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So I’m A Goblin Convert

Meet Miyu.

Last night, I finally got around to levelling my Goblin a bit. I know I said I wasn’t so bothered about the new races, and I’ve always hated Goblins because they’re annoying and small and green, and they were stupid, but after playing with the character creation screen alone, I became a bit of a convert. The females actually don’t look half bad. I think they’ve made their way up to my second favourite Horde race – they haven’t quite taken over Blood Elves, but they are damn cool.

It wasn’t until I started levelling Miyu the Enhancement Shaman (which by the way is a name that I believe is now on its’ 3rd character, she has been a Rogue and a Warrior until now) that I decided exactly how awesome they are. You get a fecking vehicle mount! I wasn’t too big a fan of the Goblin mount, I’m still not, but man I want that vehicle mount it’s brilliant and it even has a radio setting. I had fun running over Goblins with it as well, hush.

I like that Blizzard gave you a group of friends, and I absolutely love Globber (the big guy in the middle) he’s brilliant. Though I’m really not that fond of the boyfriend. It’s nothing to do with “Well what if I’d prefer a girlfriend instead?” or anything like that, no, he’s just a bit of a tosser.

Click to embiggen!

After all the being scared shitless thinking you’re about to get “Stood in the Fire” on your Goblin alt, parties, running over pirates, and finding lesbians sat in Gallywix’s bed (I didn’t ask, each to their own), you get to be a true Goblin and set fire to things. With explosives.

Yes, I think I’m going to like this race. I’m officially a Goblin convert.

Dustwallow Marsh Questing

So I took your advice, I logged in last night and made my way to Theramore. Okay, originally I headed to Booty Bay so that I could boat to Ratchett and run to Dustwallow but it was pointed out to me that I’m an idiot and there’s a boat from the Wetlands, but in the end I got there. I had been there before, I’ve done the Horde and faction neutral quests on every character that passed through those levels, and on my first Draenei Hunter I had done a couple of quests in Theramore before moving on.. possibly to Stranglethorn Vale, I can’t remember. Anyway, I got on with it. I roused the Agitators, stole the propaganda, spread the propaganda, killed some pirates, and a little later on spoke to Jaina, who, for once, didn’t cry, but man that quest ended abruptly! What a frustrating so and so she is.

And why is this guy wearing a blank guild tabard? He’s clearly in a guild.

I guess I’ll go and finish off what I was doing today, I still have yet to go and talk to Nat Pagle, and I haven’t found a quest requiring the use of cannons yet! I can’t leave without shooting people with cannons, there’s something not right in that.

The Elemental Healer

I really do have the levelling bug. I have 10 characters on Vashj (2 I could delete if I wanted), 8 on Terenas, and I think 5 on Argent Dawn. A lot of those are characters I created for the fun of it and never actually played, but I love alts. I have 7 at 80, 2 over 70, 1 quite close to 60, 3 in their 30s. This time? I finally got around to levelling my baby Draenei Shaman.

You may or may not remember her from a few months ago. I had decided to level her as Elemental, and a healer in instances a long time ago, I’d just never really got around to getting started, so when Dan said he wanted to level another Warrior on Alliance side, and on Terenas with me and Candy, I finished off a couple of levels to get her to 15 so I could join him a little as a healer ((it was between her and my level 14 Night Elf Druid, but I have a Resto Druid at 71 already)).

We didn’t really intend to level all the way together, we’re definitely not questing together, we both prefer to level solo in general, but the random dungeons we’re doing are fun. He can tank, I can Ele-heal. That pretty much consists of a lot of Fire Novaing, Chain Lightning, and the odd Lesser Heal being thrown around, perhaps a Healing Stream Totem, and I’m usually 2nd or 3rd on dps and it’s really fun! *cough* We’re getting things done fast, and effectively, with no deaths – well, I say no deaths, I did let a Priest die the other day because he kept pulling even after we asked him to stop, quite politely, twice. Dan didn’t want me to res him but I’m not for slowing down the dungeon and causing issues that much, letting him die was good enough for me. However, in my hesitation when he said, “res pls healer” (you understand, right?), the Druid ressed him, I still have yet to actually use my resurrection.

I have tried to get a few quests done as well, though I have an issue with Alliance levelling. Where the heck are the best places to go between 30-40?! I waggled over to Stranglethorn Vale only to remember there were even less quests there than there are for Horde in the early 30s, there seems to be the same back and forth between quest and questgiver issue in Arathi Highlands and Desolace, and it has really made me appreciate the random dungeon finder. However, I am giving Highlands a go, and much to my dismay, these damn Kobolds kept trying to kill my totem!

We do seem to be levelling pretty fast, which I guess is to be expected with this many heirlooms and kickassery, and I’m quite okay with that. Yesterday I got from level 30 to level 35, and I still got a little over an hour’s worth of reading done. What I’d quite like is to hit 80 before Cataclysm so that I have the chance to try a different max level healer ((I tried holy Paladin for a while. At the beginning, when it was all heroics, Naxxramas, and Sartharion I was fine, but the second I entered Trial of the Champion there was much flailing and many tears, so we’ll leave that chapter behind)) before Cataclysm turns it into something scary. I also might possibly want a skirt.

I also got distracted in Ironforge for just a few seconds and oops, toasted Elekk. I’ve been fiddling around with the Alliance since Ulduar was still new, so I didn’t actually expect to ever fall in here, or, for a little bit, know there was a ramp. I didn’t panic too much mind you, because I’m a Shaman with Inscription, I have 3 fricking hearthstones!

Levelling an Elemental Shaman 1-11

Last night, I had the overwhelming urge to level a Shaman. I get these sometimes, it’s a part of my altoholism. My biggest interest in the class is to try healing, but I’d like to be able to kill things pretty easily too, so I’m going elemental. This way, it’s easier to get the gear to accommodate both playstyles then if I went Enhancement. I found 83 unused Emblem of Triumph and 630 Stone Keeper’s Shards on my Hunter, and a couple of things lying around already. Here is a list of recommended elemental/resto heirlooms for those wondering what they can get, though if you have any cloth or leather heirlooms lying around, you can use those, but these will be better. It is preferred to balance what is affordable to you, but do try to get the pieces with intellect, especially if, like me, you plan to heal. The items bolded would be ideal. I’m personally thinking about using my staff for elemental things, and the mace with a shield (there are no heirloom shields sadly) for healing. One thing that people don’t seem to know, if you send your Shaman the mail heirlooms, yes they will downgrade to leather until you have the capability to wear mail armour.





Originally, I was going to get the leather spellpower heirlooms so that I could reuse them on my Druid, but I didn’t fancy wearing something with spirit out of choice when I also had badges and stone keeper’s shards lying around doing nothing. I don’t need the mace until I’m level 15, when I can use the random dungeon tool, so that leaves me with plenty of time to get the last 7 emblems I need for that.

Another thing about heirlooms that people often wonder about is enchants. Whilst they aren’t too important, if you really want to give yourself a little boost, it will need to be a vanilla enchant. TBC and Wrath enchants won’t work, and some enchants like the PvP shoulder enchants won’t work until you reach 70. If you insist, you will be looking for Greater Stats on chest, and Spellpower on weapon, which will work on a 1hander and a 2hander.

If you don’t have the privilege of heirlooms, you may struggle a tiny bit, but that’s ok. Try to find items with intellect, stamina, spellpower, crit, haste and, if healing, mp5, when it comes down to that.

So, the hitty things until dead bit. For the first few levels, you will be pretty much Lightning Bolt spamming. Imbue your weapon with Rockbiter until you get Flametongue, which should be your weapon enchant of choice, and feel free to give the mobs a couple of whacks. At level 4, you will get Earth Shock, this is a nice instant cast spell, especially good if you find the mobs hitting you a lot. I found myself Lightning Bolting until they got close, then casting an Earth Shock and perhaps meleeing the last bit of health off in the level 1-5 bit. At level 6 you get Earthbind Totem which I fell in love with. Lightning Bolt and Earth Shock as usual but when the mobs get close to you, the totem slows your enemies so you can kite them! This gives you a chance to cast a Lightning Bolt without being interrupted so much. Also good if you’re running away from something. At level 8 you get Lightning Shield which is pretty nice to keep up. Level 10, Flame Shock, Flametongue Weapon, and Searing Totem. By the time I’d finished most of my quests and got to do the flame totem quest I was level 11 and feeling pretty damn overpowered.

By the time I reached 10, I wasn’t really having any mana issues so I took Concussion first. Though, if you do find yourself having mana problems, take Convection first. These are the first two talents I’ll be taking so it’s really down to what you feel you need the most first. I think I drank once during the 1-11 grind, and that was only because I felt like it while I alt tabbed. The health and mana regeneration at low levels has been buffed so much that you might find the same.