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A Not So Trashy Love Story

In honour of Windsoar’s 6 month blogaversary (it’s a word!), she offered to be a muse, and share a few topics around to those who asked.

/cast Muse

Recently I shared my very own Trashy Love Story and I keep hearing all these references to a mysterious Dan figure. He even did your whiny day post for you!

While I won’t request your own TSL (unless you’d really like to go there), I’d like to know how the lovely duo spends their time in or out of game.

How We Met

Back in TBC, fairly early on, I decided to level a priest- yeah okay you’ve heard this one briefly before. The first guild I joined as Seithir is where I met Dan (or Ryyu, as you might otherwise know him). I can remember joining at level 67 and questing in Blade’s Edge Mountains and at one point wanting to get the COT: Durnholde Keep quest done. I must have asked in guild, because I know Dan came and tanked it for me and this was the first time I got to play with him (ingame you dirty sods). He probably insulted* me for jumping down at the wrong point and wiping us.. Anyway!

Honestly, when I first found out I was guilded with him, I suppose there was a bit of “What, THAT Ryyu?!” As at the time he was one of the ‘server celebrities’ in my eyes (yeah, the forum spammers) but I knew him as playing an Alliance Druid so I was a tad confused to find him playing a Blood Elf Paladin called ‘Ryyuswife’ (he named changed the second he could).

The first month or so I guess we played together a lot because I was willing to do instances, he was willing to tank (he didn’t get to very often, Prot Paladin in TBC), and I’m sure I was the only one willing to help him farm the Horseman’s Helm which never did bloody drop..

We didn’t get chatting properly until after the guild had semi fallen apart, and that’s when we started ‘going out’, so to say, you know the usual we have a lot in common and all that. We were fairly long distance to begin with, though I have heard of much worse distances, ours was a 7 hour train journey with a few changes in between. We now live together.

In Game

We’ve almost always played on the same server. In the past we’ve farmed instances, seasonal bosses, mount bosses, Zul’Gurub trash for rep, though these days we’ve really gone our own way in terms of game play. We’ll help each other out if needed, for example, I regularly farm the ZG mount bosses, quite desperate for a tiger to drop. I can solo it, but hey, I’m lazy, so Dan comes along and helps out which makes it 10 times faster. We’ve often been in the same raiding guild (most of TBC and a little of WotLK) but these days we seem to want different things from the game. I like the casual side of things, and when Dan raids he wants to see the content and try a few hard modes. I’m cool either way as long as it’s easy going.

We both like to play and try new classes, but neither likes to have levelling partners as such. We both get a case of “ooh shiny” and it’s not good for either of us to put that on the other! When I’m levelling, I personally like to run through an area, do all the level appropriate quests in my log, run back hand them in, alt tab a little, pop afk, carry on, move to another zone maybe, or perhaps join for an instance. I think Dan is a little of the same, with both of us at it we’d never get anything done together.


As I mentioned above, we live together, so we’re always getting up each other’s noses able to spend a bit of time together outside of the game. Fairly normal things, like ‘House nights’ which were originally (shock horror) nights we’d put aside to sit and watch through House boxsets, these days, it’s less specifically House, but other things as well, movies sometimes, for example, I’m finally watching Star Wars (I’M A BAD GEEK). Sometimes, we even venture to the fabled ‘outside’! I drive, because I’m awesome, sometimes we’ll go to the cinema and see a film, Alice in Wonderland next, and sometimes we’ll go out for a meal. At home, Dan does all the cooking, because he’s damn good at it.

Dan’s Note: True story, first time we instanced together, I PMed our then GM, “Ajaxx, where the hell did you get this tard from, wiped us already.”

Ingame Relationships

@Warcraft on Twitter grabbed my attention this morning:

#WoW players in love got married and the bride wore the same wedding dress in-game and in real life

At first glance it doesn’t sound like such an interesting story, these things happen all the time. Though of course my curiosity got the better of me and I had to click the link provided to have a look, the dress is really pretty and it’s a lovely story. I’d post the image here but that’s a little unfair, so take a look here.

It’s not the only relationship I’ve seen develop from this game, as I said these things happen all the time. My own relationship started in my priest’s first raiding guild, we got talking and realised that we just clicked. We went through an arduous long distance relationship, though nothing compared to some I have seen, it was a 7 hour train journey for us. Eventually we moved in together and we’ve been together for little over 2 years now. I’ve seen several friends ingame hook up with people they play with, and I’ve heard plenty of stories to make you go ‘aww’.

When I first started playing WoW, I heard of ingame weddings and people forming relationships, and in all honesty I did think they were idiots. How on Earth can you know you love somebody until you meet? Well, I was wrong, though I still find online weddings to freak me out a little, I understand them on RP servers. It just goes to show that the internet isn’t completely full of crazy axe murderers :)

Relationships Within Azeroth II

As you may have noticed, but probably haven’t, from my armory profile in the sidebar, I have rejoined my last guild, Dice. I’m going to keep the reasons I originally left between me and a handful of friends, but it’s now under new leadership, and I have a lot of faith in these guys to make Dice a decent guild.

Really though, I miss my friends, and of course I love raiding with Dan. We always used to have our 10 man groups, in TBC we ran Kara on a Friday night, in Wrath we always did Naxx 10, moved onto Ulduar which essentially in the end I lost my place in because I moved over to Terenas to play around a bit, and when I came back we got a Trial 10 group going. The problem with Trial 10 is that just before they released Anub’erak, I needed to take a short break. I can’t remember if this was my Aion break or my LotRO break, but either way, I obviously lost my place in the group which I expected and since about that time I’ve not only been really desperate for a new ranged weapon, but have felt rather dejected in the game, which lead to me mostly farming achievements.

Now, I really really want to give raiding a crack. I’ve rejoined Dice under the premise that there will be changes, and I know the new GM (who is a lovely fluffy cow) and the other officers want to see the same changes as I do. This makes the going back a hell of a lot easier. Already I’m noticing changes and I really think these guys can do a great job with the guild. I’m joining as a trial, I want to make sure I’m upto it, if last night was anything to go by, I think I’ll be able to stick around for a long time.

All I need to do is remember to disable a few mods before raid because 5fps is not good enough for DPSing.. remember to keep farming those mammoths in Storm Peaks next to the Brunnhildar Village, the drop rate on mammoth meat is pretty good, also get a bit of chilled meat and some leather, on top of this their respawn rate is awesome. Oh yeah, there goes my tangent. Basically, I need a little gear and practise to catch up with the other guys again because I’ve been out of the raiding loop for so long, I’m trying to keep up with my reading and I’m very interested in checking out a few of the blog posts on cooldown management, forcing trinket procs and so on, though I have been respeccing, regemming and fixing up bits of gear where I can. I’m getting there, if I can manage 7k on Jaraxxus in a pug, I’m sure I can get there while in a guild raid.

What is the ‘Relationships Within Azeroth’ bit about you ask? Well, having fun with friends is after all what this game is about for me, and I love it when things look to be coming together. So here’s to messing about in Orgimmar at silly hours.


Relationships Within Azeroth

Bad relationshipsShared Topic courtesy of Naithin of Tank ‘n’ Tree.

After three years of playing WoW, I have come to realise that there are many different variants on the relationships within Azeroth. During game play, most of us will make friends, that’s almost inevitable when you group with people. Many of us will go so far as to meet people who we don’t necessarily get along with very well. A small handful of us will even meet our other halves through the game. The moral of the story, act the way you would in real life. Endure the bad, appreciate the good, laugh at the stupid.


The problem with ingame friendships, is that they can be easy to lose if you don’t keep them up. You create a character, you level upto 80, you join a guild and there you make your first WoW friend. You do everything together, instances, achievements, PvP, but one of you doesn’t like something about the guild. Say your friend leaves for another server and all you have left is MSN, at first you keep in touch but eventually you both go off and meet new people ingame and slowly lose touch. This is just an example, but when you realise that what was once a strong friendship has become an acquaintance who you barely speak to anymore, it sucks.

Of course, once in a while, you will also meet people who you do keep in touch with, even when they decide to quit the game or transfer. In one of the guilds I applied to, one of the members of that guild randomly added me to MSN to talk to because he thought I seemed like a nice person, and is now a really good friend. Just goes to show, stalking isn’t always bad! In each guild I’ve been happy in, I’ve made a friend that I’ve kept in touch with, perhaps the secret to a good friendship ingame is to be happy in the first place. After all, you won’t meet anybody if you keep yourself to yourself.

People we Dislike

Of course, this is a very social game, a great way to talk to new people, but this also includes meeting people we don’t get along with. Personally, I generally dislike people who treat others like crap in order to make themselves feel good, basically ingame bullying. If it’s making fun of somebody jokingly and they understand that, then fine, that’s not the same. Bullying I will never agree with.

People who will act a certain way to benefit themselves over others. For example, as we’ve come to know them, ‘teehee girls’. Girls who will flaunt their femininity in order to receive promotions, loot and attention. They provide us constantly with information reminding us that they are in fact female, and massively overuse smileys, occasionally speaking in guild in such a way that no man would refuse to give said girl her loot. This is one thing I particularly dislike, as it’s only a small handful of WoW girls, some of us like to get into a guild based on good applications and ability rather.

Griefing is another one, corpse camping, trolling, kill stealing. I don’t and never will understand the fun in this kind of behaviour, but it exists, and always will. The trouble with these people is that, just like the real world, we have to learn to get along with them and accept that they are there.

Romantic Relationships

A lot of people think that people who meet their other half over the internet, especially WoW, are weird. However, I know a lot of people who are in strong relationships who met this way. So why is it still seen as a bad thing? It’s an old fashioned way of thinking to be honest. In fact, a few years ago, I knew that you could meet somebody from the internet, get together and have a good relationship, the same way that blind dates and the adverts in newspapers work. I was wrong. It is possible to fall in love with somebody before you meet, but to be sure that it’s real, you have to meet.

This is the part that is dangerous, because it can all go wrong. The main reason so many people are against online relationships, what if you meet and aren’t physically attracted to one another? One of you is a psychotic murderer? One or both of you are a lot older/younger than the other? There are so many things you have to beware of on the internet because it’s so easy to lie about almost anything. Though, I might my boyfriend on WoW, and we now live together, so it’s not always bad.