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WTB Friendly Tanks

The way I figure it, all tanks are dicks. That’s what my time on the Argent Dawn battlegroup is proving to me at least. Last night, the rest of the guild’s 80s were busy in the 3 Icecrown 5 mans on normal mode so I figured while I did a few quests to get some money and my Argent Crusade rep up a little I’d chain some randoms.

The first one I got was Drak’tharon Keep, I figured great! I have a quest here and King Dred drops a pretty nice trinket upgrade. I asked if we could break a few of the webs in the spider room so I could find the Troll for my quest, which surprisingly they did for me, that was nice, I picked up the next quest, and then the tank ran through the room saying, “skip”. Well, I need the emblems but I can’t solo it, so I ran through, killed some bats, realised I needed that boss for my quest but figured oh well I’ll get it next time, at least I was able to pick it up. Running past King Dred, “skip”, yeah okay now it’s just annoying, so from the whole instance I got 3 emblems. Whoopidoo, what’s the point in doing it as a random if that’s all you get?

The next one was Utgarde Keep, yay a nice quick, easy one. Can’t skip anything either. We zone in and the tank immediately says, “buff”, and after a few seconds, “buff priest”. This pushes my buttons. No hello, no please, and I’m pretty sure the Priest wasn’t called ‘priest’. Either way, we carry on, get to the room with the proto drakes, the tank skips a load pulls the pack at the end, I accidentally pull one more proto drake which is easily Tricksed onto him, and I believe the Priest’s Mind Sear pulled another pack, which of course wiped us. Then the Priest left. This is an attitude I never understood, the guy who causes the wipe always seems to blame anybody but themself, usually the tank or the healer. When you mess up, you recognise you’ve done so 9 times out of 10. Anyway, he was replaced by a Warlock who was fairly decent, but twice pulled things by accident and got us wiped. The tank felt it necessary at this point to say, “ebay lock” which was entirely pointless of course. Oh well, we finished and the Warlock ninjad the blue legs from the last boss (he had Tier 9), I didn’t quite get that either.

Then Utgarde Pinnacle popped up and as expected, the tank skipped all but 2 bosses. He was quite up himself, but nothing out of the ordinary to report, just the usual, “WTB DPS”, and “chop chop I don’t have time for this”.

I believe I then grouped up with a couple of guildies who had either come online or finished their instances. We queued up while I murdered some spiders and bats in Zul’drak, and luckily got Forge of Souls heroic! Great, I’d already done this one earlier as a specific, this gave me an extra chance for the trinket. We zoned in, killed a pack, and our healer left, we fairly quickly got a new healer, carried on, and everything was going just fine until I disconnected. My net went down. I knew my guildies weren’t about to vote kick me, but I didn’t want to hold them up, so I reset it, was offline for maybe 5 or 10 minutes, and came back online to an argument. Now, I’m not particularly fond of elitist bastards, especially when they’re being nasty to people I like. I came back online part way through something I think, but:

I did try to vote kick him but apparently the healer didn’t like this so we had to finish the instance with him and queued for one more, hoping to actually get lucky and have a nice tank. Might I add where he says “you dont know tactic”, we hadn’t even reached the first boss yet and did kill the adds and move out of the shit accordingly, whilst he was running the boss around the room in circles meaning it was pretty difficult for 2 of us to get any dps off on the boss for the first phase. At least after this little exchange he shutup and continued being punched in the face.

This time we got Azjol Nerub and the tank and healer didn’t seem too bad. We killed the first boss, and then the tank started asking me to reset the second boss. First off, I’m not comfortable with this method. I’m not hot on how to do it, and there is a risk of me fucking up and dying. I might have given it a go just to make the tank happy except he started being a bit bossy about it. The second he said, “just do it”, I decided no, I really won’t ‘just do it’. With a “fine”, he pulled the boss, we moved on, and around the part of the instance where you jump down the giant hole (which I always always angle my camera down to avoid water walking or path of frost death from the TotC 25 days), one of my guildies disconnected. Either the tank or healer tried to vote kick him but that didn’t pass. He didn’t come back so I guess his net went down. We had one wipe on Anub’erak because the healer and other dps was hit by pound, to which the tank replied, “you guys fail”. Then ran back in, killed it, and decided at this point that that was more than enough dickheads for one night.

I really hope the entire battlegroup isn’t like this, because gearing my Rogue is going to become quite a chore without guildies soon if this continues. Aside from all of this, I am enjoying it. I’m able to join in with guildies now we’re at the same level and play something new. It’s nice to be able to chill and take a break from grinding reputation and mounts for a bit. Oh, and a note, I don’t honestly think that all tanks are dicks, I think I’m damn unlucky, but I did grab your attention didn’t I?

The Rogue Finally Made It

I started levelling my Rogue right near the beginning of SAN coming into existence, and yesterday afternoon she finally hit 80. It’s taken me a lot longer than previous characters because I’ve also been trying to complete a few goals on my Bucket List, which is going really well and there are only a couple of achievements left that I haven’t finished by now, and also because I did it without heirlooms which sucked a fair bit by the time she reached Outlands. She hit level 80 already with 42 Emblems of Triumph and has since taken part in a few heroic runs with the lovely people of Single Abstract Noun. It’s fun!

It’s taken me 3 days to get exalted with the Sons of Hodir, which I’m damn glad about because that’s a big grind I didn’t want to have to do. They really have increased the rate you gain reputation with them now. I’m also working on Ebon Blade and the Tournament dailies too. While reading around, trying to learn a few things about the Rogue class so that I’m not completely clueless, I found an awesome Rogue blog, PVE Rogues, which is full of helpful guides, it’s really helped me a lot.

Another thing, I don’t suppose you remember me wanting to see how much gold I could make while levelling a new character with no outside help? The idea that eventually failed because I couldn’t resist the lure of heirlooms and gold from my other characters but knew that starting on a new server would have got me nowhere. Well, this is basically the same thing. By the time I was level 77, I could afford Cold Weather and epic flying skill. Right now, I have around 14k gold. This has been with minor outside help from the SAN guild bank, but mostly from selling things on the auction house while I levelled. So there’s the result of that little experiment, you can quite easily make enough gold to get by while you level.

I Applied To A Guild

I’ve pugged Icecrown 25 for 2 weeks in a row, and have missed out on plenty of 10 mans, because the only ones I could find were pretty much asking for 5.6k gearscore and an almost full achievement (which I can only SAY I have). At this point there’s not really space for me in friend’s groups, and so I’ve had to pug to be able to raid. Trouble is, these pugs have been pretty horrid. Of course I expected it, but there was ninjaing, arguing, whining, wipes, egoing, gearscore *shudder*, and only the first 4 bosses cleared.

If I seriously want to get a little raiding done before Cataclysm hits, I need to join a guild. So I spent a little bit weighing my options, different guilds I could join, most raid too much with too much strictness, and I know a friend’s guild raids 3 nights a week and isn’t too extreme. I can’t really be bothered with “that point’s wrong, it should be there, why are you using that glyph when that other glyph will net you 3 more dps?!” and that kind of thing, I’ve always read up enough to know my class well enough, but I don’t want it to become like a job. I’d like to be able to just relax a bit.

So, on Wednesday afternoon I put in an application. It’s my TBC guild, I was there for a large part of TBC, cleared Black Temple and Mount Hyjal weekly to death and did a little Sunwell with them too. I went to one of their guild meet ups and I know a fair few people there. It’s the same guild my Hunter was in between leaving her raiding guild and transferring. The closest I’ve ever come to home on Vashj I guess. I’m tired of seeing this, and not being able to join in:

I’m not jealous of them, I’m glad they’ve got raids, but I definitely want to raid a little myself, especially considering when your friends list looks like that, well, people don’t speak much when they’re raiding. Pretty sure my application has been accepted at this point, so let’s see how it goes.

Also popped over to Argent Dawn to say hey to the guys in SAN last night for a while. There were only a few online, but it was definitely fun catching up a bit! After a break from the Rogue, that was fun too. Murdering ogres while discussing the finer points of raiding and why female Trolls could never win a beauty pageant. She was 66 when I logged in, fairly close to 67, almost got her to 68 before I was reminded that ZG was going to reset in a few hours and had to head off. I tell you what though, I was expecting the 3 pugs I did to reconfirm my dislike of the Argent Dawn battlegroup and remind me that Vashj’s isn’t all that bad, but they were all lovely! Damnit, Argent Dawn! I’m planning to get Jaedi up to 80 at some point before Cataclysm, I hope, if I can hit Northrend it should go a fair bit faster. Perhaps one day I’ll actually get around to properly trying some RP, and when I do, I won’t be on a Celestial Steed because I can’t be bothered to RPsplain that.

Wish me luck with the raiding – I’m scared! :D

How Not To RP

You may have realised by now that Argent Dawn is in fact an RP server. The first time I entered Silvermoon City, there were people slowly walking around like NPCs, talking to each other in Thalassian, it really does feel like another world entirely coming from a PvP server.

The other night, I believe it was Friday, we ventured into Silvermoon to check out the RP surroundings. It was funny! Of course, we stood around messing about, giggling away, and a rogue pops up and joins in. I felt a little sorry for him, he seemed to be making a genuine attempt to RP with us and was met with Sith’s remarks. If I’m honest, I think he was laughing at us.

There are the right ways to RP, and the wrong ways to RP, and I believe I’ve picked up a few tips:

  • (( )) = Out of character.
  • Don’t use smileys, and remember that if you bump into somebody your character hasn’t come across before, they wouldn’t know their name.
  • FlagRSP (RP mod) shouldn’t be used for back story, just things you can visibly see looking at a character, the aesthetics.
  • And stay away from de voodoo ‘mon’.

The things people do at crazy hours of the morning, eh? ;)

Sunday Link Love

I can’t possibly link love all of the awesome bloggers I’ve come across this week, but a very dear friend of mine has come over to the dark side. Not only has he enrolled in Single Abstract Noun but he’s caved in and started his own blog. Go over and say hello to Zalduun at Blessing of Fish!