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Do Excuse The Mess..

As if I don’t have enough to do at the moment with job hunting, reading, keeping my book blog going, networking for that, gaming on the side, and of course the inevitable social life, I seem to have decided that I miss WoW blogging too much and would really like to give it a good go again. Remember the last time this happened? And the time before that? And then I sat down and thought, “But what exactly did I write about? What was it that people came here to read back when I blogged regularly?” You know.. If I had to guess, it would be my guides and perhaps my weekly round-up posts ((am I right?)) but who knows. I do, however, miss the community and the feeling of pride I had in my little space in the WoW blogosphere. Whether I find the time to get started and keep going or not is beside the point, to begin with, I felt the need for a little spruce. I wasn’t fond of my last theme or the theme I used to use back when, so I’m fiddling around a little so please do excuse the mess while I figure things out. I shall have to poke around in the CSS to change the header, the title font, maybe the navigation colour (grey? eugh), the RSS icons, and work out exactly why I can’t use auto-update in WordPress for my plugins, and I’m not great with CSS or the inner workings of when web design goes bad, but I’m hoping to have a little space I’m happy with when I’ve finished and I’m really hoping to have a blog you guys can enjoy reading again. Maybe I’ll talk about other games from time to time but I pretty much only play RPGs and simulation type games so I should imagine it won’t be outside of your comfort zone unless you really hate Guild Wars because I’m pretty eager for Guild Wars 2 BUT that’s beside the point!

Any thoughts, tips, ideas or help regarding future topics/features or any of the coding thingies I’m currently unsure about would of course be welcome!

Shared Items & Feedback

Today I’d like to talk about link love. Well, less ‘talk about it’, because I don’t need to tell you why it’s nice, but just to let you guys know that incase you weren’t aware – I am giving it out a lot even when I don’t post.

See, a few months back I was having trouble with my reader. Certain blogs literally wouldn’t update and that was driving me insane, so, I asked in Single Abstract Noun which readers people were using and Erc ordered me to try out Feedly, which I believe is a Google Chrome extension. It’s supposed to be the magazine style feed reader, though I like the lists. I have it set up to show blog names and article titles, if an article says in the title, for example, ‘Cataclysm’, then I can quite easily skip past it and read something without Cataclysm spoilers and I love it for that.

Anyway, being part of Google, it’s connected to Google Reader, so I was able to import my blog list from Bloglines (my old reader) and it seems to synchronise. Another feature it shares is ‘shared items’, which I started using to just bookmark posts I enjoyed to come back to for either the link love posts I used to do, or to add to my resources page later on. After a while, I realised I could link to this as a feed in my sidebar and I have done ever since.

Below my Twitter box, you should be able to see ‘Interesting Blog Posts’, which I have renamed, it used to be ‘Interesting Stuff’. and the feed link in the little orange icon should work, if not try clicking here. I share posts that I find interesting, useful, and funny, so take a look, they’re worth reading. You might find something new.

I’d also like to ask you while I’m doing a more generic blogging post what you guys think of the theme changes? Apart from, “Dear God, woman, stop changing your damn theme every 10 minutes!” Because trust me, I know, but I’ve gone back to the old theme that I quite liked, couldn’t find anything else I was 100% happy with. I like the header and the sidebar, I’m just not sure about the background. Anything you might change perhaps? Feedback/constructive¬†criticism¬†is appreciated.


I am having a think, and due to my fickle mindedness with games, and passions and such, I’m really not one to stick to one theme for a blog. I’m considering switching this blog to a more general theme, basically my personal blog but more about what I get upto, rather than my innermost thoughts and feelings. So film reviews, topics related to games I’m playing, random images, things like that. I would feel less restricted writing it, and probably enjoy it more knowing that I’m not stuck as a WoW playing hunter. As the blog itself would reflect.. well.. my geekdom, ‘The Lazy Sniper’ still works as a title, I think. What do you think, good idea or no?