get Careful Aim) but please, please, remember that strength, spirit, and spell power are terrible stats for a hunter. If you’re rolling on melee weapons, remember that they are stat sticks, so any ‘on proc’ abilities are going to be useless. Stockpile agility, let the tank do the pulling (and the tanking), and when you get Feign Death it is your friend. Make sure you have at least 4,000 ammo in your bags at all times, this way you shouldn’t run the risk of running out and having to go melee.

As a wise (well, I guess) man once said: “Go forth and pew..”

Positive PuG

Shared Topic courtesy of Kin at Altoholics Anonymous. You can find other responses in this post at Blog Azeroth.

I’ve been playing my mage, Twylite, a fair bit lately. It’s fun when you’re feeling a bit blah about the game to pop on an alt you haven’t really explored yet, get her spec, glyphs, gear just right, and attempt to top the meters in every random you do as Frost. Maybe that’s just me, I like damage meters, they make DPS classes fun for me.

Well, when I was about level 35 and Scarlet Monastery was all the rage, I queued, got in a group and lo and behold the warrior tank could hold aggro! I Blizzarded my little Blood Elf heart out, and we started chatting, the tank, me and the druid healer. We decided to stick with that group and re-queue for a few. The druid healer was a really nice guy, he gave both me and the tank some friendly advice, not the kind of advice you expect to find in a pug these days. He told me to try single targeting the mob with the most HP in a pack of 4 or less, I think it was along those lines, I’ve since adapted it anyway, and it has helped me in dungeons with my mana issues.

It was a lovely group and unusual to find that and have everybody want to stick around, well, everybody who counts. The silent hunter left at the end of the first one. The warrior was on my server, I added him to my friends list and chatted a little after we had finished. Shame he hasn’t really been online at the same time as me since because it would have been quite cool to queue up again together. Keep trying guys, there are good pugs out there!

The Beginnings of a Warrior

That warrior I mentioned last Sunday? Yeah, she’s level 23 now, very close to 24, and I’m loving it. I started her last Saturday evening when I was a little bored, and I figured what the heck! “I’ll go see who’s around on Terenas, Zal and Els are sometimes around though I can’t remember her paladin’s name..” It took me a while to think of a name, and Briella was the best I could come up with. Most of the names on these name websites are crap, really, so I shoved some letters together and formed a word. That’s how most of my names were formed.

Spoke to Pieces and Zal for a lot of the time, and oh, I took candle. I took a lot of candle. No, not like that you bunch of pervs. Around level 7, Zal decided he was bored and would pick me up in his motorbike and drive me around, so I grabbed 2h Axe training, a couple of greens from the Auction House, and hugged some dead Horde butt. Seriously, who raids Ironforge at 8pm on a Saturday evening, on a Full population server which is very heavy on the Alliance side? Picked up Alchemy and Herbalism and ran off back to Elwynn, I think I got to level 11 before I decided to head off, I love heirlooms, can’t believe I originally planned to level without them.

Since then I’ve been questing and chatting. The usual Westfall, Redridge and such. Though I’ve been trying the low level LFD tool. I love the loot bags, these are entirely new to me, I was totally expecting to be given spell power and spirit items, though I’ve got a of the Bandit cloak, and of the Bear mail belt. Pretty nice! I discovered that the heirlooms I’m using (please ignore the PvP trinket, it’s a bit of resilience in an empty slot, I know I don’t need it as a human, shush), especially the yummy axe, cause a lot of threat, so I struggle to DPS instances.

I decided to try my hand at tanking. Picked up the 1h axe from Deadmines and a shield from a warrior quest.. really.. “Walk into that cave.” Alliance warrior quests are a joke. The level 10 orc warrior quest is to kill a few Thunder Lizards, the level 10 human warrior quest is to beat up the guy next to the quest giver a bit. Pulling the tangent back, I did okay. I kept an eye on the healers’ mana, let people drink, taunted loose mobs away, kept some decentish AoE threat. My only qualms are with rage generation, auto attack (why isn’t it automatic when something hits you?!), and people with, or sometimes without, heirlooms, who then think they are better than group mechanics and will continue to pull ahead, not let you gain any threat on the mobs whatsoever, before they open fire. I know this is nothing new, but despite this I did okay.

There was a group.. I got into a Shadowfang Keep group, as tank, the mage wouldn’t give the ret paladin water because the paladin was Swedish, and the paladin kicked up a bit of a fuss so to speak. I got bored of the arguing, and when the paladin pulled several mobs and ran into the group with them I gave in and left. Joined the next group specifically as DPS, I didn’t sign up as tank I didn’t want to. The same paladin was there telling me to tank. I’d heard of fake tanking, a class with the ability to tank will sign up as a tank with no intention of tanking, and force it on another group member, who will have to tank to get through the instance. I don’t take being told what to do so well and left them to it, like I wanted to do Wailing Caverns anyway.

My last warrior got as far as 27 before something shiny came along and she ended up being deleted to make space on the server for a new alt. All in all, it is a fun class and I hope my tanking skills, and rage generation, pick up a bit soon. I suppose dual-spec is going to help immensely.

This Is How I Roll

OHAIThe name’s Jhuutom, aka Felly the Felguard, aka You Idiot, aka Gordon Ramsay (don’t ask). Fae was feeling rather tired today, so we let her sleep *ahem, hides Nightmare Potion..*

Anyway! I decided to take my warlock for a walk, you may know her as Hadlo, though I do not care too much for the names of lesser beings. As per usual, I was the one doing all of the work while she just used her.. erm.. “damage over time”. Useless. I tell you, by the time she’s cast a Shadow Bolt, I’ve already killed the damn creatures! She could really use some more haste. So, once we’d found a piece of elemental scrap for some odd amulet thing, which she said she needed to do to aid Fae, hell if I care, we took a Windrider back down to the Borean Tundra.

I reminded her that there was a lot of haste on the Nexus gear, you know, that nice stuff from the quests. So, remembering we hadn’t done those yet, we popped over to the Amber Ledge to speak to a few mages and torture a few cultists, after all, who doesn’t love a good evening of torture? On the way, Hadlo thought it would be funny to chain up a cultist and mock him for a while…

Hadlo's pet cultistYou’ll notice that I am uninterested and take no part in this whatsoever. Bloody nuisance bag of bones… She spent so long laughing at this, that she didn’t happen to notice the Alliance warlock and druid hovering around, yes that’s right, she got us killed. Laugh it up. You’ll regret it later.

After they’d buggered off, we made our way over to Coldara island. A place full of whimsical blue dragons and giant magical trees… OF DEATH! I had such a great time running around murdering stuff, and she didn’t even get me killed this time, like that time with that debuff from the spore poison… Ah never mind, but it’s a wonder I still let her claim that I’m her demon. Ha! But hey ho, shit happens, as long as I get to murder stuff without 24 Death Knights and a Ret Paladin grouping up to kill me for Freddy, my lovely, cuddly axe, then I can deal with the rest.

Hadlo also likes to claim that she’s all weak and feeble, in order to get help from her “friends”. Come on, we all know the warlocks don’t have friends, that’s why they’re so close with the darkness, it’s the only thing that really “understands” them *snigger*. Moreover, she knows, deep down, that I could have soloed the place. The blue flight and a few overenthusiastic trees are no match for me. Though these apparent friends came, and they helped, perhaps they’re not so bad, I mean, I guess it gave me a break from doing all of the work for a little while. As such, we got her some more haste gear, perhaps she might actually help me out with some of these quests now.. *more snigger* as if.

Hopefully, Fae will be back next time.. Once the effects of the err.. good night’s sleep has worn off. Until then, suffer well.

Tonight Matthew, I will be…


Levelling my Warlock!

Now, I could tell you how I’ve become hooked on physical DPS classes, of course, mostly Hunter. However, when I first started playing, I loved the idea of a magical damage class. I was told to roll a Warlock because it was a caster and the pets made it easier to level. Started levelling her early enough to be forced to make her an Undead (because it was the most normal looking horde race), and to grab the title ‘Scout’. Going to average it at about 4 or 5 months before Burning Crusade was released. My second class was Shadow Priest and I did try to level a Mage, though that didn’t last very long until I levelled my Paladin and finally, my hunter.

Recently, with the quietness in WoW, probably due to Aion, I’ve been thinking about levelling an alt. I think it’s time I levelled Hadlo, she’s been sat at 70 for way over a year and I’d like to see how the class plays these days. Well.. that and I want to be purple Illidan!

Efficient Alt Levelling

I level quite a few alts, I think I’ve got it down to a tee, can level quite fast when I set my mind to it. Though mostly these days I take it easy. However, there are a few things I use that seriously speed it up. No, not levelling guides, I find half of them slow me down either because I’m trying to decipher what they’re saying, or because they’re saying “do this quest in Azshara, now pop over to Eastern Kingdoms and get the flight plan and hand in some stuff, then go back to Winterspring and kill some yetis, then scare the goblin’s friends with the yetiâ€? and so on..

Anyway, for starters, the heirloom chest and shoulders, I make sure I have both of these before any trinkets, weapons, any of that, because they do stack (have had a few people ask) and the 20% extra experience while levelling is insane. It counts with the experience from quest hand ins as well as killing mobs. So very worth getting. If you have enough emblems you’re willing to spare, or enough Champion’s Seals, go for the weapons and maybe the trinkets if you want.

Next, I make use of my mods, sorry, I like them too much. I have LocationFu for my Fubar, this can tell you which instances are good for your level, which zones are good for your level. It can be a little buggy but nice for those moments where you just can’t decide. QuestGuru gives a nice quest tracker, I found something was blocking me from tracking the quests I wanted to, so having this enables me to track/untrack whichever quests I want in my log. You can also hover over the quest name in the tracker to show a mini tooltip, like that which you’d see if the quest was linked to somebody. I also use QuestHelper, sorry, I got lazy after levelling my Draenei. Used to use a combination of TomTom and Lightheaded, which I’d recommend if you don’t want to use QuestHelper, but I couldn’t be bothered to go through setting waypoints anymore. Without the mods, I make sure I have co ords on my map, and leave WowHead open in the background for easy access if the quest log becomes unhelpful, okay, I leave WowHead open anyway, it’s always useful for something.

Aside from that, after levelling quite a lot, I know where to go and how to level efficiently. I like the pick up a pile of quests, complete them all, especially combining the ones closest together (which is why I like TomTom/Questhelper so much for this) and handing them all in at once. Going back and forth all the time seems a little unnecessary to me. Also, I absolutely love the flying mount changes. Being able to fly around between quests 60-70 in Outlands, and then buy a Tome of Cold Weather Flying (Bind on Account from the Cold Weather Flying trainer, 1000g) which enables you to fly in Northrend as soon as you get there (requires level 68) just makes it a lot faster.

However, if any of these make levelling less enjoyable for you, don’t do them. Simple as. This is just the way I manage to level :)

I got my druid to 65, and then I thought I wouldn’t mind levelling my Death Knight who was 67. I can’t decide which one to level now, think a few friends would prefer the druid, but a part of me is thinking that I’m going to get bored of it, it’s taken me this long to level I know I will, also speccing resto, I don’t think I’ve lasted as a healer yet. Death Knight I know I enjoy, and I prefer the class to Ret Paladin. We’ll see ^^