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Mage vs. Lock? Shadow Priests Don’t Care

This topic seems to be spreading, except I don’t know why as it’s an age old feud. Warlocks and Mages don’t like each other. Mages are all, “You’re totally copying us.” And Warlocks are all, “Nuh-uh, we have demon pets!” And Mages are all, “Yeah well *points at water elemental*” Then Warlocks are all, “… lame asses, that isn’t a pet.” Then everybody punts the Gnomes, at least that’s what I’ve been lead to believe. You know who hasn’t been mentioned once? The Shadow Priests. That’s right, because they know that they are the cooler clothy.

Deep down I love casters. I always have. When I first started playing WoW, it was my very first game really, and I wanted to be one of the magic users, the fact that Warlocks had pets won me over in the beginning, but after a few months I realised I’d made a mistake, I didn’t like my Warlock and I wanted to roll a Priest so roll a Priest I did. Of course, these days with my Warlock being a race I’m more comfortable with, a name I’m accustomed to, and the playstyle has improved a lot since I was playing, I do enjoy Warlock quite a lot. I’ve never got a Mage past 41, in all of my altoholic years of playing WoW. Then there’s Shadow Priest, the one I played for almost all of TBC and a big chunk of Wrath, she’s collected a bunch of pets and mounts and titles that I struggle with on Fae and I’m still quite attached to her.

Last night, I was feeling ill, which always knocks my concentration, so I logged my priest to help Dan find a few rares for Frostbitten, that’s a nice simple task (we found 2, Loque’nahak and the vrykul woman in Grizzly Hills). After, as I’d been planning to anyway seeing as this year my Priest gets her 3rd pets for Azeroth and Outland, I decided to do the Children’s Week quests.

While I was running around, it felt familiar, especially since I changed her hair back to the way it was pre-barber shops. This was the character I played for almost the entire of TBC. I’ve collected a lot of things on her, including a few things Fae will never get (Hand of A’dal, Red Clockwork Bot, a few mounts and pets that are difficult to get). And if things go wrong? I can heal! Yes, she’s almost always been Shadow, with either a healy offspec, or a Shadow PvP offspec. I thought perhaps I could try and squeeze a bit of gear, after all her gear is still reasonably low and Tier 10 is pretty.. so I created a gear list of drops from Sartharion, Ulduar 10, TotC 10, TotC 25, Onyxia 25, and of course, Emblems of Frost. A couple of craftables too, just to get her gear up so hopefully pugs’ll let me in. Of course, I don’t want to reroll I’ve only just transferred my Hunter over to Alliance on Terenas but it’s nice playing a character I was so attached to after so long.

PuG Fun

I spent the first part of my day getting my warlock’s mining up. Flew around Borean Tundra for a long time, only stopping to do the Malygos training quest, which just made me miss the Malygos fight, I loved phase 3, but I became so bored, and Pieces asked if I’d like to go Trial 10 man. I politely declined at first, I only do about 3.5k dps in my crappy gear after all, but she insisted I’d be fine and I went along.

We went in with 4 shamans, 2 warlocks, a prot paladin, a priest, anyway, after a couple of wipes on Beasts, not enough damage on the snobolds, people bunched together on the jormungars, one of the shamans relogged his druid main and after that it went much smoother. The belt from Beasts dropped and I won it, the other warlock passed to me noticing I was still sporting my beloved Belt of Blasting. I liked that warlock he was a nice guy. The elemental shaman rolled though. Then Jaraxxus down, cloth bracers drop, the shaman wins them. Well I’m not going to complain, the belt was a HUGE upgrade. Anyway, Faction Champions down and the dagger, which to my knowledge up until now was a myth (wanted it on my priest for the longest time), dropped. Again, me and the shaman rolled, possibly the priest too, I won. The shaman wasn’t having this:

Perhaps if this wasn’t the second time I’d seen this dagger drop in TotC10, maybe I’d have taken pity, but the more he spammed, the more I thought, “No way.” Plus, if he’d won the belt, I wouldn’t have whined, it’s not the end of the world. Even after both staves dropped and he offered to trade (the other warlock won the first staff, and was spammed a little), perhaps I might have traded the Anub’arak staff for my dagger, but the spamming and offering of small amounts of gold (I play the auction house a fair bit, I’m good for gold) got too annoying. I’m sure you understand! I think by the end of the raid, the other warlock told the shaman I was a girl, suddenly he smiled and said goodbye. Funny that.

As I ran to my bank to check how many enchanting mats I’d need to send over (I also got some new gloves to enchant, the Tier 9 ones), I had a message on MSN from Elsen asking if I’d like to take Jaedia or Soup to the weekly, XT. So I figured yeah, sure, I’d love to play my DK a little and say hi to the people on Terenas! Waited a little to get the raid started, mocked Zal’s new dwarfiness, and away we went. I drove, Zal took the passenger seat, we figured we’d take the low-gearscore-mobile, I had possibly just slightly higher gear levels, not by much. Flame Leviathan is of course easy though, and when a lovely ring dropped and I won it I was pretty happy, especially replacing the blue Nexus ring!

After XT (the plate legs dropped but I didn’t roll, I’ll be getting the tier 9 legs soonish) the raid leader said we’d be going to Onyxia if we wanted to stick around. Why not, I had no specific place to be. A few wipes but my God that fight is fun as a melee. I’ve only ever done Onyxia on my hunter and my shadow priest. Having to watch out for different abilities, breaths (which I did make use of anti magic shield on, I won’t lie) and blast novas, AoE on the whelps, it’s fun! Apparently I impressed the raid leader a little, she whispered me wondering why the heck I was guildless and invited me to Flames as a social. I did blush a little, it was a nice compliment, and lovely to seen green text on Terenas again.

The Week #9

The past week I haven’t really been playing Fae much. I’ve logged in to do her random daily heroic for the Frost Emblems, pugged a Flame Leviathan 10 for the weekly raid quest, aside from that I’ve been quite determined to level my warlock.

A little background on my warlock: She was my first character. I made her.. I think the September before TBC was released, so at the time I could be an undead or an orc. I chose undead. At about level 27 ish, I noticed everybody had “words in front of their names” so when I asked my friend where to get this, he said PvP. I joined a WSG and made myself a Scout which I was perfectly happy with, not understanding PvP at all at this point (not much has changed, let’s be fair). She would have been about level 40 when TBC hit, I levelled very slowly, with college, social life, and other alts to sort out as well. When TBC hit and I noticed how many 70s were around I became determined and at about 62, a group of guildies helped me with the Dreadsteed quest. It was very hard at this point and took about 10 minutes, and my God I was proud of that mount. She was my first character to 70 and I quit her 2 months after she hit 70 to play a priest instead. She is now my 6th level 80.

The problem with Scout Hadlo being an undead is purely that I don’t really like playing undead. The only horde race I like is blood elf, and I guess tauren. After a shitty hour of being PvPed in Nagrand, helping a friend with Ring of Blood, I decided finally I’d race change to blood elf and eventually decided to change her name from Hadlo, to something much more comfortable: Jaedia. I’m now much more attached to the character, I love that she is Scout Jaedia, and in fact, Destruction feels like a very similar playstyle to Spiritmasters in Aion, which was the class I played and loved to bits. Anyway, I do have a bit of link love this week.

I’d really like to promote a few new blogs today. I have 3 I’d like to share with you.

  1. Random Rogue – I love her theme to bits. It’s bright, colourful, and very happy. I like that, and also the idea behind the blog. Just another random rogue pugging her way through the levels. I find that a nice fresh new idea for blogging.
  2. Marks-365 – I think I found Morynne’s hunter blog from a comment on another blog. Curious I had a look and I loved reading her blog, chatting on Twitter, and watching it grow.
  3. The Spirit Beast – A beautifully designed brand new blog for BM hunters. I can’t wait to see it improve and grow :)

I really do need to get upto date on my reader. I couldn’t bear to go through everything after Christmas and have still barely touched on it, sorry guys, I will read your stuff! Though, I have managed to get upto date on a few.

I really love Pike’s WoW-Related Things I Have Drawn Lately post. I love looking at other people’s art, whether it be doodles or  oil paintings or the other awesome stuff inbetween. These are so cute I had to share.

This week I have come across 2 bloggers who word what I was trying to say in my post about elitists much better than I could. The first being Arioch of Clearcasting, and the second Saresa of Destructive Reach.

There’s an awesome guide for raiding shadow priests up at Lucky Lurky this week, nice to see you posting again Ben!

Last but by no means least, big congratulations to Naithin! Wish you guys all the best and Cristel’s dress is really pretty :D

This Is How I Roll

OHAIThe name’s Jhuutom, aka Felly the Felguard, aka You Idiot, aka Gordon Ramsay (don’t ask). Fae was feeling rather tired today, so we let her sleep *ahem, hides Nightmare Potion..*

Anyway! I decided to take my warlock for a walk, you may know her as Hadlo, though I do not care too much for the names of lesser beings. As per usual, I was the one doing all of the work while she just used her.. erm.. “damage over time”. Useless. I tell you, by the time she’s cast a Shadow Bolt, I’ve already killed the damn creatures! She could really use some more haste. So, once we’d found a piece of elemental scrap for some odd amulet thing, which she said she needed to do to aid Fae, hell if I care, we took a Windrider back down to the Borean Tundra.

I reminded her that there was a lot of haste on the Nexus gear, you know, that nice stuff from the quests. So, remembering we hadn’t done those yet, we popped over to the Amber Ledge to speak to a few mages and torture a few cultists, after all, who doesn’t love a good evening of torture? On the way, Hadlo thought it would be funny to chain up a cultist and mock him for a while…

Hadlo's pet cultistYou’ll notice that I am uninterested and take no part in this whatsoever. Bloody nuisance bag of bones… She spent so long laughing at this, that she didn’t happen to notice the Alliance warlock and druid hovering around, yes that’s right, she got us killed. Laugh it up. You’ll regret it later.

After they’d buggered off, we made our way over to Coldara island. A place full of whimsical blue dragons and giant magical trees… OF DEATH! I had such a great time running around murdering stuff, and she didn’t even get me killed this time, like that time with that debuff from the spore poison… Ah never mind, but it’s a wonder I still let her claim that I’m her demon. Ha! But hey ho, shit happens, as long as I get to murder stuff without 24 Death Knights and a Ret Paladin grouping up to kill me for Freddy, my lovely, cuddly axe, then I can deal with the rest.

Hadlo also likes to claim that she’s all weak and feeble, in order to get help from her “friends”. Come on, we all know the warlocks don’t have friends, that’s why they’re so close with the darkness, it’s the only thing that really “understands” them *snigger*. Moreover, she knows, deep down, that I could have soloed the place. The blue flight and a few overenthusiastic trees are no match for me. Though these apparent friends came, and they helped, perhaps they’re not so bad, I mean, I guess it gave me a break from doing all of the work for a little while. As such, we got her some more haste gear, perhaps she might actually help me out with some of these quests now.. *more snigger* as if.

Hopefully, Fae will be back next time.. Once the effects of the err.. good night’s sleep has worn off. Until then, suffer well.

Tonight Matthew, I will be…


Levelling my Warlock!

Now, I could tell you how I’ve become hooked on physical DPS classes, of course, mostly Hunter. However, when I first started playing, I loved the idea of a magical damage class. I was told to roll a Warlock because it was a caster and the pets made it easier to level. Started levelling her early enough to be forced to make her an Undead (because it was the most normal looking horde race), and to grab the title ‘Scout’. Going to average it at about 4 or 5 months before Burning Crusade was released. My second class was Shadow Priest and I did try to level a Mage, though that didn’t last very long until I levelled my Paladin and finally, my hunter.

Recently, with the quietness in WoW, probably due to Aion, I’ve been thinking about levelling an alt. I think it’s time I levelled Hadlo, she’s been sat at 70 for way over a year and I’d like to see how the class plays these days. Well.. that and I want to be purple Illidan!