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Cunning and more Onyxia

Yesterday, I started thinking about cunning pets, because of course I use Tenacity and Ferocity pets quite regularly for PvE, dailies, levelling, soloing, but never Cunning pets. So I looked into it and they’re pretty good for PvP. Now, I don’t PvP much at all, when I do it’s for a tabard or a mount usually, so I thought I’d find one that’s already fairly close to 80. During my search I found that the Dragonhawk trash before Alar in Tempest Keep is now tameable and though that’s pretty difficult, I can’t help but want one! I also checked the different Wind Serpent skins and decided I preferred the red one, during my usual ZG soloing I grabbed myself a Son of Hakkar.

There has also been some of the Onyxia loot released already from the PTR, though, badly modelled, as we already knew I suppose, we have a gun which I might be drooling over just a little, the Snub-Nose Blastershot Launcher. The Onyxia mount has been released though I really hope this isn’t the final model, as Dan pointed out, it looks like the mount is a dragon in drag :P As well as the usual Sack of Gems, and 22 slot bag. Looking to be a decent little raid instance.

Dustwallow Marsh was merely a setback..

No, but really, an updated Onyxia for a 5th Anniversary of.. World of Warcraft. :) So, in the next patch, 3.2.2, we will see Onyxia the Broodmother updated and tuned for level 80 players, replacing the level 60 instance.


It will include the old item models with stats relevant to the new content, including Tier 2 helms. So, hunters, prepare to look like fish again! It will be a permanent change with 10 and 25 players modes included.

There will be a 310% speed mount named the Brood of Onyxia, a normal sized drake modeled after Onyxia. I for one am quite excited about this though unsure whether it’s a guaranteed drop or just a chance to drop, like the blue drakes from Malygos. Either way, in my opinion, an awesome addition.

In November, for a certain amount of time, similar to the Baby Blizzard Bear giveaway last year, there will be an Onyxia Brood Whelpling pet given to people who log in during a particular time period.

The only bad news I can think of is that this will replace the level 60 instance permanently, which will in turn mean no more Onyxia soloing, so if you haven’t done this yet, better get on with it ;)

All in all, a nice 5th Anniversary treat from Blizzard :) Maybe it’s time to dust off the old ‘More Dots’ T-shirt..

Blizzard will be opening up the level 80 version of Onyxia on Test Realms soon, along with other new content. There will be more news on this in hopefully the near future.