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Soupee Finally Dinged!

So I logged in.. was it Friday night? I can’t remember but I decided that rather than reading I’d pop in and play my Hunter. I did one Well of Eternity with a group of douches and remembered why I don’t generally enjoy Hunter since the change to focus. I keep hoping that my dislike of it is just a phase but alas! So as I’d been levelling Soupdragon (now on Ghostlands) to play with the awesome folk of Harvest Moon, I decided to pop on her for a little bit instead and continue with Uldum, maybe do a couple of instances.

As it were, badleeroybrown (aka. Lee) offered to run me through a few dungeons and a couple others joined us (I believe ronee was there for a little bit), and when they had to go, Juice joined us and we got on Mumble and generally had a laugh.

I could ramble on about how we did more instances and I got to 85 and did CoC (mm.. CoC..), but I don’t think there’s any need for that. I’m really enjoying my time in Harvest Moon. Reliq has done an amazing job getting this guild together and I have to say, hats off to him! I know it wasn’t easy but it has some great people. There’s an awesome atmosphere, it’s fun, it’s social, people help each other, there’s no elitism (unless the pug Shaman only manages 800 dps in a heroic in which case: wtf?! Not that that’s elitism because.. really?!) and they’ve somehow convinced me that in fact, yes, I should raid. Bunch of enablers, I tell you! The raiding team may even need a tank and/or a Rogue. Fancy that! *nudge* No Death Knights though. Nope. *cough*

And there may also have been a slight failure of a Sunwell group. We’re clever! Apparently Kalecgos is bugged and only summons the portal once at the moment.. so after a little while spent pole dancing we just hearthed. And yes. There are only 3 of us. But we’re totally sexy.

As for Soupdragon, she has been working on unlocking helm and shoulder enchants as I don’t have any of those unlocked on Ghostlands, and gearing up as best she can. She had the dps helm from End Time taken from her by a well geared tank and disenchanted right in her face (which actually really upset me :|), she got the melee trinket from Well of Eternity (yayyyy!), and she helped out Dan with a couple of things as well. I really missed Soup. And I’m really excited to see Softthistle back playing a little as well! That might have been my fault. Silly Scroll of Resurrection.

What do you think of her transmog set at the moment? I squeed and ran to the PvP vendor when I heard that they’d added Brutal Gladiator’s for Death Knights because I always love those sets but I’m still slowly working on it. Shall do a little post about it when I get chance to! I have been meaning to. Hopefully you’ll be hearing a little more of Soup’s antics.

I Have 2 Death Knights and I Love Them Equally

So. About my sidebar? I have 2 Death Knights and I love them both equally. People always look at me funny and call me a weirdo when I tell them that I have 2 Death Knights. “But how could you play such a subpar class? TWICE?!” Psh! Let me tell you a little story.

Once upon a time, there was a girl who played WoW. For realz. She had played a Shadow Priest for much of her known life and her mana battery ways were loved throughout the guilds. But Ulduar called and her guild worked her hard. Too hard. She had to raid daily for more hours than she could bear and after a while she cried, “Enough!” And she just walked away. The guild were distraught but it had to be done, for she had a calling elsewhere. A Dragon of Soup whom had been recalled by Arthas himself needed her and thus she picked up this purple haired Night Elf and rode into the depths of Hellfire Peninsula whereupon she immediately fell in love. It wasn’t easy. The girl wasn’t much for melee, but she found her calling in Unholy and the commoners cried for her deeps. She played this Soupdragon long and hard and it wasn’t until another guild called for her Huntering ways that she had to put the purple haired Night Elf, who had by now regained some of her former glory, to one side. But she never forgot her, or the little piggy that followed her around. She came back to her every now and then to give her little gifts. A mount. A title. Some shiny new armour.

The months passed. Deathwing broke free and the girl realised that Soupdragon‘s glory could help nobody now and thus she picked up the small white haired Blood Elf, Kalithe, to help her friends. Here she found her calling in Frost and together they swept the bad guys to one side and learned the ropes well. While the girl still had her Shadow Priest and her Hunter to worry about, she knew where her heart really lay, and she rode out with Kalithe whenever she was able, proclaiming that she had two mains! Yes. Two. They worked well together and the girl grew fond of the white haired Blood Elf and her high damaging ways.

However, in a distant land, her friends cried for help, and a Blood Elf just wasn’t going to cut it. All she could do was bring the Dragon of Soup from her slumber to once again own some face. She picked up a large sword and gave her back her Unholy personality, but this time, nobody was being abandoned. The girl had two Death Knights and she didn’t care who knew about it. For Death Knight is clearly the superior class.

Forgive Me For I Have Sinned..

It’s been 9 days since I last posted ((though I’m ecstatic that my last post seems to have been so useful for a fair few of you!)), and I haven’t exactly had writer’s block, I’ve had plenty to blog about, a list of topics ready to be written. I’d planned to do a little post about how I was enjoying levelling my Mage upto 60 to get the Tome of Polymorph Piggy, and how I started levelling my Druid upto 70, so that I could get the epic flight form quest done to make mine and Dan’s Raven Lord runs a lot easier, and that I’d rediscovered how awesome Druid healing was, I even had a little bit of link love for some newly discovered blogs. All of the passion for these subjects came and went, I was either too busy getting things done, levelling said alts, seeing friends, reading, (whatever it is I do outside of blogging), or I simply wasn’t in the mood to write, which admittedly made up a large part of it, and I guess it still does, which is why I’m rambling a bit now.

The thing is, a friend of mine moved his Paladin over to Terenas a while back, where my Alliance alts live, and while helping him with group quests I logged into Soupdragon, my Night Elf Death Knight, because I figured a plate class would be easier to murderise elites than a Hunter who I haven’t played in months, and playing her reminded me of how much I loved the character, and the fact that I still needed to gear her up and improve my playstyle a little.

Now he’s got himself to 80, we’re doing a few heroics to gear him up, and in the meantime, I might be gearing myself up a little too. I already had a Ghoulslicer sitting in my bank, so when I got a Black Icicle I decided it was time to try out Frost dps (I’ve almost always been Unholy), and honestly, it’s taken me a few days to get the hang of it and really get used to it, for a while it felt weird as I’d been Unholy for so long, but I’m really starting to enjoy it now and finding it to be a much better spec for my dps as well. I find Frost has a fair few more buttons to play with, for single target, and for AoE. I guess it’s also important to note that I’ve never really been a big fan of Blood, it’s great for soloing things but I find it a little too “spammy” for my preferences. Frost is perfect, really, and I’m trying to get my hands on another Black Icicle – though if I got my hands on a decent 2hander upgrade I wouldn’t say no to going Unholy again.

I’m sitting on about 4.7k gearscore at the moment, and I’m pulling off anywhere between about 5k-7k dps depending on which boss and the group setup, which I think is perfectly fine for the first few bosses in ICC 10 but I’m not even going to try until I’ve finished my BiS heroic gear set, which also seems to include 3 crafted pieces (chest, wrist, boots) for a total of 8,000g, and 2 parts of tier 10 – the Sanctified legs I paid a guy in Vault 5,000g for because I really badly wanted them, luckily he was happy to trade for the gold, the shoulders I earned through many weeklies and a few random heroics (well, I say that, I’ll have them by Sunday).

I have had some really awesome pugs in this battlegroup, and on this server, which sucks a bit that it’s not going to be my main server because it is my favourite of the 3 I play on, but everybody I’ll be playing with in Cataclysm wants to stay on Vashj so I’ll be keeping my Alliance alts there, definitely. There was the Icecrown geared Warrior tank who kept apologising whenever anybody died, despite it not being his fault, more likely the healer’s who seemed to have a problem with dispelling. We stuck with him for another random because he was pretty cool, but after he called my friend “palladin,” he wanted to leave and reform, so we did. There have been many pugs where the group have complimented each other, stuck together after wipes and had a bit of a laugh while we waited for new members, people making mistakes and not being berated for it, and it’s just been a pleasure, a real breath of fresh air to get away from “omg noobs!”

Mind you, I’ve also had a couple of terrible pugs, giving me people to add to my ignore list, though by this point I think my Rogue had around 10-15 people on hers. One where the tank was so terrible that I decided to gather myself a tank gear set when I finish my dps gear set, just because I know I can do much better than they did. It was the kind of tank who ignored patrols, let people die a lot, stood around staring at the next pull, just jumping around for no real reason except perhaps to see their Night Elf twizzle in the air.. I don’t mind people who are clearly new to tanking, but I tanked more of that instance than they did. Another in which the tank insulted my friend, the Mage, and the healer for not being good enough. They kept dying, and doing around 2k dps, in Halls of Lightning heroic, each with about 3k gearscore, honestly they were doing good with what they had. I was in a particularly bad mood and really laid into the guy, I hate egotistical twats who treat other people unnecessarily nastily. After I was finished with him, he shutup and carried on, until the healer, a Paladin, struggled to heal Loken because they kept being one shot by the Lightning Nova. The tank left with a “omg you fucking noobs” and the Mage got in his much better geared friend and we got it down. The other one that stuck in my mind was more of a case of I’d had a terrifically bad few days, and the guy wearing heroic Dawnbreaker’s taking the normal Forge of Souls boots (which I’d greeded on hoping to win them to replace my blue ones, but didn’t want to need on them because I thought it was rude for the Death Knight to take Shield Block boots for their offspec.. well yeah you can see where I’m going with this), the guy took them. I asked why, he said “cause I can”, I said “a little dickish”, he said “good job I’m a dick” and left. I was not a happy panda, so it’s a damn good job I’d pugged with some lovely people earlier on, and the following heroic wasn’t quite so bad, else I’d have ended the night with a really bad taste in my mouth.

I also decided to get her a few of the easier achievements, like ‘the Explorer’, and ‘Ambassador’, it gives me something to do and gets Soup a couple of titles that aren’t ‘the Patient’, which I really don’t think suits her. The reason I’m spending so much time and effort on her? No, I haven’t rerolled again, it’s just that all my Priest really has to do at the moment is grind and PvP which aren’t particularly exciting activities to me, I mean, once in a while I don’t mind, but every day, every week and it becomes a chore, so I thought I’d play my Death Knight a little, to give me something to do in the meantime while I’m not reading, or watching anime.

And here’s the link love I mentioned.

The past few weeks I’m come across a few blogs who I added to my reader, and I feel they’re well worth sharing, check them out and go and say hello!

Soupdragon’s Most Loyal Minion

Many of you know about my Night Elf Death Knight, Soupdragon. Her name was a response to somebody on my old server called ‘Clangers’. I loved the Clangers as a kid, and one day, back when Ulduar was being released, I couldn’t resist creating a Death Knight with pink hair, now that I finally could create a Death Knight on other servers without the need for a level 55 character on that server, called Soupdragon to pester a friend I had on Terenas. Thinking about it, she was a Night Elf so that I could finally have a kitty mount.

A little bit later, after I was burnt out from being forced to hardcore Ulduar at the start, I grew bored and decided to play her a little bit. A couple of friends joined me, convinced me to try Unholy, then I really started to enjoy it and levelled her all the way to 80.

It was Children’s Week when I had levelled her to 58 and got to Stormwind and I’d already finished the achievements on my Priest. I really couldn’t resist getting Soup a Mr Wiggles to keep her company.

She has had this little piggy by her side since she regained her memories and her willpower, and to this day remains the only one of my characters with an attachment to a minipet. There is something awesome about a tortured Death Knight, whose best friend is a tiny, cute piggy. A year on, he is still very much by her side.

Scavenger Hunt

I decided to finally level professions on my Death Knight, Soupdragon. I think she was my 4th 80 (out of 6) started on the day of the Ulduar patch, so I guess that gives you an indication of how much I slacked in the profession department. I chose Blacksmithing and Enchanting in the end, after making a pretty penny on her server I could afford it, and I have a miner on that server if I did get desperate. I spent a lot of time in the day levelling her professions, stuck to Ironforge because everything I needed was so close together.

Now, she’s been going on about it for a while so really I knew it was coming, but I stuck around levelling my professions anyway. Elsen asked me if I was taking part in her guild’s 5 year anniversary scavenger hunt celebration thingy. As I’d said no before, I kept to my answer because heck I was tired and I wanted to chill, maybe watch some TV. However, I said, “If somebody was on their own though I considered helping.” To which she responded, “Madmac is on his own, he’s lovely :)” So, off I went.

The basic idea of the scavenger hunt was a list of 21 questions. We had to go around in teams of 2-4 collecting items like the Stratholme Lily (read the comments by the way, I giggled a little), taking screenshots of certain things around the world, /spit/love/kiss’ing a random guild member if we could find him. Basically all in the name of fun. At one point, I took to flying around Icecrown with a /tar macro keybound to ‘G’ looking for this member to emote at, and I said in guild at the time, I swear it was giving me RSI! Anyway, despite being tired and eventually gaining a headache, it was all in the name of fun and I have a few screenies for your viewing enjoyment (click to see enlarged versions).

I would also like to add that Madmac chose the team name ‘Mad Moon Monsters’ in honour of my DK’s name, Soupdragon, and our mascot was Mr. Wiggles who appears in a few of the screenshots!

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