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Sometimes love Saturdays, they can be spent doing the most random crap.

I spent most of the day finishing off my Netherwing rep, egg hunting is so easy these days. I think I found a Chinese farmer in the caves, level 80 guildless alliance DK, wasn’t an orc, just ran around killing slimes, I suppose there are very few places they can farm these days (not that I appreciate them at all.)

Not having much to do after that I flew around looking for rares, found 4 :o Kraator in Shadowmoon Valley, the elemental guy around Oshugun in Nagrand, the Blood Elf and Nuramoc in Netherstorm. I love NPCScan. Well on my way to getting Bloody Rare which is awesome.

I did the Path of Conquest stuff to get the tabard… I was dragged around ZG, Onyxia and AQ trash for the mounts. I told Dan, “first trash pack red will drop and you’ll be gone.” First mob [Red Qiraji blathing] “told you.” So yeah after a run through there he ran off to do the daily heroic so I soloed the trash a bit, annoying to solo but easy enough, got the Green, Yellow and Blue ones.

Last night I decided I want to do Loremaster, why.. I really don’t know, a part of me wants to go for ‘The Insane’ but I don’t think I can bring myself to get that much Bloodsail rep, then back to goblins, and Darkmoon Rep.. and… arg… so yeah, no Insane.

PS. Sorry this post is so late.. I was hoping some news might pop up, that and I ended up raiding last night.

Farming Netherwing Rep

So, I randomly decided to farm the Netherwing rep I never got around to doing in TBC. It’s 20 achievement points (with the exalted and the Skyshatter race) and a few mounts, as well as something to do. Me being the completionist I am anyway.

Aside from a couple of slip-ups with an irritating ret paladin in the mines, around about half past 3 (GMT) … the time he’d be coming home from school, it’s been going very well. I use my turtle to AoE farm the mines, hoping for Egg drops from the mobs, and skinning them for that silly skinning daily (this is also a very good place to farm the ore for the mining daily), and checking around for egg spawns as I go. Fly around the island checking for eggs, and then around the building on the mainland, checking on the ground, in crates, in buildings, behind drake riders. I find quite a lot of eggs doing this, and for herbalists, the island is a good place to complete the herbalism daily.

I also completed the hidden quests, one drops from the elite on the island, the flayer in the middle. It drops a hand which starts a quest to kill the slightly bigger flayer. Another is a drop in the Slime covered objects which drop from the Oozes in the mines after you hit friendly. The other is from a broken in the mine near the Netherdrake, which asks you to kill a few of the Murkblood in the caves. Along with these, the races are very good extra rep.

As well as these I do the regular dailies. The Booterang quest will always be one of my favourites. “Why it put Booterang on skin WHY?!” Just love to Booterang those orcs and then poison them, aren’t I lovely :P. Anyway, that’s pretty much all, just farm a lot of eggs and it takes no time at all.